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Girija Prasad Koirala’s Prime Minister Ship has become very costly for the nation. How much the nation will have to pay in the days ahead with his continuation in power will have to be watched.

It is altogether a matter of conjecture indeed that as and when this politico is in power, the nation has been subjected to various sorts of troubles, some man made and other the natural disasters.

For example, the incessant down pour this monsoon has already taken its toll. The entire Terai or say Madhesh is submerged in water and the Eight Party Alliance leaders either have no time to listen to the plights of the Madhesis or been simply ignoring the issue for petty gains in the power structure. Some leaders are even touring to “foren” countries. Shame on them…..

Be that as it may, some Madhesi outfits are in a mood to secede with the nation-state while the EPA leaders remain comfortable in Kathmandu and quarrelling for their personal/ political gains.

No wonder then Jwala Singh alias Nagendra Paswan the other day-to be precise on Friday last-was blunt in his talks with the media when he summarily told the attending media participants that his “Jan Tantrik Terai Morcha-JTTM-will not allow the conduct of the impending Constituent Assembly polls until the entire Terai is declared what he called an “Independent Terai State”.

“Neither will we settle for less nor we would allow the CA polls to happen”, is what Jwala Singh told the reporters.

In a threat loaded warning Jwala Singh roared, “If the government gears up for the CA polls with the support of the Nepal Army and the Police, it would do so at the cost of sacrificing hundreds and thousands of Pahade rulers”.

This is not all.

Look what he bluntly says, “if the Kathmandu rulers go ahead with the CA polls, the JTTM which has already managed a Terai Army with the numerical strength of some 20, 000 plus were ready to face the Nepal army and the Police recruited by the Kathmandu government”.

“The Madhesi Liberation Army was ready to fight with the Pahade Army(ies) in order to liberate the Terai from Nepal”, Jwala Singh thundered.

This should mean that Nepal as a nation-state is very close to a vertical and horizontal split if things as they stand today were not handled with “proper care”.

He also clearly indicated that until and unless there is the declaration made officially that Terai is now an independent state, talks were impossible with the rulers in Kathmandu 

How the Pahade government in Kathmandu including those of the Maoists takes up this formidable challenge, as it is by all accounts, coming as it does from Jwala Singh will have to be carefully watched.

Interestingly, Jwala Singh’s threat loaded statement has come a day ahead of Indian Ambassador Shiv Shanker Mukherjee’s warning served to the Pahade rulers in Kathmandu that “no excuse will be accepted if the polls do not happen on the scheduled dates”.

Ambassador Mukherjee’s some what arrogant warning to this nation has not been taken in good tastes by the nationalist Nepalese who visibly are in a minority.

God bless Nepali nationalism….

Mr. Jwala Singh apparently met the Nepali pressmen in the adjoining areas of Nepal-India border close to Biratnagar.

With Mr. Singh’s blunt statement the possibility of the talks in between the State and the Madhesi outfit has been summarily capped.



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  • 1. Ashutosh Shrivastav  |  August 19, 2007 at 5:24 pm

    The much disturbed and afraid of the upcoming CA polls—Maoists are once again playing their worst strategy to divide country into 11 states. Kantipur states that the state committees are Seti-Mahakali, Thauruwan, Bheri-Karnali, Magaraat, Tamuwaan, Tambashaling, Newa , Madhesh, Kirat, Limbhuwaan and Kochila. The Madhesh state has been further divided into Mithila, Bhojpura and Awadh sub-state committees. These “hovering minds” –I wonder—when will be able to know that Madhesh disintegration can be disastrous for Nepal. Nepal—a country that barely exists in the map—has already been unstructured by these silent terrorists acting as the political wing. Prachanda—a person who is the chief of a terrorist group proposed to structure the country in different states. The previous zones used by these terrorists are in the abolition stages. These separation of states appears the Maoist strategy to divide the country into communal regions. The names are derived from the races and languages of Nepal. Is Nepal ready for another disintegration at a time where people are fighting for inches of land. Does Nepal really need these communal regions? Disintegration of Madhesh and Pahad was a different issue, and a much needed demand of time. Prachanda—the dreamer to be the president—is likely to succeed in this proposal, looking at the dumbness of Nepalese, and terrorist threat. What questions me is why Madhesh is FURTHER DIVIDED INTO THREE STATES. As it is obvious, these terrorists are threatened by the Madhesh power that they never dreamt of. I am sure; these Maoists must be repenting to what they did to Terai. The power of Madhesh truly became existent causing the Maoist power to diminish. Seeing the losing control over Maoists, unable to grasp—Prachanda proposed this disintegration of Madhesh. Madheshis wherever you are, this is a serious issue. People talk about disintegration only when they are scared of the power of unity. Do not let the terrorist’s dream come true. This can lead to further devastation.


  • 2. subhash  |  August 20, 2007 at 1:05 am

    hey asutosh
    keep it up mate, we need more writes, please keep writing, and lets keep encouraging more madhesis write on these issues, and lets make more people aware and more attracted towards the national politics


  • 3. Son of Tirhut  |  August 20, 2007 at 3:26 pm

    Hi Madhesi Brothers,
    It’s really nice to have comment from Ashutosh Shrivastava. We should not forget that Prachanda Baoun (Khasiya brahmin) is the one who stated to suppress the Madhesi movement using Royal army and his Dogla army. And not only that see the Chure Bhawar seen at the back door of madhesi movement. Our 40 brother died from the bullet of these people still nothing done and see just by simple appeal the single pahade killed by our heroes was declared as martyr. Just 10% pahade are ruling over 90 Madhesi people. So Do you like to accept their rule and do you still wish to be their slave?

    If not then we must bypass the CA election unless the minimum demands by MPRF are fullfilled. And by any means we must aid pro Madhesi fighters like ………….

    Commmon rise up Madhesi brothers………

    Jai Madhes!!!!!

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