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Once again, other leaders of the Janatantriak Terai Mukti Morcha-Goit (JTTM-G) have announced that the party coordinator, Jai Krishna Goit, has been expelled from the party on various charges including embezzlement of the funds. However, Goit, a Maoist renegade who formed the JTTM, dismisses all charges and claims that he is the pilot of the party and will soon unify other Terai outfits to attain the goal of Terai liberation.


Dev Narayan Sah recently spoke to Goit, who is currently underground.




Q. News about your expulsion from your party comes time and again. Is it because the party is always divided?


Jai Krishna Goit: It is all because of the elements that long for money. The news is false. All the organisations that are launching armed movement in the Terai would be unified under my leadership within two weeks.


Q. Other mainstream Madhes-based parties, which emerged from the Madhes movement, have been lawfully putting forth their demands through the Constituent Assembly (CA), but why are you in different path?


Goit: Have the issues including ‘Entire Madhes One Province’ the Madhesi People’s Rights Forum (MPRF) and others raised addressed? Earlier, the demand for delineation of constituencies based on population density was overlooked. The assassinator of the first martyr of the Madhes Movement, Ramesh Mahato, has not been punished yet. After all the Madhes-based parties are also longing for ministerial post. Madhes would not liberate this way, let alone Terai.


Q. Doesn’t it seem that the entire nation has started to respect the Terai after persons of Terai origin became the first president and the vice-president of the country?

Goit: Badri Mandal also had become the deputy prime minister during the royal regime. Did the discrimination against the Terai folks finished off? Many a times, the Terai people have been appointed as the chief justices, however, no decision was made in favour of the Terai dwellers.



Q. Is it not possible to raise the Terai issues by giving up violence? Goit:


Q. The government has invited you for dialogue again. What is the development?

Goit: Earlier, once I had said it was possible to hold dialogue at the United Nations’ mediation. However, the Nepal government did not show any interest that time. Dialogues is meaningless now.


Q. Why did you look for UN’s mediation for talks? Goit:


Q. Many movements launched in Nepal have been backed by India. What is India’s role in the agitation you lead? Goit:

Q. Wasn’t it possible to raise your issues during the election of the CA? Why did you remain quiet during the polls?

Goit: We were not silent. That time also we were active. None from my village Trikaul in Saptari district cast vote. Newspaper covered that news. We protested and refused the CA elections in different places. Even the Maoists boycotted the election during their movement but they could not stop it.  But we did not let anyone to vote in the VDC.  Other thing is the CA of Nepal cannot address our problem; we Terai people will form our own assembly after liberation.


Q. With which issue the Maoists raised were you not satisfied and you left the party?

Goit: Prachanda and Baburam raised the issue that the Terai is victim of colonisation.  Dev Gurung wrote that only 30 per cent land in the Terai is owned by Terai people but the rest is captured by Nepalis. However, the Maoists overlooked this issue since they joined the peace process. When I gave voice to the issue again, they removed me from the chair of the Madheshi Rastriya Mukti Morcha and appointed Matrika Prasad Yadav. When I realised that Prachanda was doing anti-Terai activities, I became underground.


Q. What difference have you found between the present and former governments apropos to the Madhes issues?

Goit: There is no difference. President and vice president are the yield of Nepali ruler’s compulsion. Earlier government played stuck to preserving the authority and this government too is doing the same.


Q: It has been heard that Matrika Yadav had given you consent to go into hiding. Did he betray you then? Have you talked to him recently?

Goit: He did not betray me. Instead, he adopted slavery. I did not like that and became underground. At present, we are in contact.


Q: What have you been talking about?

Goit: He suggested me to talk to Prachanda. But I refused to approach the leader of the party I left.


So far, India has supported Nepal but not Terai. It has operated many development projects in Nepal because India is afraid of China. What kind of assistance would India extend to Terai?

Because the UN has the record that the Terai is free. All the treaties have been registered at the UN.


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  • 1. Wellwisher  |  October 14, 2008 at 1:22 pm

    There will be JTMM_A……….to ……JTMM_Z.
    Already there are around 15. The main reason behind this is
    self interest. Some people are using this tactis to loot
    innocent people (mainly Madhesi). In the name of Madhesi
    right they are terrorizing Madhesi by extortion.
    All top leaders of groups are buying home in Patna.

    I am a Madhesi. I also support legitimate demands, but I do not
    support the extortionism and killings be it Madhesi or Pahade.

  • 2. nepali  |  October 15, 2008 at 12:03 am

    puppet of indian engage in terrorising nepali poplulation thoughout the nation…in the name of liberation of terai people….he is going to handover it to india…nice game ….but all nepalis(people from himal..pahad and terai) will fight till their last blood in order to safeguard our nepali nationality, sovireignty, indepency, and national unity.
    if i get him i m gonna kill him by taking his skin first then putting chilly sause thoughout his body….go to hell

    all nepalese minorities r looking for their identity n its the time to respect that feeling but not by seceding from nepal but by uniting our country physically as well as mentally in order to build a prosperous nepal…

  • 3. nepali  |  October 15, 2008 at 12:03 am

    puppet of indian engage in terrorising nepali poplulation thoughout the nation…in the name of liberation of terai people….he is going to handover it to india…nice game ….but all nepalis(people from himal..pahad and terai) will fight till their last blood in order to safeguard our nepali nationality, sovireignty, indepency, and national unity.
    if i get him i m gonna kill him by taking his skin first then putting chilly sause thoughout his body….go to hell

  • 4. Bal Krishna Jha  |  October 16, 2008 at 4:24 am

    It is said and agreed that if you deny a society for its right to self determination, it will secede, but if you give them right to self determination, the chances are there that the society will be further strengthened and more integrated.

    The pahadis* know this. They dont want the madhesis to be strengthened, who could easily come neck-to-neck with them. They are cowards, who dont believe themselves in open (level ground) competition. They want to maintain the two rules in one game philosophy and want to maintain the hegemony as practiced.

    Also, as we know, and as we have seen, power in fact came through the barrel of the gun [refer to maoists use of guns to become PM, in so short time].

    The time is ripe to demand our rights. Multiple ways of putting forth our rightful demands is justified. Some are trying through politics, some with guns.

    I wish Mr. Goit a warm “Best of Luck” for his endeavor to unite the brothers struggling for liberation of madhesis, and restoring their lost pride. At the same time, we presume that Goit has one more responsibility to punish the ones who are weakening the struggle by defecting to paths like robbery and looting and harassing the general people in Tarai (be it madhesis or pahadis). Our fight is with the elite-pahadis* and not the general people.

    This is the time to get united. The Political groups fighting for madhes should get united. The armed political groups must get united to prove that 1+1=11. The general people from east to west should unite to give legitimacy to the movement for the sake of self-liberation.

    *The term pahadis is mentioned here to mean the ‘rulers’ like Government and political leaders.

  • 5. Sujit Kumar Thakur  |  October 16, 2008 at 6:00 am

    The Complete meaning of Revolution has been changed in Nepali contest and that has happened over a period of time. I believe Maoists are the most to blame. In name of liberation of people from feudal elements, they started their people’s war. But the outcome is visible to everyone, they have made their militia mostly consisting natural offenders and criminals, the same trend has been copied by all other outfits.Due to the fact that most of the Nepalese people are not educated, it is a cake walk for opportunists to brain wash the innocent people to get into a business of hatredness and violence.
    If the revolution does what it has done to Nepal then I am sure none of us will ever dream to have that kind of revolution. No matter how our condition and poverty was some 15 years ago, we were peacefully living with our limited resources. The present situation every where in Nepal is alarming, nobody knows whether he or she will be able to get back home while going outside. We fear that we may not be able to see another sunshine while going to bed.
    Neither infrastructure nor intellectuality has improved, the only thing that has ivolved in past decade and half is the hatredness, violence, mistrust.
    Come on people , be responsible and wise to save Humanity.
    First let’s learn to be human beings then we can dream of getting equal rights !

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