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TGW Analyst

Give it any name.

The fact is that Nepal as a nation-state is today in a very very “bad shape” politically speaking.

The political leaders’ belonging to different political shades, the bureaucracy, the state authorities at the decision making levels plus the civil society members and the media too have contributed their negative efforts in bringing the country to this ugly shape.

The media too can’t escape the blame.

The country which was once revered as the land of peace sans peace. Believe it.

Each and every segment of the society has come to the streets pushing their demands, at times fiercely. Each group demands autonomy for themselves. The State under Koirala has so far remained unable to address their genuine grievances and has been dilly-dallying the negotiation with the agitated section of the society concluding that a time will soon come when the agitation will itself subside.

Koirala and his team are mistaken then. It is not so this time. Take it for granted.

The daddy of them all, to boot, has been the fresh “warning” served by Jwala Singh alias Nagendra Paswan to the entire Hill origin government officials currently working in Terai/Madhesh to quit Madhesh by this Thursday August 30th.

This is not only dangerous but possesses the seed for a sort of possible “retaliation” from the other camp which has so far exhibited their utmost restraint in order to maintain the time tested “communal harmony” in between the people of Hill origin and the rest residing in Terai/Madhesh.

A close look at what Jwala Singh has said to the people of the Hill origin through a daily today morning does indicate that he and his front possess immense hatred for those who were not Madhesis.

But why is this hatred? One fails to understand Mr. Singh’s inner psychology.

We were living like brothers till the other day and why all of a sudden he has this much of hatred for the people belonging to the Hills?

Yes! The Kathmandu rulers more often than not neglected the Terai. Yes! The more or less Pahade rulers in Kathmandu exploited the Terai population under one pretext or the other. The outburst is to some extent desirable but not admirable.

Mr. Singh’s threat loaded warning is pushing the country to an endless civil war.

Whether the rulers in Kathmandu have read Mr. Singh’s warning or not but what is for sure is that by Wednesday evening the entire Terai will be abandoned by the government officials whom Singh has considered as his prime target. After all no sane person would wait for the wrath.

The gravity of the situation thus could well be read from the stern warning served to the Pahades by Mr. Singh.

Then what is the solution? Military option?

Perhaps this option might further aggravate the situation that still not slipped out of hands.

What next then?

Talks and talks only.

The manner Mr. Singh has expressed his frightening views does hint that he concludes that the Kathmandu rulers have given little or no attention to his demands.

If so, minister Poudel should be penalized as to what the hell he has been doing all along these months? Has he not taken his ministerial salaries?
He should have invited Mr. Singh for talks unconditionally. There is no option left with him and the government he represents. The talkative and the lazy Brahmin…..
Said one analyst this morning to me, where there is no “peace”, there exist a ministry for peace. What a cruel joke indeed. The best joke of the week indeed by all standards.

I would go in for suggesting the lame-duck Koirala regime to act fast before it is too late.

If it is today Jwala Singh serving ultimatums to Hill origin people residing or working in the Terai, tomorrow others might follow suit and thus a chain of events would eventually force the entire Nepalese of Hill origin to evacuate the entire Terai for fear of being penalized summarily.

Act fast! Are you listening Koirala? Your lackluster posture is pushing the country for an unprecedented disintegration. Mind it, time is running out.

Let the communal harmony not disturbed. Listen to Jwala, Goit and the Tigers or else face the music. After all they too were the sons of the same soil and thus they deserve every right to push their demands. However, modestly speaking, the demands be put not in a frightening manner. Consider this as an appeal from our side.

That’s all.


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  • 1. Son of Tirhut  |  August 28, 2007 at 9:20 am

    That’s right!!!!!!!!!
    The fact is full of government offices in terai are filled by only and only Khasiya brahmins and kshetris. We “Madhesi” are no where and whereever we are, we are like a mouse. This is perfect time to achieve our goal.

    Jai Madhes!!!!!

  • 2. Nepali Pandit  |  August 31, 2007 at 2:03 pm

    Why does this writer keep saying ‘That’s all’ all the time?

  • 3. SS  |  September 2, 2007 at 4:34 pm

    Are u madeshis behind the blast that happened in Kathmandu today? if yes, Im going to kill to all.

  • 4. subhash  |  September 3, 2007 at 12:14 am

    i think i know you mr SS
    tapai jasto higly educated, and experienced, able to what to and how to say things on what time, le aaja mero mann chot pareko cha. yesto uttejanak shabda haru prayog garda shanti haina bipachi lai jhan himsatmak banauna madat pryaucha.
    blog ko comment ma name change garepani, words haru untimely use garnu ramro haina.
    any ways madhesi ko ke huncha ta samay le nai dekhaucha, tara ma jasta mancheharu (i m proud to say i m a madhesi) le sadhai tapaijasta pahadi haruko bhalai nai chahi rahanecha.
    nepal phulos falos, gorkha bazar ma train pugos, tara always remember help yourself by helping your people. think with broad mind. think karnali. think saptari.
    lets try maintaing harmony between the pahadis and madhesis by commenting positivesly, and not aggressively.
    baki kura ma ko ho bhanera tapai le chinnu bhayo bhane pachi sangai baserai garaula, but please if my glass is half empty, be able to say it’s half full.

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