Terai factor and CA poll

January 16, 2008 at 2:08 pm 1 comment

Terai factor and CA poll


Kathmandu : Give it any name. The inner reality is that the country has been left to decay both vertically and horizontally.

Analysts presume that the roaring voices made by the seven party leaders in Kathmandu in front of the “hired” audience and “spectators” will have less impact in the agitated Terai or say Madhesh.

To the extent that one of the seasoned and dedicated Nepali Congress leader of the not so distant past has categorically stated in no uncertain terms that the “Nepalese” officials serving the Nepal government in Terai/Madhesh must embrace what he called “peaceful” departure from Madhesh or else “face grave consequences”.

Mahanta Thakur, a modest personality till the other day while in the Nepali Congress suddenly dissociated himself with the word Nepal and the Nepalese without telling his audience that whether he was himself a Nepali or not?

In saying so, Thakur must have carefully imagined the would-be repercussions of his use of the word “quit the Nepali officials from Terai/Madhesh.

Analysts remain askance as to why Thakur said so? Who made him to say so? Which force on earth is handling him and forcing him to dissociate himself and his colleagues as well from the word Nepal and the Nepalese?

The gist is that Terai has gone out of the hands of the Pahade ruling elites. Take it for granted that henceforth the Terai/Madhesh population will cast their votes on “communal” lines, if elections happen at all.

Rest assured that the ruling parties in alliance have not only minimized the issue of the Madhesh but also neglected their enormous role in nation building task. Thus it is not for nothing that the Terai/Madheshi leaders are angry with the ruling establishment mainly dominated by what the Madhesis call “Pahades” or “Pahadiayas”.

But the story does not end here.

What is also for sure is that the current Madhesi leaders who are angry with the “Pahadiayas” can’t escape the blame. A share of the ignorance or say negligence exhibited towards the Kathmandu rulers towards the issues of Terai-Madhesh in the past must be taken by the Madhesis themselves.

The fact is that at different intervals of Nepal’s ministerial history, the Madhesi leaders who have jumped to the political scene with a penchant of becoming the Messiah of the Madhesh and the Madhesis too were the ministers and by extension, a part of the ruling elites stationed in Kathmandu.

Add to this the fact that while they were in power, the Madhesi issue did not pinch them. When they were in the “power corridors”, the Terai issue did not come to haunt them. What is also for sure is that the leaders who amassed wealth to an astronomical amount while in power never raised the issues of the Madhesh for reasons best known to them only.

For example, Hridayesh Tripathi, J.P.Gupta, Sarvendra Nath Shukla, and Mahanta Thakur, assumed the post of ministers a dozen of times in the recent past. Why did not they push the issue for which they have now quit their mother parties while in power?

The questions could well be stretched further but with no impact or whatsoever on the Messiah of the Madhesh. Can any body among the ones who have quit their party posts say as to how many schools they made for the people from their ministerial earning? Can any one of these leaders announce to a larger audience that they individually established health posts or even made a well for the societal consumption? Can any one of them tell to their own voters back in their home constituencies that they have fought against the caste discriminations that are so rampant in the Terai? Can any one tell that why they not even uttered a single word when Sita Devi of Rupnagar, Saptari district was severely beaten by the community there framing so many allegations against her? Poor Sita Devi!

To boot, can the higher caste echelons of the newly formed Terai/Madhesh party sit together with the low castes at a village feast with what are taken as untouchables-the Domes and the Chamars? Perhaps the caste factor would not allow to them all to “mix” with those whom these leaders conclude that they were born inferior. The Terai leaders would do well if they diminish the caste structure and allow the “inferiors” to mix with the higher ones.

And above all, why the Susta issue does not pinch their hearts? After all the Pahades are fighting for Susta in order to make a place for our own Madhesi brothers and sisters-the real Nepalese heart and soul?

Is Susta only a political stunt? Perhaps not. The fact is that India has encroached upon our lands and has forced the Sustaites-the land that belonged to our Madhesi sisters and brothers living there.

Now coming back to the Madhesi issue again, what become pretty clear is that the Madhesi leaders have point blank said that “there is no ground to participate in a CA poll that does not guarantee the rights for the people of Madhesh.

The message is loud and clear for the ruling elites in Kathmandu.

Mr. Thakur has even told his people that if the Madhesh participated in the up coming polls would even curtail the rights what at present the people of Madhesh are enjoying.

This caps the possibility of the CA poll happening in the Terai or say Madhesh.

What is also clear by default is that if the leaders in Madhesh take part in the poll would mean that India favored the conduct of the CA election in Nepal and vice versa.

So all put together, the Madhesi leaders appear adamant in their stances. They demand their rights which are genuine indeed to a greater extent. The worsening Terai situation, expected to worsen more in the days ahead as the dates for the poll would approach nearer and nearer, might push the polls into an indefinite uncertainty.

The Kathmandu’s Pahade rulers would do well to convince the Terai leaders to participate in the up coming polls or else face grave consequences. Act fast or else face the consequences. Thakur, Yadav and Mahato will not settle for less this time around.

In what form the situation worsens is any body’s guess? Come January 19, the situation perhaps will be made clearer and clearer.



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Nepal’s Terai calls for mature leadership Just do it

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  • 1. ramesh  |  January 17, 2008 at 6:13 am

    mahanta thakur,rajendra mahato and G.P.yadav, Hrideyesh tripathi are all oppurtunists……..Jwalas and goits are better then these oppurtunists…..

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