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Our attention has been drawn towards a statement issued in the name of home minister Krishna Prasad Sitaula which has served an ultimatum to the entire agitating Madhesis’ groups to come for talks with the State well within a fortnight or face grave consequences.

Statement is a statement only. Nothing to argue. However, when a statement appears for public consumption loaded with threat or intimidation aimed at a particular sect or tribe, then the said avowal creates more problems that it should have been the otherwise. Thus the stern announcement of the home ministry made July 14 is sure to boomerang on the government if not handled with care.

Instead of serving the harsh warning to the agitating Madhesi groups the government should have come up with an appeal to the agitating groups to come for talks. At times, mere expression attached with love and honor does miracles more so in politics. However, this was not forthcoming from the government side and thus what is for sure is that the government’s warning might not serve the objective but instead could take a different political dimension that might not be even in the imagination of the powers that are housed in the ruling corridors.

The warning served to the Madhesi groups might bounce back and hit the government hard for the following reasons.

Firstly, the manner of inviting the agitating groups is unacceptable and thus demands a correction in its wordings.

Secondly, the government has served a sort of ultimatum to those who claim that they have already formed their own government in their territories.

Thirdly, the government has asked or let’s say, for example, ordered the agitating groups to come for a dialogue as if they were non-political entity. The fact is that the agitating and the disgruntled groups in Terai/Madhesh are equipped with the same weapons what the Maoists have had while they were in the jungles.

Fourthly, the agitating groups might dishonor the government warning for they already know that who has invited them for talks? They know that home minister Sitaula is more closer to the Maoists than to his own mother party-the Nepali Congress.

This leads to the sixth point.

Since the home minister has made the declaration in a language that is more often than not spoken by the Maoists as regards the Madhesi groups thus what is for sure is that neither the government would yield to the Madhesi demands in an easy manner nor the Madhesis would, even if they attend the talks, settle for less.

This again leads us to ponder over what the other day a prominent Maoists leader, Chandra Prakash Gajurel-a Brahmin-said of the agitating Terai leaders. In effect, Gajurel said that the government must not invite them for talks but instead dub them as illegitimate force and strike hard. Thus this point constitutes to the seventh point.

Eighthly, yes! The government would have done so what it has done now some two months back when the Madhesi forces were not well equipped and better organized to fight with the State led forces. However, the government missed the bus and has served this ultimatum at a time when and if the entire Madhesi forces come closer for even a single minute; they can create havoc in the entire Terai thus facilitating the way for the country’s disintegration.

Now the government has only two choice left with it: either to use force as suggested by the Maoists or invite the agitating parties and listen to their genuine grievances so that they too feel and conclude that Nepal also belonged to them both in letter and spirit.

If the government goes for the first harsh option, the country might slowly proceed towards the unimaginable. But if the second choice is adopted the country might be saved from being disintegrated. This is for sure.

The invitation for talks has already become pretty late. It is late because the agitating parties in Terai have already held a secret meeting in adjoining Bihar wherein the Madhesis leaders are supposed to have even gone to the extent of a suitable and competent leader who could be selected to steer the entire Madhesh as the new country’s President.

In a Democracy, if it is a democracy in effect-the option for the use of force is almost rejected. Democracy believes in arriving at consensus, compromises and give and take that satisfied the ego of both the State and the conflicting parties.

Use of force or even the threat of the use of force would only push the nation to a precipice. The State’s use of excessive force might encourage the Madhesi leaders to pounce upon the Pahade inhabitants in the areas to what they call Madhesh. Some Pahades have reportedly been already told to leave their area of residence in Madhesh. Any action taken by the government against the sentiments of the Madhesh and its leaders might boomerang on the State in an indirect manner. King Gyanendra lost his battle because of the use of force. If he can fail then who the hell is the handpicked home minister Sitaula-presumed to be a dubious politico whose extraneous connections were yet to be ascertained? Girija’s over dependency on this immature NC activist will one fine morning land the PM itself in Himalayan trouble. Take it for granted. Wisdom would demand that Koirala sacked this non-entity prior to the talks with the Madhesi groups or his continuation in the current post is sure to create panic and havoc in the nation in the days ahead. It’s Girija’s time to act and save the nation from being disintegrated. The message should be loud and clear and the message is stop playing “suicidal” games.


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