One Madhes : One State , How Relevant

March 17, 2008 at 5:41 pm 13 comments

One Madhes : One State , How Relevant

– Sujit Thakur

There are lots of talk round the corner regarding this topic. people are talking non stop and as obvious lots of thoughts are pouring in. There are people who demand for “One madhes: one state” while there are people who strongly oppose this demand while there is a moderate group of people who neither support nor oppose the demand.The million dollar question is ” Is this a relevant demand”? here I would like to investigate this issue, hope I will conclude it honestly.Nepal is a small country with a population of about 30 million. Basically people of two different races are found in Nepal. one is of aryan race being called as Madhesis and other being of Mangolian Race being reffered as Pahade. while both this groups are roughly equal to each other in number , the participation of madhesis in State machinery has been far lesser than of pahade. This eneqaulity is bound to invite tussle which ultimately has been the case in recent time. Now madhesis are demanding their due right which they can not be denied by any means.When Nepal is gearing up to adopt a federal democratic system , the issues raised by Madhesi community has to be sorted out with dignity to avoid any sort of unstability. People in madhesh has been deprieved of many state facillities over years and now they feel they should be participating in every activities equally with their pahade counterparts. The demand of One madhes one Pradesh is nothing but it is a major loop forward to ensure the rights of madhesis would be preserved. Madhesis have been feeding entire Nepal for hundreds of years, they are the biggest tax payers and the biggest revenue generator for the state, while the rulers have never thought of seriously investing any state fund for development of Madhesh. During the rainy season, almost entire Madhesh remains under flood while Pahade rulers enjoy their time in Kathmandu. So If madhesis have decided to ensure their future themselves by forming a Single autonomous state of madhesh then they should be granted that to avoid any confrontation in future.Those who are opposing this demand often put a very funny logic that madhesh has been inhabited by different castes and communities of people so that can not be a single state. Nepal is a country of different castes, religion, ethnicity, if it can be a single nation then why not Madhes a single state?Madhesi leaders should not bow down to any pressure exerted by pahadi leaders(Who all are very corrupt and power loving traitors for the country), they are doing so only to ensure their supremacy. Madhesi leaders have now got a greater responsibility of ensuring people’ right in a dignified manner, they should make sure that the number of constituencies for centre have to be decided in such a way that each and every voter will have an equal electoral right.



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  • 1. lakpa  |  March 18, 2008 at 6:06 am

    Don’t blame all pahadias, blame only pahadia bahun at present moment. Other ethnic pahadias are also equally deprived like madhes in pahadi.

  • 2. aAkaR  |  March 18, 2008 at 12:28 pm

    “One madhes: one state” I strongly oppose this demand…..Inform you that there are 50% madhesi & 50% pahade in Terai.And both includes, bahun,dalit,janajati etc… Nepal is a country of different castes, religion, ethnicity, if it can be a single nation then why not Madhes a single state?……. it’s a crap and very funny,how would you compare whole country Nepal with Terai ??? Is it comparable issue ?? …… Also your writing tries to show that there are no pahade people who does farming in terai,and they doesnot belongs to terai……. what should be said,where in the early begining of this post you have done a blunder mistake by saying:”one is of aryan race being called as Madhesis and other being of Mangolian Race being reffered as Pahade.” …… what a crap that Mangolian race are Pahade.Do you have any proof about it ??? But you can say,Tamang,Sherpa,Lama,Gurung etc as of Mangolian race…. Madhesis have been feeding entire Nepal for hundreds of years, they are the biggest tax payers and the biggest revenue generator for the state — Yeah,yeah, that’s true but not madhesi only because pahade are also doing same job in Terai……. And it’s fact that everywhere there is a flood in terai everywhere,……During the rainy season, almost entire Madhesh remains under flood while Pahade rulers enjoy their time in Kathmandu……not only pahade,madeshi leader also enjoy their time in kathmandu……Infact no-one is doing anything for us,and things never gonna change…All political leaders are dangerous for us,I can’t belive anyone of them………
    Now————– I feel proud to being called a Nepali rather than pahade,bhawar,khas,etc……..that’s all…..

  • 3. Lekh Nath Neupane  |  March 18, 2008 at 5:35 pm

    Your article is totally misleading due to wrong information and data and your logical hypocrasy.You hoped to conclude it honestly, but you have said everything “like a bark of a liar”. Here I try to make the things pointwise: 1.) Your division of whole populations seems like racist theory of Hitler( He himself also called Aryan). The leading caste of Pahade(or Khas whatever you like to say) are Brahmins and Chetri, who are not less aryan than any Madhesi. And they(Bahun +Chhetri) make 30 % of population of Nepal. United in their own way(which is wrong, as they are by caste and culturally diverse), whole Madhesi population is 30-32% of Nepal. If you are trying to divide country in Pahade and Madhesi, then the ratio will be 68-70% to 30-32% . That means more than 2/3 of population of Nepal are Pahade(Pahade and Madhesi are not in equal numbers as you wrote). 2)Many(almost all) questions raised by Madhesi people have already been considered and solved by government like inclusiveness and respect. (If Madhesi are reluctant to go to Nepali army, how can you blame Pahade for this). 3.) Nobody had feeded others, everybody feeds on means which he earns by hard labour. If you claim that you feeded whole Nepal, then you have done it very badly as per World Health Organization,three fourth of Nepali do not get enough food and are underweight(many Nepali are so thin that they look like “bones covered by skin”). 4.) Madhesi are the biggest tax payers because the Pahade rules “by mistake” have established 70 % of the industry in Terai, and most of them belong to Madhesi(Marbari). Why? In future we will try not to invest in Terai, rather make all industry in Pahad, ok. 5.) About flood, it is due to the dams which your twin brothers(Indian) have made on border. And always I have seen only Pahades in the protest demonstrations regarding these dams. You Madhesi think that you should not protest India even when your homes are under water,why? When India took hundreds of Bigha of your land , you do not protest , why? And when there is flood in Terai, there are landslides in Pahad ! 6.) You have said that if Nepal with different caste and culture can be a country, why Madhes can not be a single state. If you do not want to make separate states for different ethnic groups and want to “Single”, then why should we divide Nepal in smaller states. Let us forget about Federal system. 7.) There will be confrontation if we will make the whole Terai “Single Madhes”, as rights of other ethnic groups will be narrowed. 8.) Both Pahade and Madhesi leaders are equally corrupted and traitors. And in this difficult period of history of Nepal, whoever will be engaged in making our country weaker will be the traitor of all time. We should remember this. Thus, blaming Pahade for all your misfurtune is not a honest and logical proof to make a Single Madhes. Rather you people should fight for your rights involving Pahade in this process but not confronting with them.

  • 4. Sujit Kumar Thakur  |  March 19, 2008 at 11:54 am

    Dear Lekhnath,

    First of all, your blames are totally biased and you look like a pseudo nationalist. Don’t you know the protests against India by the pahade leaders are only to fool people around. What happens when they come into power? It is a truth that Nepali leaders are mere puppet at the hands of Indian establishment. Has any prime minister of Nepal ever taken any major decision without dictat from Delhi????
    I do not intend to hurt any general pahade citizen of Nepal rather I just hate all these dirty politicians (majority of them are pahade and they do not wish to resolve the issues ). and the statistics provided by you here is based on the biased census in which a single pahade is counted thrice.
    you can reach me at or can call me at 0091-9886599611

  • 5. Sujit Kumar Thakur  |  March 19, 2008 at 12:09 pm

    I have read all the comments here and I am not surprised to see the outbursts from our so-called patriotic friends. I would like to request all my dear friends to communicate with me directly with their queries because everytime it’s not possible for me to come and defend my wordings on this blog. You kindly send me e-mails so that we can communicate in a constructive manner. Special caution for Mr Ramesh Nepali, it seems he has posted his comments in the extreme of his emotions. The way he has blamed Madhesis of backing India for everything is quite surprising, it seems as if he were ignorant that all the political leaders of Nepal are mere puppets at the hand of Indians. I know India has made dams which are affecting Madhes, but has Nepal ever registered its disagreement with The Indian Establishment, and for your kind information Nepal has always been ruled by pahade. So my question is why these pahade rulers cry foul and scold only when they are not in power, what happens once they come into power???
    Lekh Nath
    The statistics provided by you is nothing but sheer bulshit, you may not be aware that the census itself is not transparent in Nepal, I have records to prove same person has been counted thrice to project the no of pahadis higher but that is not the case. Think with cool head, you will come to know. If you further want to communicate with me, I am ready for that….. I take up the responsibility for every word I have written, my e-mail id is

  • 6. aAkaR  |  March 19, 2008 at 3:41 pm

    yeah,be proud we are #@Nepali#$%

  • 7. madhesi putra  |  March 19, 2008 at 9:48 pm

    yo great articl sujit ji
    absolutely stunning points, one madhes one pradesh is a very genuine need for the madhesis, and all nepal
    only 3 states madhesh, pahad, himal
    yo man yo
    i think people like bindu chaudhary, c k lal, parmendra bhagat, sukhdev shah, haribans jha, and even j p gupta should be flowing huge number of articles in favour of one madhesh one province. if not the pahadai newspapers publish the genuine articles, there is an immediate need of establishing a madhesh news agency/newspaper, and together builiding parmendraji’s this website extraordinary

    one madhesh one province
    no one should give up with this maag

  • 8. aAkaR  |  March 20, 2008 at 3:35 am

    “One madhes: one state” I strongly oppose this demand……Demands are genuine but what ??? …. ..No one has rights to do such things…… At last I’m not against Madhesis.But strongly against with their some demands……and I’m frm Terai…….and I can’t wish “ek madhes ek pradesh”…that’s all !! 🙂

  • 9. Lekh Nath Neupane  |  March 21, 2008 at 10:10 pm

    Our country is in the initial phase of restructuring country so that all groups living in this land could feel that they are the real owners of this land, could live with prosperity and with pride of being born in this country. Of course, there are questions regarding discrimination of some groups, questions regarding inclusiveness and respect. During these all discussions, we should find a correct way, otherwise there is a chance that we will lose our national identity and sovereignty and will be in the list of “bad lucky” nations like Palestine, Kurd and many others. Recently, some agitating Madhesi parties have raised the demand of “Single Madhes State”. Here I want your attention regarding a“Single Madhes State” and why we should actively reject this idea.
    What is the “Single Madhes State”?
    It is a state in future Federal structure of Nepal which comprises whole Terai plain land from Mechi to Mahakali and from Indian border to Chure Pahad including some Pahadi areas which are now in so-called 20 Terai districts.
    Why there should be no “Single Madhes State”?
    There should be no “Single Madhes State” because:

    1. It is not possible to make 1000 km long and about 25-30 km wide territory a “Single State”. It is not reasonable geographically and for administrative purposes.

    2. It is not possible to make all plain lands a Single state and all hilly lands other States. Terai, plain land (Samtal) are not synonyms of Madhes.

    3. In the history, there was no “Single Madhes State”, but rather Mithila, Tirhut, Abadh and Vojpura Rajya were there in different period of history in last 1000 years.

    4. Culturally, there is no any Madhesi culture, but Mithila culture, Vojpuri culture and Abadhi culture, Muslim culture.

    5. There is no single Madhesi Language, but people speak Maithili,Vojpuri and Abadhi languages. There will be a total nonsense when a “Single Madhes State” will have six official languages ( Nepali,Maithili, Vojpuri, Abadhi,Urdu, Tharu) or may be more?.

    6. There could not be a “Single Madhes State”, as there could not be a “Single Pahade State”.

    7. Terai is ethnically a mixture of vast majority different groups and it is entirely different in the east Jhapa to the west Kanchanpur (distance1000km). People of east and west have different culture; different festivals and and they speak in at least 10-12 languages.

    8. Economically, 70% of industry lies in Terai and 48% population of the country live there. Making such a vast territory of economic and demographic importance a “Single State”, there will be no sense of dividing rest of the country (Pahad and Himal) in other 13-14 or more small states – thus the need for federal structure will then automatically vanish.

    9. If whole Terai will be a “Single Madhes State”, then it will be a “heavyweight” among other smaller states of Pahad and Himal. In the view of that it will cover almost all border with India (Nepal depends on India in its trade 70-75% due to its geography), “Single Madhes State” will easily dominate the future Federal Nepal and other “tiny states” can easily be threatened and dominated when there will be questions regarding distribution of water resources (Drinking Water, Irrigation Projects), Hydroelectric Projects, National Highway, Railway and Division of Federal and State tax system)

    10.The“heavyweight” Single Madhes will have strong influence on Federal politics as almost half of the population live in Terai, and this will make Central Federal government just puppets in the hands of Single Madhes .

    11.We know Indian influence in Nepali politics, and of course we can imagine that influence on “Single Madhes State” thus making Nepal’s sovereignty more weaker than what we have now(very weak already). In this regard it is quite possible that it is an Indian agenda rather than Madhesi agenda. (“Take at first only half” policy of RAW in contrast to “take whole” policy used in the past in case of Sikkim and Bhutan)

    12. As most of Madhesi people want equal rights, respect and opportunities ct in this country, they are Nepali, they love Nepal and are pride of being Nepali. They are aware of that and are only demanding respect and inclusiveness. Most of them are not concerned about Single Madhes, rather they are concerned about their rights and self-esteem and well-being of their society.

    13. Making whole Terai a “Single State” will not solve the problem of restructuring Nepal rather it will create a vast majority of new ethnic problems which could lead to civil war like in Yugoslavia. In Terai, there is 33% Pahade and 7% Tharu population. Their respecting organizations (Tharu Kalyankari Sabha and Chure Bhawar Rastriya Ekta Party) have already threatened to go for agitations if government will fulfill the demand of “Single Madhes State”. Knowing the fact that different Madhesi organizations have launched armed war and many Madhesi Political parties have formed “Force” like “Madhesi Rakshya Bahini” and Chure Bhawar Ekta Party has formed its armed wing “Shanti Sena”, it is not difficult to calculate the consequences of such civil war. And being Terai that battle field, the biggest loser will be Terai and its people.

    So dear friends, it is time to make your civil position clear and think about our country and our land. I know many of you have born in hilly areas and may be some of you have even not visited Terai. Being ethnically diverse, Terai may be a trouble region for Nepal in coming many years. Prosperity of our people and our country totally depend upon how we can handle this problem.
    And your civil position has a great role in this regard.

  • 10. madhesi putra  |  March 24, 2008 at 11:51 pm

    absolutely stupid logics
    stupid neupani ji
    think again and come again

  • 11. madhesi putra  |  March 31, 2008 at 1:12 am

    Jai bharat, jai madhesh, jai bihar.

  • 12. unknown  |  April 8, 2008 at 12:36 pm

    Dear friend,
    Do not try to divide in caste, relligion, race or language any more bro please try to understant everyone feeling around whole country this is not only the country of bahun and chhetri what they want to do is always right for country and countrymen.

  • 13. Dukhi Manche  |  December 31, 2016 at 12:13 pm

    I thought Nepal is a unifies sovereign country before reading this article. But now I have realised that Nepal is an industrial area with many industries. And these industries fight with each other in order to be come successful. But in the end they all have to depend upon each other for raw materials. Why do you guys want to divide Nepal??? Why do you feel you are left behind?? See Noone in Nepal is happy with their government and Nepal government is not doing anything for pahadi’s welfare too. Instead of being united and working together we are fighting in the name of caste. So we are equally irresponsible as our government. In ancient times,countries became great because they had gained territory. I am sorry to say this but our country will never develop and it’s because of people like us.

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