Independent Terai talks

March 14, 2008 at 2:43 am 2 comments

Independent Terai talks

– Salik Shah

‘Goit’ dreams

I don’t think Terai should be an independent state. I don’t think there should be any independent states in Nepal. As for the right to self-determination and regional autonomy is concerned, Nepal is already moving in that direction. In one interview, Pradip Giri said most of the people, including those who are raising demands for federalism, are not fully aware of what regional autonomy and self-determination meant.

Giri insisted that the two demands won’t disintegrate the country or pose threat to our sovereignty. However, the way Koirala rejected any chances of talks with the armed agitating groups in Terai is, of course, infuriating. But I guess he is right that all the demands of Terai have been, at least, ‘recognised’ (if not fulfilled yet) by the concerned parties through the recent deals with the Madhesi parties.

Now Goit should understand that their ‘independence dream’ will only lead to bloodbath. I don’t think Pahadi people should get ‘work permit’ to live and work in Madhes. Even if he is not directed by India, I wonder if the old man and the likes are driven by a desire to ‘avenge’.

I don’t want to say but I feel we should have completely eliminated Maoists a long time ago. They have infested the whole system. “But they’ve contributed so much!” Bullshit. The human cost is too much for their utopian state. And I believe the Maoists have already failed. They lost their war when they joined this ‘illegitimate’ parliament not once but twice.

Sadly Goit isn’t a Nepali, because he doesn’t consider himself to be. What’s use talking about nationality and patriotism with a ‘foreigner’ then? Prachanda only make me shun the Maoists. Look at the stupid presidential ads. Isn’t it a serious and offending joke? Unfortunately, Goit and other lunatics are also taking the wrong path to ‘power’. All of these politicians are opportunists. I don’t believe they are doing anything for the people or the country. Because they don’t seem to- but yes they act as if they want to. Prachanda is right we know who sold Mahakali and blah blah, but he doesn’t know we know him better than anyone else.

I think the Madhesi parties should bring the armed agitating groups in Terai Goit to the negotiating table. If they are really ‘Madhesi’ parties, then I think it’s their foremost duty to resolve Madhesi problem. I guess the armed groups have a face to save. I’m very impressed by the way Mahantha Thakur led the recent Madhesi andolan. I’ve started to ‘trust’ him. Let’s hope he won’t cheat Madhesi people like other ‘Pahadiyaas’ who were born in Madhes but don’t even deserve to be called Madhesi. But you never know what will happen in politics.

Leaders don’t build a nation. People do. So, let’s start working for a new Nepal. I think, a strong nation built on the foundation of love, friendship, communal harmony and religious tolerance is what every Nepali longs and should long for.



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  • 1. Son of of Tirhut  |  March 14, 2008 at 3:05 pm

    Shalik ji,
    You have presented your article in anice way, but the poits Goit Ji has, is much stronger than anyone else has. These armed groups are our backup in extreme condition.

    If possible please convey these stupis madhesi leaders to come to negootiation for the forth comming CA election.

    Jai Madhes/Tharuhat/Terai !!!!!

  • 2. aAkaR  |  March 17, 2008 at 12:51 pm

    yeah,yeah,independent terai talks but somewhere it sucks……..that’s all …..

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