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Give it any name. Interpret as you wish. One can push his or her own respective ideologies in order to console oneself. However, fact is that the carnage that the entire town of Gaur witnessed March 21 last week was the exhibition of barbarism whose limits, if any, crossed that afternoon by any available measuring standards.

That was in a nut shell, barbarism unlimited.

The inhumane manner the innocent civilians were killed from both the genders reminded one of the Neolithic age wherein one used edged stones in order to kill adversaries. The methodology used for such ghastly killings can’t be explained in terms. No words to explain the mass killings that perhaps have no parallels in the modern history of Nepal. Albeit, we have had the experience of listening to the killings of innocent laymen in the past also, however, this time the mass murder of some thirty plus lives in Gaur has definitely elevated the ranks of this otherwise peace loving people to the order of butchers if need be.

The men or women were chased and awarded death penalties by the miscreants. Fleeing women folks were raped, their nipples cut and murdered. Awarding death sentences to the men belonging to the other camp was accomplished in such a way that no one could spare his or lives from the assault. Some lives got lost when a sort of hurricane sort of fleeing the disturbed area in order to save lives from the attacks from the opposite camp, stampede too took a couple of precious lives.

Who killed who is immaterial? It is also immaterial that the Maoists killed the Madhesi forum cadres or vice versa. What matters of it all is that those who were slain were first the Nepalese and then the members of different political quarters. The lives which were inhumanely murdered were the Nepalese souls.

The Gaur carnage abundantly speaks that if we the Nepalese go on the rampage, killings will continue even in a best system. We lost innocent souls during the autocratic Panchayat rule on one pretext or the other. We continued these practices even when we the people had a democratic system. What is surprising of it all is that we have killed our own brothers and sisters belonging to different castes and creed and genders even during  the prevalence of such a system called Loktantra for the advent of which we have had paid a heavy price in terms of human lives. All put together, what comes to the surface is that no system on earth will guaranteed a secured life to the Nepali nationals given the hotchpotch in politics that has already become the order of the day.

The Gaur massacre does amply tell the sorry tale of the prevailing law and order situation in the country at the moment. Killings have become a regular feature in the country. Who knows when such madness will cease to exist?

The government led by Koirala perhaps has no pains for those who have been killed either in Nepalganj, Lahan or very freshly in Gaur. The man who has been told to look into the law and order situation, K.P. Sitaula, remains undeterred. The demand for his resignation has come from all quarters to the extent that his own party colleagues have been demanding the same. Sitaula is being reportedly shielded by the Prime Minister and his colleagues housed in the Maoists camp. Others say that Sitaula will not resign because he is receiving the blessings from some nearby extraneous forces and as a reward for what he did in the name of awarding citizenships to alien nationals, his continuation in the cabinet will remain as it is.

The people, on the other hand, continue to demand his resignation for having failed to ensure adequate security to its citizens scattered in different parts of the country.

A probe commission has been constituted in order to investigate the truth. The Majf has summarily rejected this probe commission and has been pushing its own prescription: constitute a probe commission that has the participation of some recognized international bodies. The MJF considers any probe commission formed by the government would by all means point at the MJF and would held responsible to the MJF for the Gaur mass-murder.

But why the MJF suspects the government’s credentials? This is a question indeed. The government must listen to what the MJF has been saying.

Now again coming back to the Gaur incident. Reports say that primarily the local administration must be held accountable and duly punished for allowing the two declared adversaries to organize their lecture program just adjacent to each other and that too at the same time and venue. This is ridiculous. This is unacceptable. This is a ploy of the administration to bring the two elephants face to face whose fierce fight resulted in this blood-bath, to say the least.

Further reports say that it was the MJF which had already made known to the local people that on that particular day they would have their program at the said venue. How come then the local administration provided permission to the Maoists camp to organize the meeting at almost the same place? This is intriguing indeed.

Is it that the local government there wanted to watch the possible fight in between the two giants and take sadistic pleasure from such a battle? It is this shortsightedness of the government which saw the killings of some thirty plus lives. Those who died or were targeted for killings were definitely innocent ones, save a few political cadres of some political paraphernalia.

With such a mass-killing that shook the country and terrified the entire international community, the government under Koirala appears to have taken such a grave incident as a routine affair and has so far not even dared to sack the Home Minister-Sitaula.

Shame on us. Shame on the leaders. Shame on those who caused such enmasse killings.

May Lord provide eternal peace to the departed souls.


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