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Dr Bindeshwar Prasad Yadav


There is no doubt that present world is fairer than it was in the past. Day by day it is progressing towards better justice.


Justice must prevail.

“Truth must prevail. Justice must prevail.” This is the basis that people have overpowered king- rule in Nepal. Next truth, in context of Nepal, is indirect colonization of over 12 million, approximately half the country population, since 1813 BC. On the basis of same principle “Truth must prevail; Justice must prevail” colonization of Madheshis must come to end.


Madheshis movement

Present Madheshwide, from east to west,   Madheshi movement is acknowledging that dark night of discrimination and exploitation has come to end; it is the time of dawn of Madheshis rights and autonomy. The important aspect is the process. This process would have significant influence over our coexistence and national integrity.  


If the process of delivery of autonomy of Madheshis is done sooner and smoothly in light of United Nations Human Rights declarations  Nepal will be transformed into a true and real unified state; and people will live together peacefully in the spirit of national brotherhood. On the other hand, if government sponsored police brutally killing of innocent people, firing on people in the market and streets, putting shops on fires will continue then only jealously, hatred and enmity will grow, and Nepal will break into pieces.


What the Madheshis movement is about

Have you asked your inner being (your soul) what this Madheshis movement is about?

Government media is imposing that it is for a separate country. Getting influence with this idea government is sponsoring killing of innocent people.

I would like to ask those who believe or think like this.

Is a separate country “Madhesh” the best option?

In my opinion, NOT.


The best option is true and real unified Nepal with autonomous Madhesh and other states with population proportionate partnership in national prospective.  

On the other hand, the worst option is present state of false unification with discrimination and humiliation. Fortunately, Madheshis people have awakened and proved capability to come out of indirect colonization. They have been offering SAHADAT to confirm their freedom and autonomy. Now, Madheshis    will not accept on going discrimination. At present, it is totally depends upon those who are ruling the country and taking all benefits at the cost of Madheshis. Issue is very clear. Will their ego, power lust and selfishness offer Madheshis rights and autonomy?  If, yes. Certainly people will go for the best option- living peacefully in true unified Nepal.  If, not. It will be compulsion for Madheshis to go for complete freedom, a sovereign state that is neither desirous nor the best, but a compulsive option. It would be simply compulsion and the state rulers will be whole responsible for this unfortunate happening.    


Autonomous Madhesh within true and real unified Nepal is the most desirable, highly appreciable and hearty acceptable the best option.  Under cover of unification, indirect colonization is reject- able. Complete separate sovereign state Madhesh is   not desirable, but would be compulsive option.



In the world, many people are dying daily due to diseases, accident, homicides and suicides. But, those Madheshis who are getting bullet are not dying. They are immortal. They are great soul. Service to distressed Madheshis is service to Almighty God. Their souls are united with the Supreme soul. They are in peace.    



Nonviolence must be practiced

Violence favours none. Nonviolence favours everyone and all. Present state sponsored violence in southern Nepal/Madhesh is shame and sign of ignorance of our national ruler ministers. Nepalese history speaks that late king Birendra never supported use of army against Maoist; and he remained popular even among the Maoist. However, king Gynendra used armed against Maoist; and finally has become responsible for the end of king rule.     

In this connection, I would like to draw your attention towards Gandhi’s view and practice- “He strongly objected to congress ministers calling upon the army and police to break up striking workers or stop protestors, arguing that would only “admit” congress’s “impotence”.

History is full of evidences that, in past century, several colonial countries have got freedom with means of nonviolence. The power of nonviolence, the power of truth, the power of spirit/soul is many folds greater than the power of bullets and bombs. Mahatma Gandhi experimented these powers to achieve free India. 


Please allow me to suggest my view. Both Nepal government and Madheshis agitators must practice nonviolence.  For agitators have faith in your victory, have patients, begin talk with government, ask government to talk, wait for action of government. There should be no place for ego. Determination and persistence are main pillars for victory. For me, it has become one objective of my life to preach and promote the power of nonviolence, strength of love and spiritual vigor for rights and autonomy of Madhesh. I have unshakable faith in the victory, I can act and wait, but never ever support violence and hatred.


For the government must come out of ego of power. They also should practice nonviolence and tolerance while dealing with agitators/protestors. Application of bullet on unarmed people must be prohibited. Now, it is confirmed that application of army and police would not stop human rights of Madheshis and autonomy of Madhesh. Of course, it would increase the toll of shahid. But the country would pay unaffordable price for it. To prevent Nepal becoming like Somalia, Sri Lanka or Iraq smooth handover of autonomy to Madhesh is mandatory.     


Love for hill dwellers

We all must have a clear picture in our mind and heart that this movement is a political movement, not a racial. It is for Madheshi’s birth right political power that has been snatched by some KHAS hill dwellers and their closers. It is nothing against common millions hill dwellers. Some hill dwellers brothers have written great truthful articles in favour of Madheshis. Some are doing great jobs for justice and truth. Madhesh mother would feel proud to call them sons. Any short of hatred against them would be injustice with humanity and God. Therefore, we must increase our love and respect for common hill dwellers as we intensify our movement for rights.  It would multiply the effect of our movement. It is spiritual law. 


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  • 1. Umesh  |  February 7, 2007 at 7:54 am

    This movement is not only for Madhesi and not against non-Madhesi. It is for all who live in Tarai/Madhesh. And it is not for separating the nation. Somebody is confusing about this movement. So we have to make clear voice about it. Use this power to make more awareness about rights, freedom. So need to make group by Village, VDC, District, Zone and nation wise not crowd. Because group has soul but crowed have not soul and it will do bad any time. We want changes so we have to change ourselves too. Unite the People and do the talk program in all Village, VDC, District, Zone and nation level too. Wake up Madhes ! Wake up !!

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