Current updates from Nepal

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Current updates from Janakpur, Nepal – Date 18 Feb 2008

Dear friends,

As you all knows, now I am in Nepal & here now I am updating you all the current condition of Madhesh.

Now we all know that from last 6 days, whole Madhesh is Bandh. This Bandh affects the normal life in the whole part of Madhesh. Whole parts of Madhesh are now full Julus, Naras…. They have also make Tala Bandhi in all Government office in all parts of Madhesh, here also Jharap with police. This time not too much people are participating in this strikes.. Only party workers are taking parts.polce are miss-using their powers. This time Bandh affect also shown in Jhapa, Dang, Kailali, Rupendehi etc..

Due to this strikes in Pahari places, there is no Petrol, diesel, gas. So many school, office, hotel, restaurant, industries, buses, taxi etc are going to close due to lack of these things…. Also price of daily uses materials also increases by 50 percent. They are also getting suffer from this strikes.

Also in several parts Madhesh there are clashes between Police and protesters. In the many places Police are miss-using their powers. Day by day they are showing their forces to the Madhesi Peoples. Curfew is in all parts & major cities of Madhesh today..

Few updates:

· On 17th Feb, in Jaleshwar, Police did Laathi Charge to the Madheshi peoples, who are doing peaceful andolan. In the Police firing one person died, nearly 30 injured in that 10 are in serious conditions. curfew continues from last two days.

· On 17th Feb, in Nepalgunj, also in Police firing two Mahdeshi people died. According to the people from Nepalgunj, Police directly shooted at the people, in which these people lost their lives & many of people are injured in that place. Curfew continues in that place.

· In Janakpur normal news, from last few days. Here serial blasts have been made by few Madhesi Armed Group but that have not effect any person normal life. Today here in anadhom/Julus- police firing two women bathing in ganga sagar has been injured by police bullets.

· Also normal news is from Sapatari, Sarlahi, Morang, Rautahat, Bara…… here only clashes between Police and Protesters. Bandh continues in these places also.

· In Siraha big Tension between between Police & Protesters, police use to do escorting buses & trucks. So clashes happen in Golbazar, Mirchaiya, Lahan. Where many peoples injured in that. They have also burned Night buses & many vehicles in that place, many people are injured in that. In Golbazar Curfew continue from last two days.

· In Parsa & Bara also big Tension between between Police & Protesters, police use to do escorting buses & trucks. So, clashes happen between many places. In Birgunj, police went to hospital wards & their they did Laathi charge to the patients, for that doctors & hospital staffs have make strike against police force. Forum students have also burnt VAT office in Birgunj.

Jai Madhesh…

Thanks and Regards,

Vijay Kumar Sah
Vice-President, AIMSA


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