No King? No Nepal

April 14, 2007 at 9:01 pm 15 comments

No King? No Nepal

Kanchan Gupta
It’s now official. Well, as official as it can get. The much-anticipated election to Nepal’s Constituent Assembly, scheduled for June 20, is off. The Election Commission of Nepal (what would aspiring democracies do without Indian models to ape?) has said that it requires at least another three-and-a-half months to organise a free and fair poll. That means an autumn election, unless it is delayed further.
Never mind the public posturing of the so-called ‘mainstream’ parties, including the Nepali Congress. Prime Minister Girija Prasad Koirala, totally clueless about what’s happening in his country – even if he knows, he’s unable to do anything of consequence – and his colleagues will heave a huge sigh of relief. The only person who will be upset is Chairman Prachanda. He will now have to wait for sanction to march into Narayanhity Palace and declare, “Off with the King’s head,” before hoisting the Maoists’ blood-soaked red banner atop the abode of Vishnu’s living avatar.
These are grim thoughts as Nepal celebrates its New Year’s day and King Gyanendra, fast running out of options to prevent the famed plumed crown from becoming just another item on display in Kathmandu’s National Museum, makes a brave attempt to reach out to his detractors by urging people to “strengthen the institutional development of democracy”. That’s a noble thought on the first day of Baisakh. But deep within the King and his detractors know, as do members of Prachanda’s fan club at AK Gopalan Bhawan and South Block in New Delhi, that Nepal’s bumpy ride to democracy has hit a nasty roadblock.
One of the reasons put out by the Election Commission of Nepal for delaying the June 20 poll is that “the peace and security situation has not yet improved in the country… with at least 60 people killed in ongoing ethnic unrest in the south”. Apart from being an understatement, it hides the fact that the Madhesi resistance in the Terai is not the only reason why peace and security continue to elude the people of Nepal.
The Maoists have not complied with the terms of last year’s peace accord and card-carrying, gun-toting lumpens continue to harass the rich and the poor, especially those who have any connections with India. Prachanda, who is accompanied by personal bodyguards with weapons that should have been in the UN’s custody, is as belligerent as ever. The Communist Party of Nepal (Maoist) may have joined the interim Government, but “it has not abandoned the People’s War”, he insists. That war has cost 13,000 human lives, but is yet to satiate the Maoists’ lust for blood.
Meanwhile, Mr Koirala, having entered into a compact with Prachanda, now finds himself riding the proverbial tiger. He can’t take on the Maoists to put a halt to their depredations. Nor can he negotiate an honourable deal with the Madhesis lest that enrage Prachanda. So he has a situation on his hands that is largely of his own making. He has tried to distance himself from the mess by letting his Home Minister, Mr Krishna Prasad Sitaula, deal with the crises, most of it instigated by the Maoists. But this has not really worked because Mr Sitaula is putty in the hands of Prachanda. Word is out in Kathmandu that Mr Koirala has left it to Mr Sitaula to pander to the demands of Prachanda so that he is not scorched by the blowback.
Of course, that’s wishful thinking. While there has been no let up in Maoist savagery, the Madhesi agitation against the oppressive ways of the current dispensation in Kathmandu has gathered strength. After clobbering the Maoists – 31 of Prachanda’s men were killed in retaliatory violence on March 21 – the mood in Madhes is upbeat. Suddenly, the Pahadis who rule Nepal from Kathmandu appear to have ceded enormous ground to the Madhesis in the Terai. This is bad news as it could mark the beginning of a clamorous demand for self-determination by half of Nepal’s population.
Mr Koirala believes he can wash his hands of the problem and blame it on others. Last weekend he met former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee to bitterly complain about the RSS and the VHP fanning the flames raging across Madhes, spread over Nepal’s southern plains. It is immaterial whether Mr Koirala’s tale has any substance or it has been scripted in South Block and cleared by AK Gopalan Bhawan. What is material is that the Government of India has failed to read the writing on the wall: Half of Nepal is up in arms against the ‘institutional democracy’ that is being propped up in Kathmandu with more than a little help from busybodies in New Delhi. If backing the Maoists in their rapacious march to Singha Durbar was strategic folly, ignoring the plight of the Madhesis is strategic disaster: It’s akin to burning the only bridge that now links India and Nepal culturally, socially and politically.
The Pahadis, among them Prachanda, disparagingly claim that many of the Madhesis – comprising Maithilis in the eastern region, Bhojpuris in the central region and Abadhis in the western region, apart from the Tharus, of the Terai – are immigrants from India who used the 1950 Treaty to settle down in Nepal’s food bowl. As evidence, they cite the rapid increase in Madhesi population: In 1954, Madhesis were 35 per cent of Nepal’s population; by 1981 they comprised 52 per cent of the population; and, according to the 2001 Census, their numbers add up to 57 per cent of the population.
It would be facetious to suggest that there has been no migration across what is an open border. Also, Pahadis have been migrating to Madhes in search of land and jobs. Even if we were to discount immigrants – both from India and the non-Terai districts of Nepal – the Madhesis would comprise at least 48 per cent of Nepal’s population and are a majority in 39 of that country’s 75 districts. These are conservative estimates. Given their demographic strength, it is only natural that the Madhesis should demand a system that ensures them appropriate representation in the proposed new regime. Instead, they have been assured of nothing, not even citizenship cards. Racial and ethnic prejudices that date back to Prithvi Narayan Shah’s 1774 campaign continue to dominate politics and policy today.
Nobody is willing to look at today’s realities, nor is there any attempt to break with the past when teaching Hindi in schools in Madhes was forbidden by decree. Mr Upendra Yadav, who heads the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum, realised that it was stupid to dream of a homogeneous Nepal and thus broke ranks with his former mentor, Prachanda. Tragically, Kathmandu’s puppet politicians are yet to realise that after derecognising Narayanhity Palace to please the Maoists, they cannot have one, united Nepal.



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A View of Madhesi Movement मधेस समस्या र आसन्न संविधानसभा

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  • 1. Nage  |  April 15, 2007 at 4:28 am

    Krishna Prasad Sitaula and Prachanda are bahun ,, you know who are they ,, they are KATTO bahun ,, bahun are always good in talk that what I know ,, Bahun Philosophy regarding KATTO is shameful in this century.
    So all KATTO bahun go and eat your own father KATTO why only you are intrested in KING KATTO because of money ,, you eat your father KATTO I buy you Elephant and give you 1 Bigha in my place …

  • 2. Son of Tirhut  |  April 15, 2007 at 3:17 pm

    Great comment Nage JI

    Jai Madhes!!!!!

  • 3. wow  |  April 18, 2007 at 8:49 am

    You two morons.

    One makes racial comment, and another says “great comment”. Go get a life, jerks.

  • 4. Nage  |  April 19, 2007 at 1:16 am

    Dude Wow , whatso ever ..

    This is a reality base judgment anyway , Can you explain why Bahun are not ready to eat there family KATTO ??, I came to know that Bahun eat King Katto only to send King soul to Haven and to make king soul peaceful with out sorrow and all dam —GUFF (there was many GUFF).
    My Question to you Wow … why only to king not to there Parent after all the parent should get that credit instead of KING .. afterall there are the one gave birth .. What you say dude??
    I have my answer .. Beacuse of Money.. that’s it and that is a so called shameful relality of 21 centure of so called BAHUN JATH–only in NEPAL

  • 5. Dev  |  April 20, 2007 at 6:34 am

    Bahun are great with out Bahun nepal cannot exist HHHHHHAAAAA

  • 6. mithila putra  |  April 20, 2007 at 2:36 pm

    great said Nage ji
    its not bahuns, its pahade bahuns
    hamro mithila raja haruko katto pani ei pahade bahun harule nai khanthe, finally hamilai nai dhoka………

  • 7. adrian  |  April 22, 2007 at 3:42 pm

    totally racist. Whoever is Nage, he/she sounds illiterate and naive. It totally does not help in reconcilliation and peace process in Nepal. It will fragment Nepal and produce ill feelinngs between different ethnic groups leading to civil war. There is no winner in civil war. There is civilised way of fighting for your right. Otherwise, selected few will benefit. Use your brain, think for yourself, do not be a ‘BHEDA’ in a mass of ‘Bhedas’

  • 8. Rakesh Chaudhari  |  April 25, 2007 at 6:47 am

    Bahuns and Chettris people took heavy bribery money and sell underground authentic Original Nepali citizenship to India marwardi, Bihari, Yadav, Singh and Musulim pepole of India.

    Now they are creating huge political, social and religious problem in Nepal.

    But Root problem of all Nepal problems are created by Bahuns and Chettris people of Nepal.

  • 9. Nage  |  April 26, 2007 at 8:26 am

    Whoever is ADRIN , he/she sounds illiterate and naive… as he totally misguide the reason behind the madeshi movement because of that he is Illiterate… and what else can you describe KATTO pratha of Mr Pahadei Bahuns.. I term thhis as a Shameless pratha .. and need to create one documentary by National Geograpic… about Pahadei Bahuns THAG of NEPAL , Shame of NEPAL. shamless with no boundary to cheat ,, THAG….

  • 10. Barahmin  |  May 5, 2007 at 5:21 pm

    Randi ko chhora madhasa ani aru haru.
    Hami brahmins aruko birodh garna.
    Aali ma mukh chhopara hagna jat.
    Yo desh tero bau haru ko ragat la pakki banana. yo sabai hamro mehanat ho.
    ta muji dhoti haru
    indian haru la samet timiharuli dekhi sahadina
    they hate you.
    you guys cant do anything an want to hide yoour inability by blaming others.
    you guys are busy selling sons and daughters(dwory)
    the terai madhesa societi is the most self centered society of the world.
    you son of bitches, cowards dont have the heart to enter politics or army and say that bahuns rule illegally. our ancestors sacrificed their blood to built this country if they didnt’ did so you dogs would be cleaning toilets at india and china.
    you are the kalanka in the name of indo- aryanic genes.

  • 11. mithila putra  |  May 5, 2007 at 9:38 pm

    oie barahmin
    tan machikne randi ko poi, pahile gayera engligh matra haina radi ko choro nepali pani ramrari bolna ra lekhna sikh, ani balla comments haru yahan rakhlas bhalu .
    eh jantho talai thaha chaina ki kya ho ki india ko adhikamsa politics is ruled by biharis. you dick machikne tero bau lai gayera sodh machikne, desh banauna hamro bau baje le kati yogdam dieyaka chan, randi tero hajurbau lai sodh machikne ki tero forefathers le kasari hami mithila/tirhaut harulai dhoka diyera hamro dedh jiteko ho,. oie machine tan machikne sanga aat cha bhane khullam khulla aaija, hamra sena harule ta timiharu biruddha war udgosh garisake, be ready and save your ass holes, you bloody ass hole.
    ani sunn oie yas blog ma comment lekhnu bhanda pahile aafno byakaran ramrari practice garera aaja bujhis oie machine ko choro

  • 12. sudeep  |  May 30, 2007 at 2:19 am

    please friends dont use such words,
    i am pahade chettri and i support the movement of madhesis,this is the outcome of centuries of oppression towards madhesis so it is justified.The character of pahadis is such that they are obligued towards indian culture (movies, songs etc.) but cant tolerate own madhesis.But please lets not disintegrate Nepal.But fight untill all citizens are equal in all aspects.

  • 13. sudeep  |  May 30, 2007 at 2:23 am

    mithila putra,i agree with what you write but yaar the language……… its so harsh,it only brings discrimination and hate among us….do you know buddha was madhesi,janak,sita……….you guys have glorious culture………please dont destroy them

  • 14. sudeep  |  May 30, 2007 at 2:35 am

    I am ashamed of BRAHMIN whoever he is, he is a shit.a narrow minded person,raised allegations without any base.dont go to past to see the contributions.u know history is always of winners and it is always twisted.let not be proud of history.Believe in today,see whats going on………is it fair?Ask yourself that had u ever respected a madhesi?I dont believe you can even respect other person.Please dont be moron racial.

  • 15. Manoj  |  May 30, 2007 at 7:24 am

    We must know what Maoists could not achieve in 10 years,
    the April movement could achieve in 20 days. Similarly
    the nonviolent protest of MPRF has achieved a lot compared to any JTMM. JTMM is following PRACHADAPATH: If someone does
    not buy your theory then go after him. This is neither good for Madhesi nor for JTMM.

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