Rajendra Mahto Interview with KESHAB POUDEL

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How do you see the recent proclamation of House of Representatives to issue the citizenship certificate on the basis of mother’s citizenship? Will it have any effect in Terai?

So far as the proclamation is concerned, it is historic in terms of guaranteeing the equal rights to women and some reservations to them. But, this resolution does not have anything to do with the problems related to citizenship in terai. Frankly speaking, the resolution is not to address the citizenship problems in terai. I don’t think it will bring any substantial changes in the present state of citizenship problems. We want to solve the problems of citizenship in terai on a broader basis not on the piece-meal manner. Anyway, the resolution addresses only the problems related to women’s right.

How do you see the problems of terai?

Although the historic proclamation of the House of Representatives also has the clause related to the citizenship, it is not enough to guarantee the citizenship right of people living in terai. Nepal Sadbhavana Party (Anandidevi) will table a resolution in parliament to translate the proclamation’s commitment into reality. The proposed resolution will address the inclusive democracy and restructuring of the state on the basis of wishes expressed in People’s Movement II. If we are unable to address the problems of terai, it will be betrayal to the Madhesis and the country and political parties will have to pay heavy prices for this. If all the problems of terai are not solved in democratic and peaceful manner, the violent groups will lead the movement. The organization like Terai Jantantrik Forum has already come into force in terai.

Some oppose the recent resolution saying it would pave the way for demographic change allowing the children of women marrying with foreigners to become citizens?

I told you that this is not going to solve the problems of citizenship in terai. There is nothing to resort to hue and cry.

Could you elaborate on the citizenship problems in Terai?

The problems of citizenship certificate have been there for long time in Madhesh (Terai) as a large number of Madhesis are yet to get the citizenship certificate. According to a report of High-level Citizenship Commission formed under the chairmanship of CPN-UML leader Dhanpati Upadhayay in 1995, there were about 3.4 million people without citizenship certificate and overwhelming of them are from Madhesh. In accordance to demographic change, the number may be now more than 5 million and overwhelming majority of these people are from terai.

Many people say the figure is highly exaggerated? How do you look at it?

We don’t need to exaggerate the figure. You can go and see how difficult it is for the people of terai to get the citizenship certificate. Many people who have been living in terai for centuries have been denied the right of citizenship certificate. The laws are discriminatory against the people living in terai. Our party has been raising these issues for more than two decades.

Do you believe that the present parliament and the government will announce some package to solve the citizenship problems?

The proclamation has already made it clear that there is a need to solve the problems of citizenship certificate. Before the elections of Constituent Assembly, the government must issue citizenship certificate to all the Madheshis who don’t have it.

How do you see the visit of prime minister Girija Prasad Koirala to India ?

Being two close neighbors, the visit of this kind helps to enhance bilateral friendly relations between the two countries. The relations between Nepal and India are very unique in the sense that both the countries share many commonalities. The people to people relation between two countries is centuries-old, which is bound by culture, religion, ethnicity and geography. The open border between Nepal and India is another major feature of two countries.

There is also demand to regulate open border between the two countries. How do you look at it?

A handful of persons in the valley have been raising these kinds of unnecessary demand without understanding the ground realities of terai region. Since Nepal and India border is geographically unique like our relationship, it will have far reaching consequences in the life of people living in terai who have several ties and frequent interactions with the people living on the other side of border. It is impossible to close the borders. Open border is the question of life and death of people living in terai region.  Some people with vested interest always criticize open border to fan anti-India feelings. The open border is benefiting more to people living in terai than people living in Indian side of border. Kathmandu valley is not Nepal and people living in the valley do not understand contribution made by open border in the life of people living in terai. We must develop plans and programs to gain advantages from open border with India .

How do you see the efforts made by Nepal and India to exploit the benefits of open border?

For centuries the people living across the border are sharing the benefits as well as difficulties together. Since people living on two sides of border have similar culture, religion, language and ethnicity, they have many commonalities of interest. The manmade border line does not stop their interactions. People have their own system and ways to share the benefits, the governments of both the countries need to facilitate to make it easier. For Nepal , high economic growth rate across the border is going to become a boon. We must start to think the development in border areas from broader economic perspective.



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Time to Test खुला सिमाना र मधेस

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  • 1. R.Mahto  |  September 30, 2006 at 8:52 am

    Thanks for putting this in website.

  • 2. bishal  |  May 23, 2007 at 6:19 am

    Well, how many times we Nepali are camouflaged by some opportunists and anti nationalists is uncountable, but one person who does it openly and without any shame is Rajendra Mahato. He is the worst garbage of Terai betraying his own people and country. Although this politician pretends to speak in regard to his people but his speech itself is a proof that he is a mere cunning politician who takes his personal benefits by arousing peoples sentiments. His hindi speech in the house of representative is a proof that shows him as a betrayer to his own people and country. I don’t think people in Terai or in Nepal speak Hindi but this man does so in front of the whole country and doesn’t have a shame for it. He shares a position of a minister in the current cabinet of the country but this man not even deserves a Nepali citizenship. Such opportunists and racial agitator whosoever he is should be banned from political activities and sent to political asylum for some treatment after which he might forget his Indian accent.

  • 3. Aryan Singh  |  May 24, 2007 at 6:58 pm

    pahadiya Bishal,
    wow, that’s a really nice comment . i was just confused that is it a compliment to urself or a comment which you pahadiyas do always without any reliabilities. hell ya, we ( madheshi people)feel closure to hindi than fucking nepali. what’s wrong with it? if you feel like is there any , then try your ass off to change it. i hope you better not. And about the indian accent, we are proud of it that reflects our culture( not the illusionist pahadiya culture who does pretend to be better, but it is full of bullshit). Anyways, put your dhaka topi on and try to think about it.

  • 4. bishal  |  June 10, 2007 at 12:10 pm

    Mr. Aryan I feel pity of you because the people like you are the hidden leaches who are the backbiters to their own nation and because of people like you only there is now a sort of faction between we Nepali people. Go to hell with your Indian community and leave we Nepali people live in peace and harmony. And you were talking about being proud of ur Indian accent, It is all evident that how Indians treat people from Bihar origin. People like you are not accepted either in Nepal or either in India. So Aryan what’s your identity I don’t think you are eligible to be called either a Nepali or an Indian. So, better go in India where you people are treated like foreigners and are always discriminated and thought to be a sorrow of India. So, mr. sorrow of India you are like dhobi ko kutta na ghar ko na ghat ko. And you said me to put on my Dhaka ko topi, If you are a true Indian and if you live in Nepal and having got the citizenship just distributed by the government, have guts to tear off the citizenship, because you must have put Dhaka ko topi on your head..haina ra? so Mr. na Nepali na ta Indian if you have a bit of shame left in you then you must either call yourself an Indian or a Nepali, at this moment i can say that i am commenting to an Indian or a Nepali.

  • 5. Aryan Singh  |  June 11, 2007 at 4:57 pm

    Once Again ,
    Pahadiya Bishal,
    it feels really good to know that u f…ing chingies think sometimes. As all of ur pahade people got everyhting small including brain and all the body structures, u’re no more different than that. you are as ignorant and full of bullshit like ur rest of topi people. About the Nepalese citizenship, i have already torn that off and for indian citizenship , i dun need to struggele, coz that depends upone me whenever i want. i just feel sorry for you people with no eyes and nose that how you ‘re gonna survive without madhesh. hell, ya i am proud to be madheshi and wherever i’m gonna be i’ll always be thinking about and try my best to do whatever i have to do for my motherland. for the truth, i like Nepal, but i hate all of you Chingies. you topies did really great mistake, u started all these but we will finish it. And the last thing, try to use ur f…ing own peoverb and not the stolen one. that’s why i feel sorry for u small , ignorant people who even can not speak their own language and try to copy everything. i was just wondering how you fools are gonna survive without Madhesh. are you thinking about f….ing climbing the same mountain again again and beg for help . that’s ur destiny and i’m glad that Ishwor atleast has left you a way. LAst, but not least, never try to call me Nepali, that looks good for you chingies, not for me. I am from Madhesh.

  • 6. bishal  |  June 12, 2007 at 10:17 am

    Thanks Dhoti, now as you have accepted you are not a Nepali, I am obliged to call you a Dhoti. So, Mr. Dhoti you did a great favor to our country by tearing the Citizenship, which I personally don’t believe because opportunists like you won’t do it unless your evil motive is fulfilled and people like you are the backbiters who won’t leave our nation unless you spoil it like your mind. I wish god throws more garbage like you from our nation so that we remain free from all those theft, killings and looting which occurs in Madhesh only because of people like you. And Mr. Dhoti i won’t ever call you a Nepali when did I? of course I will hereafter call you a dhoti or may be a bhele or dhobi ko kutta. Your article reveals yourself as a social agitator who must be kicked off from Nepal. And regarding ignorance we all know Bihari peoples are sorrow of India as well as of Nepal so they can’t be of either nation, so mr intelligent amongst Biharis better try your luck in Bihar. Your article reveals yourself to be a dhobi ko kutta sometimes seeking for Nepalese citizenship and other time for Indian, but Mr. ‘bichko’ do you think you are going to be treated good by India, I suspect because you people of Bihari origin are humiliated and discriminated more in India than in Nepal. I do have some friends of Bihari origin and this fact is not hidden among us, so you better reserve yourself in a refugee camp, but you are not welcomed here in our Nation.
    To be honest opportunists like you should be banned from both Nepal and India because you are good for nothing, You know why you biharis peoples are discriminated in both Nepal and India because you can never be trusted, you can betray your motherland at any moment whether it is India or Nepal. So, better remain aloof from Nepal, and stop making comments against our nation because if you are in Nepal and doing this then you are in big trouble you know that.

  • 7. Aryan  |  June 12, 2007 at 4:35 pm

    Pahadiya Bishal,
    u really look like ignotant Bahadur. i really believe now that the only place for u jerks are in ur favorite dhoti restaurants . i love to see u Bahadurs especially cleaning dishes and working ur ass off. i did not understand that what are u proud of? Are you proud of ur jerks politicians like Girija, Prachanda , Madhav and blah.. blah? shame on you!!!!. these jerks can not even make one decision without licking the bowls of ur dhoti fathers living in Delhi and Bihar. And you fool want us to become the part of these monkey games and be proud of calling Nepalis which is run by these bullshit chingies people. if that’s what you want, then u are one of the dumbest person from the chimsies. One more palce for ur peole is in Bhutan. it does not matter whether they are gonna beat ur butt off and kick out of Bhutan, but at least u’ve got an alternative. just dun worry, try to lick their bowls too, at least not like citizens, but atleast they are gonna keep u as slaves.
    For ur information, i dun even want somebody to call me as Nepalis and especially from u chingies. i dun even want to be the part of all those things that u stupid heads show ur false proudness. I am Madheshi and i was , am and will be from Madhesh in whatever situation. i wish i were in my motherland Madhesh and i could feel the trouble u have described in ur meaningless comment. i am waiting for this moment for a log time. dun worry i will be there soon. And i feel sorry for all these chingies whenever i am gonna be there, that’s not really a good news for ur people.

  • 8. bishal  |  June 13, 2007 at 5:50 am

    Hey dhoti never dare to come to Nepal, because cowards like you will be made dhobi ko kutta here, if anyone Nepali even smells you then god knows what happens to you, because We will blacken your face and leave you afterwards for you to go to hell.

  • 9. true nepali for all  |  June 13, 2007 at 5:59 am

    Okay mr. dhoti Aryan Singh,
    I understood you. Pehele apne apke sar ko dhakne ke liye 2-3 meter kapdaa dhudh ke le awo phir dusro ki chinta karnaa. Agar galatee se nepal ke andar aye aur humare dosto ko milgaye to apke alpayuu me kutta ki maut hogee isiliye aaj se hi apna parlok sidharnee ka bandobast karke rakhiyega. Apne naam to sahee hi diyaa hoga na. Kahin na kaheen to mil hi jawoge. Ye baat dhyaaan me rakhna mere dhoti bhayee, nepal ko abhi tak koi bhi dusree desh gulaam banana nahi sakaa hey aur is baar to jaruur nahi banaa payega. Apko thodi to akkal hona chahiye. Pehele apna history ka knowledge to tagdaa banate aur phir dialogue sunna bhi achchya lagta. Apki baate sukne to yesa lagta he ki “gadhaa mohalle me ake gaana gaa rahaa he”.
    Aur ye aap kaise pakhandee aadmi hey yaar……jo aadmi apni desh ka izzat ka khayaal nahi rakhta…woh aadmi dusre desh me jaa kar kya karega yaar……jo kahee ka na rahaa…..usee dhobi ka gadhaa hi kehte hey beta…ye baat yaad rakhna…aur agar marne ki jaldee ho to nepal jaruur jaldee anaa apna address deke aur dekhte hai tu kitnaa chillata hai madarchodh.
    Jai nepal

  • 10. bishal  |  June 13, 2007 at 6:00 am

    Hey backbiter(gaddar) or desdrohi, whichever is suitable to you because garbage like you will even betray your mother who has given you the birth what about country and nationals, So better keep your tail beneath your legs than we will have some mercy to you else your place is reserved in hell.

  • 11. Rajendra Mahato"ha ha ha "  |  June 13, 2007 at 6:06 am

    ha ha ha

  • 12. Rajendra Mahato"ha ha ha "  |  June 13, 2007 at 6:08 am

    mother fukkin’ son of a bitch..ARyan(reply to comment 7 by aryan{june 12th,2007 at 4:35 pm})……not for any other humans of thy world.

    hey mother fukker…what r u mother fukkers proud of ….is it the khali bottles or thotree falams or ur mothers n sisters in thy kotha of madhesh….
    its too rubbish to fukk ur sister n mothers in the hot climate of thy madhesh…n what they r …all randeees for the thousand nepali travellers….yes man yes ..u should be proud of it ….ur mother has been fukked by thousand n even more nepali travellers..n as well too ur sisters,
    great , now its ur turn…bend down on ur knees n go start to lick my balls…its gonna be tasty for u all dog balls liccker…u mother fukker

    u a rsehole,wank,,,bahenchood,madarchood….if u ever try to pull off any nepali..with thy so cheap comments…then basstard i’ll fukk ur upborning daughter n make her “aryani bai”…
    n send your mother to fiji for dogs to fkck..

    understood..u motherfukker
    better understand..else …u’ll be “na ghar ka na ghat ka”….samajh le ye baat ..teri bhalaye ka hai

  • 13. true nepali for all  |  June 13, 2007 at 6:09 am

    Okay mr. dhoti Aryan Singh,
    I understood you. Pehele apne apke sar ko dhakne ke liye 2-3 meter kapdaa dhudh ke le awo phir dusro ki chinta karnaa. Agar galatee se nepal ke andar aye aur humare dosto ko milgaye to apke alpayuu me kutta ki maut hogee isiliye aaj se hi apna parlok sidharnee ka bandobast karke rakhiyega. Apne naam to sahee hi diyaa hoga na. Kahin na kaheen to mil hi jawoge. Ye baat dhyaaan me rakhna mere dhoti bhayee, nepal ko abhi tak koi bhi dusree desh gulaam banana nahi sakaa hey aur is baar to jaruur nahi banaa payega. Apko thodi to akkal hona chahiye. Pehele apna history ka knowledge to tagdaa banate aur phir dialogue sunna bhi achchya lagta. Apki baate sukne to yesa lagta he ki “gadhaa mohalle me ake gaana gaa rahaa he”.
    Aur ye aap kaise pakhandee aadmi hey yaar……jo aadmi apni desh ka izzat ka khayaal nahi rakhta…woh aadmi dusre desh me jaa kar kya karega yaar……jo kahee ka na rahaa…..usee dhobi ka gadhaa hi kehte hey beta…ye baat yaad rakhna…aur agar marne ki jaldee ho to nepal jaruur jaldee anaa apna address deke aur dekhte hai tu kitnaa chillata hai maa……dar…..choodh.
    Jai nepal

  • 14. Aryan Singh  |  June 13, 2007 at 4:28 pm

    funniest thing ever, a bunch of jackals(jackasses) trying to hunt lion. Haha, keep it up chimses. Anyways, that’s u fool’s destiny(bishal, true nepali for all, Rajendra Mahato “ha ha ha”). u are used to licking balls and going behind others. i dun blame u, that’s what u are. that’s the gene’s effect. that’s what ur’s fathers, mothers and ur sisters do and is transferred to u. no matter what’s gonna happen, u’re gonna be same, always ready to sell ur sisters and mothers. Do you know how many of sisters are serving in Dhotti kotha in ur dhotti father’s land? what does that proof that ur mother and sisters can not be satisfied by u gays and they need real man, dhotis for that. About me, i have already satisfied more than 50s of ur sisters. one thing i know, they’re really hot.
    Dun forget to read News, u will be happy to know that in Madhesh, ur YCL cadres are being killed by madheshi brothers. F… ing bunch of loosers , i have told u stupid heads, that u started all these, and we are gonna finish it. shame on u suckers,!!! if you could not argue with me , then u brought ur coward allies(bishal, Rajendra Mahato “ha ha ha”, true nepali for all). but anyways feels really great to know that. it’s time for u to show ur crocodile tears and tell ur politicians to go to delhi. it’s time to lick ur dhoti’s fathers ball again. if they do not listen , send ur fresh mother and sisters. i am sure at least they are gonna listen to you.
    and the last thing, whenever i will be coming to Nepal, dun worry chimsies i will give u my address. Keep ur sisters and mothers ready for a big f….. And for u, try to enjoy ur life, because u do not have much time.

  • 15. bishal  |  June 14, 2007 at 5:04 am

    Hey blacky dhoti, thanx for giving me your IP sooner or later i will find out from where u r barking, get ready to collect bottle kagaj because u will be made to do it……..And I don’t expect more than cheap gallis from cowards like you, How will cowards like you gonna look when u will be made to stand front of a Nepali..?That will be a cool sight to watch…So, mr bidesi residing in Nepal be ready you will be made public soon, the process of your identification and tracking you whereever you are in Nepal is under way….best of luck and hide where you can.

  • 16. vidrohi  |  June 14, 2007 at 5:36 am

    dhoti- topi , whatever it is we all are brothers. haina ra? dhiju bhai ma kin jhagada.


  • 17. bishal  |  June 14, 2007 at 8:13 am

    Hey virodhi all people living in Nepal and who call themselves Nepali, I respect them despite of any community, color or race but persons who is humiliating my nation cannot be my brother, you should know this fact and you should retaliate such international agents who wants to create disorder in our country.

  • 18. Aryan  |  June 14, 2007 at 6:27 pm

    To chimsies and topies like Bishal,
    that’s a good news that u loosers got my ip address. i’ll give u my country address too(Australia). rest of the things are upto u sucker to find out and good luck with that. use ur retarded brain( i forgot which u chimsies do not have), and work ur ass off to get it. if u do not get , u know the way as i have mentioned in the previous blog. use that technique, i am sure u will get it. and i am 100 percent sure , u will try , because u loosers do not have any morals, u just do everything to take advantage from others.
    And the last thing, do not pretend to be smart . we know what you were, what you are and what you will be. Eventually, this will be my last blog to you, because it is time to work, just got done with vacation. May God give you some sleep, because i am pretty sure that you are not sleeping enough since last three or four days. Anyways sucker,good luck to u and ur pahadi brothers( not ur sisters because some of them are real hot).
    but one thing i have found so far about you that you can not argue and your boiling point is quite low. keep your temper down, because it does not feel good to lose your breathe without losing your temper. you will need that.
    Good luck.

  • 19. bishal  |  June 15, 2007 at 6:33 am

    Thanks for giving me your address mr. I am coming to Australia soon, Bhagauda like you will be surely found in university in aussieland, So unfortunate of you to be in Australia……Hahahaaa so alve of englishmen proceed on with your slavary, start cleaning their toilets because it’s what you are made for, I advise you to go to some refugee camp there and seek asylum cauz either I come there or I get you here…….Bye bye Dhoti

  • 20. Prabin Dahal  |  June 17, 2007 at 11:03 am

    hey, you guys do you think this discussion leads to some conclusion or just barking??. Is your barking does make any significant changes in the country nepal, Na, na so why are you barking??

    the only change i found is killing one people for another without any reason(is there any reason??????????), so does it matters if you are nepali or dhoti or anything else.. i dont think this things matters.

    What say you?

    so stop fighting, whether you are pahadi or madhesi, you both are nepali… I aggre with that the living standard and the way both these people talk is different, but that is acceptable to our country. Everyone in this country knows..so why are you fighting.

    If you fight like this then neither there will be Nepal nor the nepal i people… so what important most is to live with peace and harmony…

    remember the more we fight the more weak our country is…

    so talking about the netas… they cannot do anything. but dont make it any reason to fight between we nepalis… i also know they are worst netas of our country(dont take it literally)..
    so not the netas that make our country nepal a beautiful place, the people in Nepal is the most….

    I never say stop fighting and handshake each other. you all have the right to choose your enemies and friends. it is better to make more friends than enemies isnt it?.
    Remember the more fight the more you are making stupid of yourself…Its up to your choice…..

    So you guys , your comments are accepted and read by many people, so dont show your illetracy by those abusive languages…

  • 21. Pravin  |  June 17, 2007 at 11:36 am

    oey saale dhoti….you made my friend upset??? mero ra mero saathi ko bich maa daraar parne you dhotis just get the hell out our country !! nepal ma timiharu ko kehi pani dignity chhaina. so why you are all in nepal?? just get the fcuk out of here, you are not welcome in nepal,,,
    you are like dogs, you dont have any home religion and place here in nepal,, you get your own country dhotis!!! wear dhotis and talk high high words…..sit, shit and smell the shit you shitted and sit… that’s your work, so go to your dhoti land…
    i think this should give you something about who you are, your work and your life…

  • 22. Son oif Tirhut  |  June 17, 2007 at 5:07 pm

    Hello U Bahun and Chetri Bajes,
    Dhoti- what does this means? is it something that you Khasiya people (Specially Bahun and chetri) wear in Sradh and Bibah and Brathbandha or not, so people better change your religion and gotra so that so that you people have nothing to do with dhoti. And as far as topi and daura suruwal is concerned, isn’t it true that it was planned by former fucking king mahendra, so where has the fuck off word MAULIKTA gone?
    And as far as Janjati and AAdibasi are concerned they are the real people people of hilly area of nepal,not u khasiyas. I suggestyou to go back and see ur bansabali of your ancestors, it is guaranteed that your fuking ancestors are the ones deserted my afgani and mughal muslims of Kashmir and other parts of india. For example Acharya and Sapkota bahuns are from Rajsthan, Bista and Mahat chetri are immigrants of Madhya Padesh, Bharati, Puri and Giri are sanyasi the immigrants of Maharastra and rest Khas community people are from Kashmir. So how can u claim that you people are Nepalis?
    And as far as native (80% of Madhesi) people are the real peopleof Terai, if not then prove it other wise u people can partition the terai from Nepal so that u (Khasiya) people can rule again and suck the blood of Janajati and Aadibasi as you have done up to now. You are within 20% of population of Nepal but u people occupy the entire government of nepal that is the reason why you are getting mad for providing the right to each and every disadvantaged community. So this slogan is not only of Madhjesi but also of Aadibasi and Janjati as well, we want full autonomous state based on Geograpy, culture and language.

    Jai Madhes!!!!!

  • 23. vidrohi  |  June 17, 2007 at 7:58 pm

    parvin jasta murkha haru le grda kati jwala singh janmine ho ,kunni. laj lagdaina.


  • 24. niraj  |  June 19, 2007 at 10:22 am

    Hie dhotees,
    So what the hell do u ppl think of yourself, group of ppls like u are responsible for all the happenings these days. So u ppl are fond of being called Indian. Bloody ppl why dont u just leave nepal and take all the shit of yours to India and leave Nepal clean and free of dhotees. So u might have only heard the bahadur stories of Nepali dont u ppl know how India won the war against Pakistan in Kargil its all due to the Indian Gurkha army. How could u ppl full of shit in dhotee and khalee sisi challenge the dignity and power of Nepalese . If u are so unsatisfied with Nepal and Nepalese goverment why wont u tear out your nepali citizenship and get lost to some where in India where u can hide your shit.So all u khalee sisi and purano kagags better think twice before talking about nepalese, otherwise as my Nepali friend Bishal said you will be dhobee ka kutta na ghar ka na ghat ka.

  • 25. pravin  |  June 19, 2007 at 10:42 am

    K ho virodhi k ho initially u seem to be nice tara being nepali u are supporting Jwala Shing instead of me . By the way u think yourself cleaver then just try out some madheshi dont u know mare ko madheshi le jeudo nepali lai thagcha so better take care of yourself form the madheshi community.

  • 26. mzzzzb  |  June 20, 2007 at 4:15 am

    i am a kathmanduite, nepali by nationality and newar by ethnicity; chimsies, topies, bahadurs and the like yup i’m okay with that.
    it was fun goin’ thru all the comments and that sure added a lot of words in my vocabulary but i don’t understand what this is about. i skimmed thru the interview, i don’t think there is anything offensive. it seems all this flaming started with Mr. Mahato’s speech in hindi, well watz the big deal with that!!! nobody can deny the indian influence on nepal its a huge country right besides ours, we can’t help it — india is way too powerful. thulo machha le sano machha khanchha; who said nature’s fair. and who doesn’t know hindi here i’m sure everybody indicates a sound language ability in hindi in their resume; does anybody need a translator to understand hindi? apparantly somebody wrote a comment entirely in hindi supposedly in support of nepalese, wow. i hear there is a large nepali speaking community in india as well. so watz the point discriminating against people based on wat language they speak or their accent.
    i hear that the madhesies are oppressed, sure i agree. i know madhesh is an integral part of nepal, those who don’t probably realized that after 3 weeks of total madhesh shutdown and the opportunist bastards who are talking about breaking our country must realize that if they succeed they will have to deal with a sour pahadiya neighbor on oneside and the infamous bihar on the other (the only point i agree with bishal bro) and quote aryan “Dun forget to read News, u will be happy to know that in Madhesh, ur YCL cadres are being killed by madheshi brothers” do you really think thats gud? i hear Goit or some Jwala singh group slaugter MJF members, that doesn’t sound gud to me. where’s the unity in madhesh? may be something is trying to exploit the choatic situation in madhesh to its advantage, beware.
    guys our country is at the most difficult turn in the history. ‘hit it when its hot’ attitude aint taking us far. everybody trying to get everything is that possible ? life’s another name for compromise. we have lived together through joy, through pain and i ask – has the scenario changed so much that we can’t do that again? why cry about petty differences and minor inconveniences, they can’t be avoided; hey we used to be known for the unity of diversity of cultures, wat happened to that.
    quote aryan “i’ll give u my country address too(Australia)” i actually liked it when you said “hell, ya i am proud to be madheshi and wherever i’m gonna be i’ll always be thinking about and try my best to do whatever i have to do for my motherland. for the truth, i like Nepal” and “i am Madheshi and i was , am and will be from Madhesh in whatever situation. i wish i were in my motherland Madhesh” the usual trend suggests won’t stick to your words, mate. and apparently bishal also lives the australian dream quote “I am coming to Australia soon”; i don’t, i will probably rot (by your standards) here in this country — i’ve 23 years of gud experience with that job and it really like it. so you guys start a ethnical crap here, go abroad and i will have to face the consequences over the years !! i think i have the right to object to that.
    i am amazed why this page isn’t moderated, how can the site admin allow such outrageous comments. freedom of speech is one thing but i think they are intentionally tring to start an ethnic divide in our country. thats wat im totally against; some time ago i read the article on ethnic cleansing (may be in this site i don’t remember)– wat the hell are they trying to do compare the situation here with the Holocaust or the Rwandian genocide.
    ps – i won’t be at all suprised if this aryan guy and bishal turn out to be same person.
    – why do some ppl find it amusing to flame ? — thats for niraj

  • 27. vidrohi  |  June 20, 2007 at 5:32 am

    dear pravin , its not a holi war that i should take one side. caste , community is a primitive societies identity. its really sad that we are made to finalise these things ie. right of people., constitution. the world did this 300 years ago.

    visit me at- vidrohi.wordpress.com

  • 28. pravin  |  June 20, 2007 at 7:41 am

    First of all thanks for the reply but i must say u dont deserbe your name. How could u act like mediator with such a rebelistic name. So first of all u should change your name. U might be rite from your point of view but its my rite to teach the dhotees a lesson who are souting against nepal from the shadow of india. My patriotism wont allow me to walk in the path u have shown. So sorry mr.Virodhi i must say u dont deserve your name and i will hope that u sont try to disturb me in this matter.

  • 29. vidrohi  |  June 21, 2007 at 12:40 pm

    dear pravin, vishal
    patriotism means working for the betterment for the country. and the country is for everybody despite caste region, religion.
    how can our country progress when we fight among ourselves. pls dont think that am supporting vishal. at the same time i will say, if some community raise their voice be it madhesi, janjati then its not fair to brand them as separatist. we love to be a part of democratic society where each one has equal right, equal opportunity. even in usa, state positively take affarmative action ie provide reservation to black and other backward community. and the initiative has come from whites.the need of the hour is to heal he wound created by selfish ruler who divided us inthe name of caste and region rather than further creating the wound , rift between the society. please try to understand. my vidroha is against all these prejudices which have created distanses between our people. and vishal you should be proud to bea nepali rather than abusing it. its like abusing our own mother out of ignorance.

    for further comment visit ma at

  • 30. Manche  |  June 22, 2007 at 4:53 am

    I see somethin wrong in these posts. How come so many fools have exactly same heads. Are these same or different fools posting…!!! N why is the moderator doing nothin about it???

  • 31. Santosh  |  June 26, 2007 at 3:02 am

    I see somethin wrong in these posts. How come so many fools have exactly same heads. Are these same or different fools posting…!!! N why is the moderator doing nothin about it???

  • 32. Chure Bhawaar  |  August 31, 2007 at 6:57 am

    Its time for all the Nepal born barave sons to make plans of these Indians unsuccessful oe. people like these especialy who claim them to be son of tirhut and others are bihari peoples who must be kicked off from this land of gorkhas. To all the biharis i nepal, list carefully that your coup won’t be successful ad you will be thrown away from this land without youar dhotis. so if you wat to aprevent yourself fle awaya to india from where your vi thoughts origiated we wont allow our country b similar to bihar.
    Jai nepal.

  • 33. Son of Tirhut  |  August 31, 2007 at 3:22 pm

    Chure Bhawar!!!!!!!! OR Dahi Chure!!!!!!!!! hahhahaha

    So u must khasiya Bahuns who pretend to be a son and Gorkhas and pure nepali. Do know anything about the history of Gorkha, and youself as well??

    I know you people are stiil day dreaming to rule Terai, it’s not bad.

    How about the Limbuwan and Khumbuwan?

    Also i know you sukunbasi people who have migrated in terai during the rehabilation program managed by King Mahendra and Birendra.

    I accept some 25% madhesi people are bihari immigrants but not all since the village i belong is atleast 300 years old, before the unification of Nepal. You need to understand this thing in depth.

    But how about the people who have immigrated to Nepal from Darjiling, Sikkim, Assam and Gadhwal (Uttranchal, India). you accept them very easily since they are very similar to you, am i right?

    The way you think leads to somewhere called civil war, do you know how the Tamil Tiger was born in Srilanka.

    So the only way to go for equal right and equal oppertunity. Otherwise !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    See this site http://www.refdesk.com, there you can find the history of rulers specially Shah and Rana and see the history of terai in Nepal as well.

    Jai Madhes!!!!!

  • 34. chure bhawar  |  September 11, 2007 at 6:32 am

    Go to heel with your history…….don’t reveal urself by your history…..people don’t need to consider history to prove their identity,..if they have to they have doubts regarding their identity..so whatever u say..u have agreed that 3 percent people are biharis …..that means ur history related u to bihar…….and go to bihar so that u can pove ur points…it’s Nepal…and don’t shout musch because u see to look like a street dog and no more…

    Jai united Nepal
    down with dhotis

  • 35. Son of Tirhut  |  September 11, 2007 at 1:56 pm

    O Dahi Chure Bhawar Baje,
    I know you Khasiya bahuns (sweet poinsonous) and you nature very well. Are you pure Nepali?
    Your Nautanki can’t work now coz aadibasi and janjati have known about you khasiya as “Dhoti” as well, since you are immigrants of Khashmir, invaded by Afgani muslims, hahahahhahaha, got it you bloddy hell Bahun. I know that you know your ancestal bansabali, ask you forefathers u’ll know it better, if you don’t know, you must be pretending.
    You don’t want to change the ruling system in Nepal, but alas it’s going to be over very soon. I am “Son of Tirhut” , the armies who defeated several times to your bloddy hell king Prithivi Narayan Shah (The Rajput- immigrants of Rajsthan) Tirhut kingdom and Kathmandu as well, finally the cheater went on cheating and captured the terai up to Ganga. Since then we are nowhere and treated as slave. Then and there our bad days started, now no more!!!!!!

    Jai Madhes/Terai/Tharuhat/Nepal

  • 36. chure bhawar  |  September 12, 2007 at 6:06 am

    Now Indians are pretending they anre Nepalis……….making mockery of urself whoever from India you are…….It’s better go to your motherland and do good work for it rather than coming to others nation and backbite…….try convincing your history to Indians even they won’t believe you. so who u are Mr. Tirhut a Nepali or an Indian….You were never a Nepali but can be an Indian so go to your country and leave us leave in Peace.

  • 37. Son of Tirhut  |  September 12, 2007 at 4:33 pm

    I am neither Indian nor Nepali, i am son of Tirhut What about you?

    If you want peace go back to your Kahashmir from where you have immigrated to Karnali region and then moved through out Nepal after the King Prithivi Nrayan Shah captuered several regions including our Tirhut kingdom. you are indian as well, so why don’t you return back to Kasmir or Vanaras where you can free education and free feeding where you can rule in peace, am i right?

    Khasiya Bahun lai Kashi Khsetri lai fashi de!!!!!!!!!!

    Jai Madhes/Tharuhat/Terai!!!!!

  • 38. Mr Madhesh  |  September 13, 2007 at 10:00 pm

    oie chure , phure ko choro
    u are very immatured, and trying to convince people with no good logics at all. you have to accept the history, and the reality of today

  • 39. combativenepali  |  September 14, 2007 at 11:06 am

    Son of Tiruhut ,dont hide your identity .You are not nepali and i am damm sure you are a blady indian Who are always trying to destroy Nepal.In modern world not a single country cannot directly win the war.They are sick.They dont know they cannot capture nepal for more than 1 years. i am sure.So you the son of india can u spell the nepal district falwlessly.
    I love all the tharau who are all mine friend.you the supporting jawala sing who is brutual murders.I f he is the true rebellion attack the army camp and police and u the sick people talk with me.

    so if the things goes intoo this way i am sure due to u sick people(not all) every nepali is getting problem.We want madhesi nepali not madhesi Indian.If you want you to be called indian just go to india.

    My dear say openly .dont hide your identity .how much salary do u get from the indian government for all this.

    Just advertise this site in tv and you will see the same case of rwanda.

    i dont want this and i request all the few nepali madhesi,and majority tharu dont follow them.If any thing wrong happen they will go to their home country and we nepali have to live facing all the problem.
    we nepali(Bahun,newar,chettri,limbu ,rai ,tharu,small c ast) will have to get their hand together to fight with this bihari people (like yadav,gupta and all about). just distinguishit yadav is behari or madhesi.

    This my comment is not for madhesi its for bihari who are bihari .Madhesi is not any jati.you dont know such a small thing.The people living in madesh is madheshi.

    So u indian why u want to destroy nepal just return back to india and live ur life smoothly and let us live our life peacefully.

    But they dont want then all the nepali beware of this yadav .they who are the supporter of lalooo yadav and they want to make next bihar.

  • 40. To Indians on the board  |  September 14, 2007 at 11:18 am

    What history are you talking about……..people believe in realtiy and materialistic thoughts not sarcastic ones like you Indian agents are talking about…Only Indians like you all need history to prove ur nationality not us…..People become nationals by thier thoughts and their love towards their nation.. I only know that I was born in Nepal, It might be a part of Terai but I don’t diffrentiate any region of Nepal to be terai or Pahad, only people like you who wants our country to collapse and be destroyed like your bihar want’s it to be break and people like you loot it in the name of communality. So Mr. Indian pretending to be Son of tirhut try convincing your historical drama to Indians because even they won’t believe your wicked thoughts. You have been shouting throughout of history Can you reveal us your identity….I am afraid you cannot because that’s gonna show of your evil desires…….
    I am not surprised by your thoughts because these days people like you are coming up in excessive numbers..i am damn sure you are some agent of some Jwala Singh or similars who have migrated from india to take advantage of this transitory situation of your country.
    So I plead dn’t betray your own country, please return to India, do good for your country because that will be the best thing you can do, but I request please don’t try to disturb the peace in our country. It’s not been late return to your country ….and do something good for your people and write something good on behalf for your people and don’t interfere in other countries peace process….It would be a great mistake if you won’t follow this advice, because it is the voice of all Nepali people..
    Go Son of India, Please return back to your own country, even India is a good country and contribute for it’s prosperity.
    Be brave son of India…….this can eliminate all your sins and you will get to virtue.

  • 41. Terai  |  September 14, 2007 at 11:25 am

    It’s Really funny seeing these articles now Indians are seeing pretending as if they are the natives of this country….Ok let u give a chance to prove…..try proving it…can u? And please don’t repeat again of that funny history u are talking about……it will be a good laughter show..plssssss

  • 42. Son of Tirhut  |  September 16, 2007 at 5:08 am

    Hello Mr. Combativenepali and To Indians on the board !!!!!

    It diesn’t matter whatever you spell on me. Keep on barking now your days are over.
    It’s our turn to rule, in the history as well our Sen king and Mithila Kartanak Basnsi (SimranGadh, Bara), King Birat in Biratnagar have ruled terai and some hilly regions. I’m not opening history to prove our identiy, it’s against ruling system for one caste, one language.

    And Madhesi brothers (including Tharu) please let’s not hurt or humiliate Janjati brothers (Mongolian faced people living in terai), they are marginalised and disadvantaged people as well, we need to join hands with them. since they are also launching their own party rather than joining Kahasiya party like Congress and communist and Maost.
    And rest i suggest you to read the article published in “HlMAL KHABAR” written by C.K.Lal, C.K.Lal ji you are great and our community welcomes you as Madhesi hero. Also i congratulate Goit Ji for taking steps on our broker leaders as MP, now something good is going to happen.

    Jai Madhes/Tharuhat/ Terai !!!!!

  • 43. lol!!!  |  September 16, 2007 at 7:23 pm

    ….oh wow we have a hell lot of struggle goin on out here…!!!
    ….To all my Pahadi Bro’s

    my brave brothers ….wwat are you ppl so proud of huh …..its just party like this NSP nd MJF are savin country from breakin apart ….think if even they go ad join JTMM ..blah blah …..then….god who’s not een a single pahadi will be seen in Terai …….they can rule out there ..why the hell these ppl are fightin with these bloody NC nd UML for their birth rights….

    To all Madeshi Bro’s
    don’t get too excited dudes ….Its a fact that even NC nd UML is afraid of terai ….they also want to solve problems of madesh
    ….but they r hiding out to put a madhesi ppl in front of anythin as they are alwasy ashame of their colour caste etc…..its such a joke that madhesi r the one at wrong side coz u r the ppl who again in election make those ppl win who come from fukin highlands ….its all their fault …..49% has been given to madesh ……its quite less but u pppl can change once u have power!!!

  • 44. lol!!!  |  September 16, 2007 at 7:29 pm

    …and to all who call madeshi’s as indians!!!

    …dude….save ur comments …..coz u are gonna use all these words for ur lifetime …soon u will be ruled by madhesi’s ……and u have to respect them like anything coz many ppl like u will be their servant’s !!!….

  • 45. lol!!!  |  September 16, 2007 at 7:38 pm

    …and one more last thing !!!



  • 46. Terai  |  September 17, 2007 at 7:03 am

    Hey It’s again laughter show calling Tharus Madhesis……trying to involve the innocent tharu people with madhesis to fulfill the India motivated desires of theirs…..Tharus are the native peoples of Terai not like You bijhari origin people….so don’t try to push tharus into your evil thoughts..

  • 47. Terai  |  September 17, 2007 at 7:07 am

    Sometimes Jai Madhes/Tharuhat/ Terai !!!!!
    And sometimes Jai Madhes/Tharuhat/ Terai !!!!!/Jai Nepal

    These are two comments son of tirhut has been writing….this proves him as an Indian trying to destablize the transitionary period of our country……….in fact dare to write
    Jai India…….u will be respected by many indians.

  • 48. Son of Tirhut  |  September 17, 2007 at 3:24 pm

    Terai Ji,
    Your comments make me laugh, the reason is
    “And sometimes Jai Madhes/Tharuhat/ Terai !!!!!/Jai Nepal”, the ending that you have quoted from my side, the reason is still i love to call my self as nepali, but first as Madhesi. If i forget this quote thengod knows…………….

    If you don’t understand this i can guarantee that you must be from khasiya community and most possibily Bahun.

    As far as Tharu as concerned, use ur best attempt to break these people from us, but finally if are ready to revolt they first bullet will be against you people. Don’t you see how Roshan Tharu partinioned from Maost, yes they need Tharuhat. And don’t you that Kailai, Kanchanpur, Banke, Bardia were gifted to Nepal by British due to suppressing the Lucknow Nawab by looting, killing tem during the Jung Bahadur Rana regime.

    You are talking about Tharu as native people of western part of Nepal, u like them because they have easily accepted themselves as slave, and you as their landlord, am i right?

    So it’s in their hand to make decision. And AS far as son of terai soil is concerned. What i can make you clear is Tharu are of two types: first one pure mongolian faced and unusual tile behind their name are native of jungle part on Deukhuri and Dang. Second type is the immigrants of Rajsthan, place named as Thar, they were forced to leave that place because there was heavy war going on between Maharana Pratap and Akbar (400 years back), and ghence they had flee away with wifes of Rana and singh ruler’s wife since these people were servants of Rana and Rajpur rulers in Rajasthan, India. That is the reason why still today Rana and singh Tharu wearing Janai get the food served by their wives using foot, the reason behind this after being setteled in jungle of Nepal area, they married their master’s wife and then after that also they were treated as servant.

    Also i know that you people have a proverb in your blood is of this kind:

    “Firangi Kal le, Bhote Bal le and Gorkhali Chal le”.

    So this point proves that Bhote covers all the Aadibasi Janjati, and Gorlkali covers only Bahun, Chetri and Thakuri, the cheaters. So keep trying this thing, Good Luck!!!!!!

    Jai Madhes/Tharuhat/Terai !!!!!

  • 49. Terai  |  September 18, 2007 at 5:45 am

    Your arrogance has proved you being an Indian agent. I am damn sure you were amongst the team who made a conspiracy to faction Nepal in India together with jttm,mjf,Ram Raja Prasad and other………Your evil desires would never be accomlished until there are some nationals remained among you………Better be careful peoplelike you will be across the border assoon as the transition period is over……..I do know you must have indian citizenship with u and u can go there at any moment……..happy trip

  • 50. Son of Tirhut  |  September 22, 2007 at 11:31 am

    Let’s see who is going back either you to Karnali and then back to Gadhwal or Kashmir, or is it me who is returning back to my own Mithlanchal with my own part.

    I can’t make this guy clear, keep on looping the same statement. EE Thuthur Khasiya Bahun ke ke samjhabau?

    Good Luck!

    Jai Madhes/Tharuhat/Terai!!!!!

  • 51. Terai  |  September 27, 2007 at 9:34 am

    Mr. Tirhut or whatever………what are you trying to convince…….just answer how much money did you get for provoking violence in Kapilvastu…..Your sense of humour and sinful thoughts reveals that you are sure amongst the one doing sins and provoking communal violence in our country. But listen people like you would never be happy you will be cursedby your motherland andyourown people, and the tears of the relatives of those killed would not let you sleep restfully throughout your life. You would be made to answer of your atrocities……..surely in this life..

  • 52. Son of Tirhut  |  September 30, 2007 at 2:38 pm

    Mr. Terai,
    I don’t believe in violence and whatever happened in Kapilbastu, i’ve really sorrow for this kind of incidence.

    I am simple person having a simple job and nothing more than that. I know that there are several fundamentalist working behind this kind of acitivities, also i know the grievences of Madhesi people due to maost and government officials. Still i do not believe in violence as this kind of activities can’t give us the right of determination. Sooner or later we will achive our goal having the self determnation autonomy having the propertional electoral system. Let’s start the count down……

    Jai Madhes/Tharuhat/Terai !!!!!

  • 53. Terai  |  October 2, 2007 at 8:10 am

    It’s really sad seeing our country in such a situation as it was never on. I expect we get out of this mire as soon as possible and whosoever who involves in taking advantage of this situation of our country would be ever cursed by his homeland.

  • 54. Son of Tirhut  |  October 2, 2007 at 3:15 pm

    See Terai Ji,
    I know you belong from Terai, may be somewhere east or west. Our main agenda is to throw this Bloddy hell king. Ony this person is taking advantage over communal disturbace.

    Also i know that Khasiya people have dominated the entire country, still i belive is we are sons of same country, no matter whatever community we belong to. And Madhesi brothers let’s not trust the external affair othewise we’ll be like parrot of one’s cage. we need to to be very careful in this matter, other wise we’ll be like Bangladesh.

    Jai Madhes/Tharuhat/Terai.

  • 55. anu  |  January 5, 2008 at 12:23 am

    To Aryan (June 12, 2007) comment

    Aryan, you are a very sick man and God will punish you very severely. You are diving Nepal in to two kingdom, pahade and madhesi……you are a very bad person and I am sure there is a very bad punishment for you. All dhotis must leave Nepal and go and settle down in Pakistan and India and become Muslim’s slave. All dhoti must become muslim and start praying allah…Dhoti are dhoti anyway.

  • 56. Son of Tirhut  |  February 26, 2008 at 11:59 am

    Finally everything seems to settle down…but u bladdy nepalis why u calm down so easily ……at least our indian brothers got to enjoy something.

    jai Madhesh!! Jai Bharat!!!

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  • 58. quibids reviews  |  March 12, 2012 at 3:23 am

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