State, Maoists and Madhesh

January 6, 2007 at 9:23 am 2 comments

State, Maoists and Madhesh

-Prabhat Ranjan 

At last, Pranchand, the supreme of NCP (Maoists), directed their cadres to cooperate government’s decision of reinstating police posts. He specially mentioned that in a press statement issued here that his party was ready to cooperate with the government to reestablish the abandoned police posts in Madhesh and later in the hill regions. This means, Maoist cadres will felicitate unconditionally the reinstating of police post (state authority) in Madhesh while the same thing in hill regions is not allowed at present and may be done later but only after pre-consultations and approval of NCP (Maoists). What does this mean? Is Prachand serious for the safekeeping of madheshies and not of Pahadis? Or it is his colossal love for the people of madhesh? Then how it differs with the love of Prachand for people of hill region?

Nothing is like that. Prachand’s statement came after PM’s remarks that Maoists will have to take the responsibility if constituent assembly (CA) elections were not held in time. He said so because Maoists were obstructing the restoration of the police posts and return of the VDC secretaries to their works. Some can see later’s decision in this connection and can call it subsequent. But the reality is of far beyond. Prachand has allowed it for madhesh only. This simply means that they are weaker in Madhesh and are frightened of JTMM. As the problems of madhesh are still not to be addressed and the Maoist leadership is also alike others, many guerrillas from NCP (Maoist) can join JTMM with arms. Prachand and his colleagues are afraid of that situation. If it happens not only CA elections will be effected, it will also thwart and hinder gravely the peace process endangering NCP (Maoist)’s current advantageous position.

The move of NCP (Maoist) is strategic. They do not desire to loose their control and strategic presence in hills or give any concessions but want to block state’s entrance there. They are eager to tighten their presence in Madhesh with the help of state security forces involved in fighting directly with JTMM which is continuously developing itself as brave and popular armed insurgents of madhesh. If they give up roughshod and barbarous acts and dedicates for equality and freedom for madheshi people, they will certainly gain and increase their strongholds.

The move of Prachand is not a development of overnight. It is widely calculated, planned and then only designed cunningly. After continuous cries in Madhesh for equality and call of Bandha from NSP (A), home ministry and Maoists planned to squash it and chose Nepalganj for the test estimating eastern towns difficult and knotty to accomplish.

Now the question is who will gain? If the situation in Madhesh worsens, certainly JTMM and NSP (A) will gain. Any armed action against JTMM will boost automatically sympathy for them in Madhesh and north India. Govt. of India may stay silent in the beginning but will be compelled by its own people to work for Madhesh and Madheshies later. NC, NCP (UML) will be looser. Their vote-bank will be destroyed and NCP (Maoist) will feel enhanced. Prachand will be then only the leader with broader strongholds. GP Koirala, Madhav Nepal will be thrown behind.

One must know that CA elections and the formation of new constitution is not final for ever. Any unjust action against half of the people will do nothing except shortening the life of peace and stability of the country. PM GP Koirala and other responsible leaders being aware of the developments should take the case seriously find solution cool mindedly. Otherwise, unfortunate incidents can lead Nepal to devastations.



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  • 1. janata  |  March 23, 2010 at 1:35 pm

    all this Madesh agenda is divide and rule !

    Politician throw the dream to people.

    sorry for you guys who elected bad person if some one bad at home they destroy home if they were elected then they destroy country. As Hitlar destroy europe.

    so be aware and don’t send person like Begam and Murders on parliament !

  • 2. frenky  |  May 7, 2011 at 10:33 pm


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