Desertification of Terai region of Nepal

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Desertification of Terai region of Nepal

Every day, 2000 trucks have been exporting sand and stone to India from Kanchanpur to Maorang. Nowadays, by the side of the southern boarder of Nepal, government of India is constructing highway. Stone and sand are cheap in Nepal, so Indian contractors are buying it materials from Nepal. Export will certainly help to Nepali economy. However, it will increase desertification of Terai.

One truck can carry 20 cubic feet, in average, construction materials. Hence, everyday, 40 thousand cubic feet materials have been exporting India. Nepali exporters are earning Rs 21,500 profit per truck. Therefore, this is very attractive dealing for Nepali. Export permission is granted by District Development Committee, Forest Office and Customs office. All government agencies are concentrating only from economic perspective. Nobody is focusing impact of export on environment of Chure and Terai region.

Level of river is deepening in some areas of Terai region. Irrigation system is not working in Butwal areas due to low level of water in some river. Next year, these problems will be increased rapidly in other parts also. In addition, breadth of river is increasing in Terai region.

Chure area is fragile from the point of geological point of view. Its structure is weak. Nowadays, people started to take out stone from this reason. During rainy season, rivers which are flowing from these areas may leave soil and other debris in terai region. Agriculture land will be filled with such a unnecessary materials. In the end livelihood of farmer of terai region will be very much painful.

Government has made plan to implement Integrated Watershed Programme in Chure area. It has purpose Chure-Terai development programme. On the other hand, National Park and Wildlife Act and Regulation mentioned that only local people can use forest resources for their use only, not for commercial purpose. According to act, wood, stone are forest resources. People can not take these resources outside that area. It clearly shows that act has not given permission to use forest resources for commercial purpose.

It is time to study the situation of Chure-Terai region and find some area and quantity which can be taken or extracted. However, it would affect less for environment. On the other hand, revenue should be increased by making competition among buyers. Nevertheless, sustainable development should be prime concern.



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