Disaster havocs Madhesh

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Disaster havocs Madhesh


The news of exchange of fire between the Maoists cadres and Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) activists that left about thirty dead and several others seriously injured- has shocked Nepalis. The incident took place after a dispute- over who will use an open ground in front of mills area- took a nasty turn in Gaur, the district headquarters of Rautahat which is situated in the southern plains of Nepal.

According to a local daily, The Himalayan Times-

“Most of those who died in the encounter are Maoists,” SP Khanal said, adding that the bodies were kept at the Gaur Hospital for post-mortem.

The clash occurred when the MJF activists destroyed a podium prepared by the Maoist-affiliated Madhesi Mukti Morcha for a mass meeting at Rice Mill ground in Gaur in the afternoon. Cross-firing occurred immediately when the Maoists attacked the MJF activists who were also preparing to hold their mass meeting at the same venue, eyewitnesses said.

The clash in Gaur continued for about half-an-hour, leaving at least 10 persons dead. Among them, six died on the spot, while four died while undergoing treatment, Khanal said, adding all those killed were Maoists.

The two groups, scattered after the Gaur clash, resumed fighting at a near-by village, he said. The police have brought 12 bodies to the district headquarters Gaur till late evening from Hajmaniya VDC, which is five kilometres east of Gaur, Khanal said, adding the police have also found two more bodies at Gaur Municipality-4.”

It also said-

“The clash occurred when the Maoists tried to foil a mass gathering scheduled to be organised by the MJF, said the MJF sources.

Nanda Kishor Shah of the Youth Forum in Rautahat said: “We had published our programme schedule a week ago. However, the Maoists came to organise their programme at the same venue to thwart our programme.”

It is shocking to hear that both the Maoist-affiliated Madhesi Mukti Morcha led by Matrika Yadav and the MPRF led by Upendra Yadav had planned their mass meetings in the area at the same time- both sides are responsible for the loss of people’s lives. They were totally aware of what could happen- so they came prepared (armed) to kill innocent people? At a time when the eight-party alliance is turning deaf ears to the demands led by Madhesi and indigenous groups, this incident is a clear signal to the people that now Maoists are not a single armed group in the country, but others like two separate factions of Janatantrik Terai Mukti Morcha, one new Madhesi armed group called ‘Madhesi Tigers’, and now MPRF besides those criminals, goons and dons of the capital- they are all armed!

A series of my write ups regarding the Madhesi Uprising were published in Ohmynews International. First of which was published on January 22, 2007. Today is March 22, 2007- that means our political leaders have failed to find a solution to the Madhesi problem even after the death of over three dozens people in about two months time. I wonder why our prime minister never grants meeting to any groups till it took to streets, violence and vandalism- or worse- innocent, ordinary people get killed. Our corrupt, greedy and power-hungry politicians have already forgotten how to be sincere to their jobs and remain accountable to their own people- but they still pursue entirely their personal and political interests.

Today, our eight-party alliance’s widely dubbed new Nepal has surfaced. Their lies have been exposed- and people are again starting to say that ‘jati jogi aaye pani kannai chireko’ old proverb again (every leaders are same- greedy, corrupt and power-hungry). It’s no wonder then why so many revolutions and uprisings in our country always failed. Today, again the blood of innocent people has been spilled all over our soil. I’ve expressed fear in each and every write up that a new civil war- a disastrous awakening awaits Nepalis. I wonder now can anyone help us prevent the disaster? Today, Nepal has turned into an animal farm- I wonder if there’s a way out from this turmoil. Perhaps, there is lest our leaders forget themselves and yearns for a united, peaceful and prosperous nation called ‘Nepal’.

Now, the government should find out the truth and expose the hands of any hidden forces in the incident. If the government fails to provide necessary compensation to the victims’ families, then the situation will only aggravate. It is the weakness and stubbornness of our Home Minister Sitaula that the disastrous incident took place- now there is nothing he can do except step down to pave a way for new and capable leadership in his place. I wonder if Girija should also step down- and give Prachanda his chance to kill people like this. I salute you all, dear Eight-party alliance. Thank you for making amiable environment for such massacres…

I repeat- these politicians are indeed Sati’s curse. Here are the blessings for them:


Umesh Shrestha has done an incredible-honest job by posting these pictures in his blog, Merosansar , in form of a flash slide show. But I couldn’t resist using them to show up what the real circumstances were. I’d like to thank the actual photographer who took these photos at such challenging time.

Source:: http://kathspeaks.blogspot.com/2007/03/gun-culture-maoists-born-seeds-finally.html


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