Nepal Tourism Board Ignores Madhesh Identity

June 14, 2008 at 2:21 pm 2 comments

Nepal Tourism Board Ignores Madhesh Identity
Dear Friends
Nepal is now fully Republic nation, by ending of Royal family rule over nation our new parties came here to build new vision & trust to the citizen in “Naya Nepal”. Also Madhesh Andholan got completed last year by 8-points Agreement with Government. All 8-points agreement done between UNDF (United Democratic Madhesi Front) and Government done on 26th Feb 2008 is like a story itself because these demands are incomplete to UNDF or Madhesi people. Still intension of Government is to play with Madhesi people with these Agreements.
Leaving these Agreements outside for a minute, here on 13th June, 2008 Nepal Tourism Board have completed successfully exhibition in Nepal Tourism Board, Brikutimandap (Kathmandu) making goodbye to the cultural, traditions, treasures & other heritage of the Madhesh to the visitors by this exbihition:
  • This festival exposed the Natural Nepal by showing different image of Sagarmatha National park, Chitwan National Park, Mt. Eveverst, Kathmandu, Patan & Bhakthpur Durbar, Swayambhunath Pasupatinath etc but where Janaki Mandir, Sita place, Dhanusha Dham, Chinmasta Bhagwati, Koshi Tapu images in this exhibition. These all historical & natural Places don’t originate from Nepal? Which would not mirror this nation?
  • Here also shown different pictures of festival & colors of Nepal Like: Kumari-the living God, Gai-Jaytra, Ratha yatra, Dashain etc but where is Raksha Bandhan, Chaath, Holi, Ram-Sita natural colours, Ram Namvi?
  • All over surrounded with indigenous Products of Nepal in the exhibition like Khukuri, hemp products, garments, Dhaca etc & other items suitable to take home as gifts or souvenirs but there is negligible presence of any Madhesh products. Is Mithila Art products & handicraft not belongs from Nepal or this is not enough national images?
  • Also this exhibition misses out the all cultural snaps & details of Terai. Only Cultural from Hills are colorful the exhibition.
  • Broacher published by Nepal Tourism Board neglect all heritages & treasures of the Madhesh. Also Janaki Temple is well knows to all over world was not mentioned in that broacher. King Janak kingdom & Janaki was well known in Ramayana to all Hindu. This proof is not sufficient to tourist board? Largest temple in Nepal Janaki Temple is not sufficient for Nepal Heritage sites? Only Pasupatinath, Swayambhunath & Mt Everest only symbol of Nepal Heritages…
  • By reading this Broacher, how can tourist come to tour & visit Madhesh/Terai? This type bluffing is done here by Government Organization “Nepal Tourism Board”.

Madhesh is birth place of goddess Sita & Kingdom of king Janak & also this Madhesh is Food Bank, Gateway, Budget Bank, main Commercial & Industries of Nepal but still cheating & bluffing by Government Board to Madhesi/Terrain people in the New Nepal & Republic Nepal to their Supernatural being, Cultural, traditional, festival, souvenirs etc. Still this Country wants to evaporate identity of Madhesh & its Culture around World. These can only be possible if all elected Madhesi CA members make the issues of this to the Government in coming days & should take action to responsible person.

Visit :

With support by
Gaurav Singh, Dukhi Mochi & Prasuram Sah
Student Alliance of Terai (SAT), Kathmandu
Thanks and Regards,

Vijay Kumar Sah
Vice-President, AIMSA


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2 Comments Add your own

  • 1.  |  June 15, 2008 at 5:22 am

    All the people of the nepal should be supported as same as well by the government

  • 2. Sujit Kumar Thakur  |  June 23, 2008 at 6:08 am

    Entire education system has to be changed.. Because the way history and georaphy has been taught to general nepali population is nothing but misleading, that is the reason some pahade youths are also living in virtual world and trying to enjoy their supremacy thinking this is their birth right.
    So presently in Nepal , most of the people are in deep sleep either not knowing the truth or trying to be ignorant ,When people are in a deep sleep, a gentle push doesn’t affect them, a deafening blast is required… Are we madhesis ready to make that impact ?? There is no other way to make these stupid (Basically the ruling Pahade) understand what the importance of mutualism. Still they are in the 19th century mindset , something “BIG” should be done to bring everybody in real world.

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