Tharu Ra Swayat Madhes

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/fdgf/fo0f b]j

/fhlj/fh, ;Kt/L

yf¿ cfkm”nfO{ dw];L geP/ t/fO{jf;L eGg ?rfp“5g\ . pgLx¿sf] ;f]emf] a’emfO{df dw];af6 cfpg]x¿ dw];L x’g\ . xfdL yf¿ t dw];af6 cfPsf xf]Ogf}+ . To;}n] t/fO{jf;L xf}+ . ljZjdf hxf“ kxf8 5 To; tnlt/sf] e”efunfO{ t/fO{ elgG5 . ef/tsf] bflh{lnª tnsf] l;lnu’8L IF]qnfO{ t/fO{ / klZrdsf] b]x/fb’g tnsf] efunfO{ klg t/fO{ eG5g\ . t/fO{ g]kfndf dfq geP/ ef/tdf klg 5 . o;/L yf¿sf] egfOdf s’g} ts{ / tYo 5}g . vfln lj/f]wsf nflu lj/f]wdfq 5 . pgLx¿ c¿ dw];LeGbf leGg x’g\, dw];L xf]Ogg\ egL p:sfx6 ug{] c9fO{ ;o jif{b]lv Psnf}6L /fHo ;Qf ef]u ub{} cfPsf kxf8L v; x’g\ . kxf8sf v; :jo+ dWob]z -dw];_ af6 cfPsf] Oltxf; 5 . Oltxf;sf] sfnv08df dWob]z lxdfnob]lv ljGWof~rn kj{t;Dd km}lnPsf] l;dfgf ;do–;dodf kl/jt{g x’“b} cfPsf] 5 . ;ftf}+ ztfAbLdf /fhf xif{a4{gsf kfnfdf dWob]zsf] /fhwfgL sfGos’~h -sGgf}h_ lyof] . hf] nvgpmb]lv s]xL lsld blIF0fdf k5{ . To;cGtu{t xfnsf] g]kfnuGh, wgu9L / dx]Gb|gu/b]lv k”j{ gf/fo0fL gbL;Dd lyof] . dWob]zsf] /fhwfgL sGgf}hdfly P3f/f}+ ztfAbLdf d’;ndfg zf;s uhgLn] cfqmd0f u/L Wj:t agfP . Toxf“af6 lxGb’ lj:yflkt eO{ g]kfnsf kxf8lt/ nfu], sf]xL t/fO{d} a;] . vf;u/L sfGos’~h -sGgf}h_ af6 kxf8lt/ cfpg]x¿df a|Fx\d0f / IF]qL lyP . To;}n] kxf8L a|Fx\d0f clxn] klg cfkm”nfO{ sfGos’~h -pkfWofo_ eG5g\ .

csf{] s’dfp–u9jfnaf6 cfpg] a|Fx\d0f s’dfO eP . To:t} IF]qL sfGos’~hafx]s klZrd ef/tsf] /fh:yfg k~hfalt/af6 klg d’;ndfgsf] cTofrf/af6 cfP . ToxL l;nl;nfdf yf¿ /fh:yfgsf] yf/ d?e”ldaf6 d’;ndfgsf] cfqmd0fkl5 kGw|F}+ ztfAbLlt/ pQ/lt/sf] h+unL e”efu g}gLtfn, uf]/vk’/ / rDkfgu/lt/ cfP . lj:tf/} ltgLx¿ g]kfnsf] t/fO{sf] jgh+unlt/ a;fO“ ;/] . yf¿ d+uf]lnog sljnf hflt x’g\ . ef/tsf yf¿ / g]kfnsf] yf¿ Pp6} x’g\ . yf¿ cfkm”nfO{ g]kfnsf] cflbjf;L hghflt eG5g\ . t/ efiff, ;+:s[lt, rf8kj{, /xg;xg ;a} :yfgLo cfo{ lxGb’ -dw];L_ s} 5g\ . d’vfs[lt dfq d+uf]lnog 5, efiff / af]nL ;a} lxGb’ -dw];L_ s} af]N5g\ . k”j{sf yf¿ d}lynL efiff / ;+:s[ltdWo]sf yf¿ ef]hk’/L efiff / ;+:s[lt / klZrdsf yf¿ cjlw efiff / ;+:s[ltnfO{ c+uLsf/ u/]sf 5g\ . d+uf]lnog cg’xf/ x’“b}df g]kfnsf cflbjf;L x’g\ eg]/ bfaL ug{ ;’xfp“b}g . blIF0f Pl;ofsf ef/tnufotsf b]zdf cfo{ lxGb’ / d+uf]lnog hfltsf] a;f]af; 5 . t/ c¿ b]zsf d+uf]lnogdfq cfkm”nfO{ cflbjf;L hghflt eGb}gg\ . pxf“x¿n] s] a’em\g’k5{ eg] t/fO{–dw];df q]tf o’ub]lv ldlynf ;Eotfsf] ljsf; r/d ;Ldfdf k’lu;s]sf] lyof] . To:t} åfk/ o’udf dxfef/tsfndf df]/ªdf lj/f6 /fhf lyP eg] Ok” sl/a % ;o jif{cl3 n’lDagL slknj:t’df zfSo j+zLo IF]qL /fhfsf] /fHo :yflkt eO;s]sf] lyof] . hf] cof]Wofsf /fhf bz/ysf ORjfs’ j+zsf lyP . kl5 ;fn ¿vaf6 zfSo j+zdf kl/0ft eP . To;}u/L t/FO{sf] af/fdf P3f/f}+ ztfAbLdf l;d/f}gu9df lt/x’t /fHo :yfkgf ePsf] lyof] . o;/L t/fO{jf;L–dw];L dWob]zaf6 efu]/ cfPsf xf]Ogg\ . ToxL+sf /}yfg] cflbjf;L x’g\ . yf¿ hfltsf s]xL cNk a’l4hLjL cfkm\gf] kf6L{sf] :jfy{df nfuL dw];LnfO{ tNnf] b]vfpg vf]lhPsf x’g\ . Oltxf; / ;dfhzf:qsf 1fg geP/ dw];L ;a} aflx/af6 cfPsf x’g\ egL e|d / k”jf{u|x kfn]sf x’g\ . tTsfnLg /fhgLlts :jfy{df nfu]/ tyf ;Qfwf/Lsf uf]6L ag]/ yf¿ dw];Lsf] Pstf / ;zQmLs/0fdf afwf k’¥ofO/x]sf 5g\ . dw];df a:g] ;a} dw];L x’g\ . kxf8Ln] dw];df a:g] yf¿nufot ;a}nfO{ dw];L eG5g\ . dw];L / t/fO{jf;L Pp6} x’g\ . klZrddf gjnk/f;Lb]lv s~rgk’/;Dd yf¿nfO{ sd}of a“w’jf dhb’/ agfpg] tL kxf8] -v;_ hldgbf/} x’g\ . k”j{sf emfkf / df]/ªdf yf¿ / /fhj+zLnfO{ zf]if0f ug{] kxf8L v; x’g\ . o;/L kxf8Låf/f ztfAbLcf}+b]lv zf]if0f / bdgdf kg{] yf¿ cfkm\g} aGw’ dw];Ll;t l/;/fu ug{] sxf“;Ddsf] Gofof]lrt xf] < Pp6} yf¿x6 t/fO{df sxL“ 5}g . d]rLb]lv dxfsfnL;Dd yf¿ kmf§km’§ 5l/P/ a;]sf 5g\ . yf¿sf] a:tL k|FoM ;a} t/fO{df 5g\ . To;}n] yf¿ /fHosf] s’g} lglZrt e”uf]n 5}g . yf¿n] a’em\g’k5{– Ps dw]; Ps k|b]z -:jfoQ dw];_ eP dfq yf¿nufotsf c¿sf] sNof0f x’g]5 . dw];L k|b]z, k|FGtleq yf¿, bg’jf/, /fhj+zLh:tf] pk/fHo x’g ;S5 . o;tkm{ yf¿ g]tf / a’l4hLjLn] ;f]Rg’k5{ . cfkm\gf] :jfy{nfO{ dfq gx]/L a[xt\ dw];L / dw];sf] :jfy{ x]g'{k5{ .

– /fdgf/fo0f b]j /fhlj/fh,

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मधेश: सम्पूर्ण तराई, ऐतिहासिक अकाट्य सत्य Tharu: Madhesi or not

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