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In my personal opinion, things are getting more and more complicated each day.There has not been a single day wherein some groups might not have raised separate and even at times mind boggling issues to which they conclude were the best, at least for those who dare to raise the issues.What is interesting of it all, the Madhesi Janadhikar Forum led by Upendra Yadav has suddenly caught the neck of the sitting parliamentarians and has said such a thing that, if brought into action, all the interim MPs will automatically come to the foot path where they belonged to prior to the King “illegally” restored parliament last year in April. The fact is that the people at large though in a subdued voice had been saying as to what is the need to have such a “white elephant” in vogue after all when most of the MPs do not even attend to the normal sessions of the parliament?  To come to the point, the fresh talks between the MJF and the government concluded inconclusively the moment the MJF leader Upendra Yadav demanded that the current interim parliament be summarily dissolved for good.This demand was no less than a bombshell to all those who have been amassing wealth out of the ongoing session of the parliament which perhaps has nothing more than issuing “directives” to the government which have gone summarily ignored. Minister Poudel-the chief negotiator from the government side , however, listening to such an unexpected demand coming as it did from the MJF was taken aback for some time but then he managed his “composure” after a few minutes and assured the other party that this demand would have to be forwarded to the Eight Party Alliance. “I can’t decide such a proposal on my own”, is what Poudel said.Sources close to the Forum say that the MJF demand for the dissolution of the interim parliament could not be finalized in today’s meet for lack of proper homework from the side of the government team, so said B.P.Yadav of the Forum this Sunday.This is not all, Upendra Yadav has been demanding the head of the Home Minister K.P.Sitaula and says that Sitaula must be held responsible for the killing of some forty five plus precious lives in the Terai/Madhesh.  Question thus arises, if the King killed 19 plus people’s movement last year and the penal action that he received for his misadventure that is there for all to see, how Sitaula who is presumed to have killed some close to hundred precious lives (through his negligence) be taken by the otherwise vocal civil society members?They have not spoken so far because it is the Madhesis who have been killed in the process so why should they speak in their favor? Add to this the poor Pahade residents in Madhesh too have been killed. However, the killings in Terai, whether it be of the Madhesis or of Pahades-both sons of the same soil- has perhaps no meaning for the Pahade Rulers in Kathmandu. When their own relatives will be killed, God forbid, then they will come to their senses.


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Violence in the Terai Region and the Madhesi Movement: Prospects for Peace in Nepal Madhes Is In Search Of A Strong Political Leadership – Hridayesh Tripathi

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