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Kathmandu: One after another dangerous political twist is being provided by our “nonsense” politicians who have failed to understand the inner feelings and the desires of the masses more so living in the Terai belt of this country.

Though the event might apnepear to be of lesser significance, however, if the “trend” that has already begun to surface in the country’s already troubled politics if not handled in a judicious way, might facilitate the “disintegration” of the country as a whole.

The resignation tendered by the Madheshi parliamentarians in a sizeable number together with one minister from the Nepali Congress is a dangerous signal which calls upon the fast attention of the ruling elites who so far only “lured” the Madheshi agitators by having “talks” only and doing nothing as per the “agreements” signed in between the State and the agitators.

Minister Ram Chandra Poudel’s inept handling of the ever escalating Terai crisis and Prime Minister Koirala’s complete indifference exhibited at the Madhesis genuine and rightful demands must be held responsible for what encouraged and prompted the Madheshi leaders and ministers to resign from their posts citing that the seven party alliance, the parliament and the government all brushed aside their grievances and thus the need to form yet another Madhesis “liberation” front.

Unimaginable though it may appear, Mahant Thakur, a NC high ranking leader who was a minister of Science and Technology in Koirala’s cabinet till Monday morning had to resign not only from his ministerial post but he opted even to abandon the party’s ordinary membership for the cause of the Madhesis and the people living in Terai or what is now called Madhesh.

Analysts can presume the inner feelings of minister Thakur that he must have felt while resigning from a party for which he served for more than five decades. However, he has had to resign keeping in mind that unless pressed hard, the ruling elites in Kathmandu would not listen to the Madhesis’ problems and issues.

Frankly speaking, the current spree of the resignation by the Madheshi leaders is an out come of the government’s sheer neglect to the Terai issues and problems.

All that the Terai/Madhesh want is a distinct identity of their own that they have and an equitable share in the power structure of the State at all the levels which so far they have been denied, save a few exceptions.

Now that they have begun tendering their resignation, analysts claim that such resignations will come en masse in the days ahead. The major political parties who are ruling the roost in the current set up will definitely lose their parliamentarians, party members and the likes in the days ahead and definitely will join the Front now under the command of the former NC leader, Mahant Thakur- in order to strengthen the voice of the said Front which is, the front members claim, aimed at securing judicious treatment from the State to their compatriots in Madhesh.

Analysts here claim that though a design was there for the formation of such a Front as back as some nine months, however, the designers of such a front had been lacking a perfect leader who could lead such a front.

Though minister Thakur was approached several times by some of the champions of this front that was still in an embryonic form, he declined to chair the Front forwarding certain plausible reasons.

However, Thakur got pretty annoyed with the treatment made to him by none less than the Vice President of the Nepali Congress Sushil Koirala upon the return from his fresh trip to Delhi.

Vice President Koirala reportedly told Thakur that “his meetings in Delhi with some unwanted Indian leaders forced the party to suspect his political credentials”. Junior Koirala at the same time demanded resignation from Home Minister Sitaula.

This was perhaps enough for minister Thakur to quit the post both from the ministry and from the party as well. Thakur is now a wounded Lion. But then yet since Thakur is a matured politician and thus what is expected of him is that he would not tear apart the nation into two halves.

The resignations thus tendered by some MPs and party members from practically all the major political parties must have jolted the parties concerned- that lost their die-hard party members.

Save the Maoists party, the RPP, the NC and the UML plus the NSP-A all have lost their faithful cadres and party managers. It must have come as a bolt from the blue to the parties whose senior leaders have said good-bye to their mother institutions.

This is not all. The final shock is yet to come which is perhaps in the pipeline when the rest of the Madheshi leaders will en masse resign to swell the strength of the Front under Mahant Thakur.

Take it for granted, the formation of this Front will change the entire political scenario for a variety of explainable and in explainable political reasons.

How the government takes up the issue will have to be watched?

Fortunately, the Front members have disclosed that they will not seek the disintegration of the nation-state but instead demand an autonomous region for the Madheshi population who will have the right to chart their own future through their own government, parliament and above all the judiciary. But what if the State exhibits its reluctance? Add to this what if some “interested alien quarters” tap this Front which would be imaginably a “formidable” force and use it as yet another “trump” card?

Interestingly, this front has come into existence just two weeks after Koirala indicated that if India wanted, the Terai crisis would be sorted out in minutes.

Further astonishing is that this Front under seasoned a patriotic Nepali leader, Mahat Thakur has come into being a week after one weekly in Nepal exposed the RAW designs in Nepal. Is it is mere conjecture? Keep on guessing.

Since Koirala has compounded the already complicated politics of this country, he should pack up and retire from politics. Earlier the better or else “disintegration” of the nation-state is round the corner



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  • 1. pramod  |  December 12, 2007 at 8:31 am

    well regarding this recent event i would like to add that this en-masse resignation from different parties belonging to the madhes and terai raises a serious question mark on the three major political parties .
    they are in the cross roads and now they have to make clear that whether they really were unable to solve the major problems so that their parliamenterians had to resign
    why did they turn deaf ear to their grievances
    and now expectations are that soon more madhesi leaders from different parties will jump on this wandwagon

    so good luck girija babu, makune and prachanda
    cause this may bring new polarisatiion
    and blabbering that it is done by foreign forces will be not taken care of atleast in terai and by real nepali people who know the politics in real mean and are far from mahendra nationalism

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