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‘WE WANT A FREE COUNTRY, NEITHER NEPAL NOR INDIA’Jaikrishna Goit, head of the underground Janatantrik Tarai Mukti Morcha (JTMM-G), in conversation with Sankarshan Thakur

We cross the dusty border into India on a rickshaw at a location we are committed not to disclose. We are then led to a poky hotel, a stone’s throw from no-man’s-land where the leader of the main Madheshi insurgent group is holed up. The JTMM (Goit) strikes every other day somewhere in Madhesh and is high on the security’s hit list. You expect to see a raging warlord. Jaikrishna Goit is a bespectacled sexagenarian who wields history texts more often than he wields guns to justify his armed enterprise to liberate his land. The professorial revolutionary refused to be photographed but spoke at length on why he wants to secede from Nepal. Excerpts


‘We were annexed and gifted away. I want to correct that historic injustice done to the people of the Tarai’

Tehelka: Most Madheshi groups want autonomy and a stake in how Nepal is run. Why do you want liberation?

Jaikrishna Goit: Because I am another country. The Tarai was annexed by Nepal’s Pahadi rulers and then parts of it were ceded to them by the British through treaties. By the Indo-Nepal agreement of 1950, all earlier treaties stood abrogated. This is not merely in the treaty, but also a part of un documents. The Tarai should have become free then. Am I to blame if my forefathers were not vigilant or smart enough to claim back their land? Even India cannot argue against me. India signed the 1950 treaty with Nepal and it clearly states all previous treaties stand scrapped. It is simple, we are free, we should be free.

You think it’s so simple? Do you think a new country on these borders can become a reality? Will anyone accept that in this changed world?

Many countries are getting liberated, that is the changed world. And I am not seeking anyone’s acceptance, I want my country, whether anybody agrees or not. I know what you are talking about — whether Nepal will be ready, whether India will want it. The fact is I am neither Nepali nor Indian nor of Indian origin. History proves that, I have texts to establish that. I want people in Kathmandu also to make themselves aware of their real past. The people of the Tarai are a separate people, they should have their country. I may not be able to achieve that in my lifetime but that is not the point. The aspiration for liberation is there and the coming generations will get it. I belong to the Tarai, I know the only thing people want is freedom.

But you were long part of Nepali politics, you were first a communist, then you turned a Maoist, why this sudden thrust for liberation?

Because I am the most exploited and colonised person in Nepal, because I have no way of correcting that other than being completely free to determine my circumstances. Those who are negotiating autonomy are collaborators, they will never get that from the Pahadis, they will only get tokenism. That is not what we want.

How do you justify this daily bloodshed?

Even Gandhi said it is better to be violent than to be a coward. The enemies of my country have to be eliminated, there is no other way. Ram fought and killed Ravan. Krishna fought the Kauravas. Nepalis do not treat us as human beings. There is no other way of dealing with them.

Can you fight the Nepali state with arms?

Why not? Most of Nepal’s great struggles have been fought in the Tarai by the people of the Tarai. We know how to fight. The myth of Gorkha bravery is just a myth; whatever they know about battle, we taught them. Read history carefully and you will know. And we are not killing innocents, we target people.

Many of them are Tarai people, many of them are from other Madheshi groups. Some people say your struggle has degenerated into petty crime and reprisal.

The enemies of liberation have to be eliminated, no matter who they are. And those who call us criminals merely want to defame us. Do I look like a criminal to you? Don’t you see I have been pushed into a corner where I have no choice but to pick up the gun? Nobody calls the Maoists and the Young Communist League criminals. They are in government and continue to kill and commit all sorts of other crimes everyday.

Don’t you think the new Constituent Assembly might fulfil the aspirations of the Tarai people?

It will only renew the slavery of my people. Nepal has no right to conduct an election here and talk about a Constituent Assembly. We do not belong to them.

So there is no possibility you will talk?

No, I can. If they create the right atmosphere, I can go and tell them: pass legislation in parliament for an independent Tarai and we will live happily thereafter. That is all I have to say to those in Kathmandu. At the moment, there is no such atmosphere. The State and the Maoists are after us, we are running for our lives most of the time.

Do you have the strength to fight a sustained battle?

I am not saying I will achieve liberation tomorrow. We are in a movement, we are building cadres, opinion is turning towards us. An autonomous Tarai is a halfway house and you will not even get that. The only way is a complete break.

Is India protecting you?

I do not want to make any comment on that. All I can say is I am a freedom fighter and a guerrilla. And, legally speaking, India has to support the case that the Tarai was never a part of Nepal, it had only been annexed or gifted by imperial powers. That injustice has to be undone.


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The unrepentant state ‘I WILL TALK, BUT NOT TO COMPROMISE’ – Upendra Yadav

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  • 1. Son of Tirhut  |  July 9, 2007 at 3:46 am

    Goit Ji,
    I have read several article written by you which i found very strong, from then i think you the real hero of Liberated Terai.

    But what i want to ask you is “Why did Jwala Singh and Bisfot Singh split from your party?”

    What i request you is to please combine them as a single party so that the Liberation movement can be achieved. This is my humble request to you and the splitters of JTMM.

    Like you, most of the genuine madhesi wish to have have a free and independent country- Free Terai.

    Jai Madhes!!!!!

  • 2. Madhesi  |  July 9, 2007 at 11:03 am

    Divide and rule is the policy of Nepali ruler specially called Shah, Rana and KHAS Bahun. Nepali ruler has create new caste called “Madhesi”and was objective to rule the country by sidelining Madhesi People, naming as Bihari and many more like in Hindu did for Dalit. All nepali ruler(Specially KHAS BAHUN) living in Madhesh is an agent of ruler regime.
    In Nepal, people fight for their democracy/freedom three times.
    1.Naxalite Aandolan in Jhapa – Hill people in close alliance with Indian Naxlite started freedom Andolan and finally Hill specially KHAS BAHUN captured all JHAPA land of local people, Rajbansi, Tharu etc. All are now enjoying in Jhapa land as well with Nepali budget by creating new Party called UML.
    2.Second, started by BP Koirala close alliace with Indian democracy freedom fighter and Madhesi people. But when time come for freedom of Nepali people and Madhesi, joined the neck with King Mahendra. Now all koirala family and KHAS enjoying with nepali budget and everywhere.
    3. Third from Prachanda ( aka Puspa Kamal Dahal, aka Chhabi Lal Dahal) close alliance with Indian Naxalite, Madhesi, Janjati, Dalit, Tharu and now joined neck with Girija, Madav. So removed the Rana, shah and captured all territory of Nepal by KHAS BAHAN. It took long to know the real name of Prachand and exactly takes long to knows, why he(Prachanda) fight for. Is it to remove Rana, Shah and to rule Nepal by KHAS? Where is the agenda for Madhesi, Janjati, Dalit, Tharuwan etc. So don’t believe Prachanda.
    But Goit ji, also don’t forget that they are trying to divide Madhesi and in Madhesh, there are many agents for Girija, Madhav, Prachanda and is not only KHAS but Madhesi itself. So please think again and gain what “Son of Tirhut “ say. Don’t try to split, please join hand with Jwala singh and Forum or minimize conflict. I don’t know what you will get from your thought but Madhesi people will pray you, Jwala, Forum like RAM and Krishna.

  • 3. son of nepal  |  July 11, 2007 at 12:37 pm

    dear friends of terai,
    i am those type of people that u call pahade, but according to history my people came form the part that is kapilvastu,lumbini. actually now after so many generation we look like the hill people. i perfectly understand y madheshi people dislike the hill people. i have seen throughout my young life how they were not recognized as nepali but seen as outsiders. but that was then when people were less educated.not all phades r bad.even u will agree to that. two mangoes from the same tree can be sweet and sour.i am presently living with my fellow madheshi and pahade brothers in a foreign land. we think as one. we r not like those previous people. u ask for a seperate country for madheshi and also u accuse the bhauns.. but wat about the other janajatis. have they also mistreated u??. correct me if i am wrong but, according to history the ruling shahs and the so called bahuns actually came from northern india when the muslims invaded. most of the ruling class in nepal are bhauns not the local janajatis of the hills. then y u targeting the innocent hill people. if u r brave enough then target the leaders of the outfits that have looked down upon u. y the innocents??..and also the rana is the surname taken from india not nepal. in the past people were blinded by the selfish rulers that came from india. but now everything has been opened. people should try to unite not divide. and ya, even if u get independence what r the chances that u wont become like sikkim. remember the leaders u fight have come from india, not the hill region of nepal, so there is no garentee that india will let u leave in peace. even indian tamils not like other indians as they believe they were taken by force similarly, kashmir, assam ,manipur etc. so my brothers beware….a single stick can be broken by any one but as a bunch they r much stronger.
    jai nepal

  • 4. Son of Tirhut  |  July 11, 2007 at 2:29 pm

    Son of Nepal Ji,
    You have nice comment and i really appreciate you that you also know your past related to the immigrants and your ancesters becocause i know all the details of history related to Khas community and Shah and Ranas as well (Aryans).
    But can you change the history that happened with People of Terai?
    Can you remove the scarce made on the face of Madhesi by your Shah, Rana and Khasiya (Specially oppertunist Bahun and Kshetri) people. Can you manage the fully autonamy Terai having self determination decision power for the local people of Terai ?????????
    If yes then only we are ready to negotiate otherwise forgive us for the happening in present and future.

    Jai Madhes!!!!!

  • 5. son of nepal  |  July 12, 2007 at 5:08 am

    son of Trihut ji,
    history cannot be changed.but looking back at the history u can mold the future by doing something in the present. yes, madeshi needs to show there voice. i never have said that they dont. but that doesnt mean that u have to fragment. u cant remove the scar from a face but u do can heal the inner heart. if u say about the scars then lets look to our southern neighbour ,india. do u know about the revolution in punjab after the assassination of indira gandhi. how many innocent sadars were killed.i know because one of my friends family was a victim. they wanted a free country,khalisthan. but they reconciled and now they r one of the richest state in india. there is so much food and industries there. the same will happen in terai/madesh now as now they have recognition. a little more push to the government is needed. and one more thing, u havent answered my question as to why, innocent hill people r being killed.what have they done. i know some r bad but not all. r all madeshi good?? tell me has never an upper caste madeshi looked down on lower caste madeshi and mistreated them?? so in this way an upper caste madheshi and a pahade looks same from the eyes of a lower caste madheshi.
    and one more thing, plz tell me as i dont have enough information on this who r tharus. they certainly r not madheshi as they look a lot different from them. is tharuwan and madesh same???….concluding what i want to tell all is that fragmentation is not the answer.if so happens then there will be no independent terai/madesh , it will be absorbed by the southern block and there wont even be a trace left. already there is encroachment. the SSB comes to our place and bully us. they beat up all the people there.be it madeshi or pahade. if united then only we can fight them.
    jai nepal.
    PS.please leave comments. i know i dont know a lot of things but i know wat i have said above is right. dear madeshi brothers dont get fooled by wat other foreigners say. dont be a fool like all of our leaders .they r selfish asses who will give us for the chop to save their lives. once they get money then they will go.we r what we r.no one can dictate us.together we can make our voices heard.together we can stand up and get applauded from the world.WE NEED TO FIND A LEADER WHO WILL DIE FOR US,NOT THE ONE WHO EXPECTS US TO DIE FOR HIM/HER.
    jai nepal

  • 6. rehan  |  August 6, 2009 at 7:57 am


  • 7. sumit kumar yadav  |  October 27, 2009 at 1:07 pm

    jai madhesh bloodshed is the only way to get freedom in todays nepal so goit ji go on with your revolution we are wiyh you

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