Time to Test

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Prachanda on Madhesi: Time to Test

                            Dr. Bindeshwar Prasad Yadav  


We feel Madheshi should neither approve nor disapprove any promise from any leader; they should see the act and match it  with promises.  It is time to test.  They should keep marching towards the goal; the goal of Political, Defense, Administrative, Economical, Cultural, Social, and Language independence within the boundary of Nepal, where equal opportunity for Employment, Justice, Representation and Right, in honest practice, should be available to all. A unified Madhesh state  only, is acceptable. Present proposed division of Madheshi population is against the consciousness of Madheshis.  Hindi should be a second national language, because it is the link language for millions of Madheshis. For Madhesh and Madheshi to date democracy is a dream. 


Mr Prachanda’s Assurances and Madheshi’s Grievances

“Recently the Party has passed a concrete resolution to study the Madhesi question from a greater height and to debate, discuss and develop leaders as well to take the revolutionary movement in Madhes to a new height.”

“Expressing sadness over the fact that Madhesis are living like second class citizens, in the country despite being an indigenous group, he said, “Our party started the campaign of liberating Madhesis, and making them masters of the state right from the first year of the people’s war.”

-Maoist chairman Prachanda

Source: eKantipur.com http://www.kantipuronline.com/kolnews.php?&nid=80143 


“Liberation for Madheshies” Mr Prachanda has been expressed in his lectures, and his party has recognized that;

    i.      Madheshis are indigenous population in Nepal,

    ii.  They are treated as second-class citizen in their own country,

    iii. He has expressed his sadness over the pitiful situation and

    iv. His party has started campaign of liberating Madheshi.  

Statements appear to sound very good, as well as, attractive. Here, the concern is: whether his statements would transform into a holistic action with meaningful intention? Present scenarios look better than previously. But it doesn’t reflect Madheshi expectations; for example:-  

i. Proposed boundaries of states are not in favor of Madheshi. Such divisions of Madheshi, in spite of a single unified Madhesh state, raise doubts in the peoples’ mind. “However, the question can be asked, is this division motivated to create a divide and rule policy?” Division among Madheshi, on gunpoint, reminds us of the division of family property between two brothers. The poor mother (the wife) lives with one brother, and the powerless father (the husband) lives with other brother. Just for bread, both old heads are compelled to kill their life long emotional attachment; they spend day and night with unheard cry of their souls. Similarly, such proposed state boundaries, will cause negative impact on Madheshi population. But, it is not the final, there is time left, we hope Mr Prachanda and his party will reconsider, and will make state boundary for Madheshi people according to their consciousness. In case, if Madheshi spirit is not respected, then Madheshi leaders should not accept this state boundary proposal till a right amendment comes. Like earlier, government will offer better position to some, and will not address the main issues of the Madheshi community as a whole.         

In the world, there are several countries where Indian Diasporas have settled, and those country’s people and their government have with respect, accepted Hindi language. In Trinidad and Tobago, a centaury ago, Indian indenture labourers came; no one is alive among them. Still their children proudly speak Hindi and Bhojpuri. In Surinam, Hindi is second national language while Dutch is the first language. We all know among Madheshi, there are several languages; and Hindi is the only link language.  Does it harm national Nepalese integrity, if Hindi is accepted as a second national language because it’s a link lauguage for over ten million in, population? In south India most people don’t know Hindi, they are doctors, engineers, and other professionals; still they are good Indians. Asking to make Hindi as a second national language, does not mean Madheshi are not as good, or as responsible as the non-Madheshis Nepalese citizens. 

In this way, issues of Madheshi culture, identity, their proportionate representation in policy making bodies, implementations machinery, and judiciary system, need to be appropriately addressed. It’s very clear that proportionate representation in Parliament, Administrative services, Judiciary services, and Diplomatic representation to foreign countries, and United Nations Offices/ Agencies, that are justified as a demand.  Nepal government doesn’t want to dismantle the army. In barracks of Madhesh land, there should be Madheshi youth army. Without this, the environment creates the image of colonization. It looks like a long list, but in reality, the only sufferer is Madheshi since centaury.


Prevailing Political Reality

Out of the royal family, several politicians have recorded their names in the modern history of Nepal, but history of Madhesh does not know anyone, because of all democratic Governments and Prime Ministers that have ignored the Madhesh and Madheshi in the same way. Ex Prime Ministers speak about the agony and suffering of Madheshi, but what did they do when they had responsibility to realize and the power to perform? Nothing! For Madhesh and Madheshi till date, democracy is a dream.  It is a royal opportunity for Mr Prachanda and other top leaders to fulfill the promise and be Madhesh maker in the history, when time itself is writing it.  

Should Madheshi be dependent?

We feel Madheshi should neither approve nor disapprove any promise from any leader; they should see the act and match with the promises.  It is time to test.  But, don’t wait and watch. Keep marching towards the goal, the goal of Political, Defense, Administrative, Economical, Cultural, Social, and Language independence within the boundary of Nepal, where equal opportunity for employment, justice, representaytion and right, in honest practice, should be available to all. At the same time, special opportunity should be created for back log Madheshi to bring them into the main development stream of the nation. We all must bear in mind; it is an outlook for true human independence, not to create a separate nation outside Nepal.  It will be a great mistake to rely on promises, and not enhance our performance. Madheshi must remember that only Madheshi, no one else, can transform their fate and their future! 

Bitter Truth

True integration of Madhesh into unified Nepal depends upon preparation of Madheshi population for independence. Reality of integration of Madhesh into Nepal is directly proportional to the strength of preparation of Madheshi population for independence. By this, we mean, total independence, one free of discrimination and being able to enjoy full human rights inside the united Nepal. They could demonstrate absolute willpower, power of sacrifice, and strength to be independent, and then only, they will be able, in reality, to be integrated with the remaining population of Nepal. Because integrity and respect are possible only between equals, it is simply based on a proverb honest friendship that is only possible between equals.


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