Government wants Maoist to finish-off Madheshi

January 12, 2007 at 5:00 am 1 comment

 Government wants Maoist to finish-off Madheshi

Though April movement might have brought some change for Pahadis, Madheshi are still untouchable for the Nepalese government, which deputy prime minister revealed in his talk in Hetauda: “…government WOULD NOT SIT in the talks with the Jwala Singh faction of the JTMM which has been involved in a number of recent violent activities in the Terai belt…” (Kantipur). If government doesn’t want to sit for talk and address the issue, what does government want? He stated that very clearly as well: the government wants MAOIST to ‘solve’ this?

The government wants Maoist to fight and kill these Madheshi, commit a mass-annihilation of Madheshi. And it’s not just speculation. When Maoist were killing Madheshi and JTMM activists, even after signing the truce agreement, did the government ever consider killing of Madheshi by Maoist as violation of the agreement and ever spoke about it? No. When Maoist threatened some Pahadi, then the government warned Maoist to abide by the agreement, but not when Maoists were killing Madheshi. It always wants such thing to happen, and possibly in larger scale, recently even seen in Nepalgunj where Pahadis were looting and burning and raping Madheshi, while government officials and security personnel watched on the spot. And now, government wants Madheshi to be finished-off, and eight-parties have decided to give a “contract for finishing-off Madheshi” to Maoists.

Home Minister KP Sitaula’s comment later came just as a cover-up for the conspiracy undergoing in government and party offices against Madheshi. It was definitely not deputy PM’s personal opinion, as Sitaula wanted to make it appear, as deputy PM clearly stated “..eight parties had handed Maoists the responsibility of..”.

What is left there for Madheshi now, other than to unite and make themselves stronger and stronger and fight against these forces conspiring and preparing for annihilation of Madheshi?



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  • 1. Sambhu Sah  |  January 12, 2007 at 11:01 am

    To some extent it seems true because most of the Khas (padahi bhahmin and kshetri) leaders they get elected from terai. And the case of Nepalgunj is very much true that is posted above.
    The media are fully in the hands of these Pahadiyas and whenever a single pahadi origin are beaten or killed, immediately it’s bradcasted but in case of Madhesi it’s just reverse. And What to say about the Nepal army and Administration?
    So it seems quite true about the statement given by Sitaula.

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