After a Long Time : Some Genuine Concerns!

November 5, 2008 at 1:37 pm 2 comments

After a Long Time : Some Genuine Concerns!

– Sujit Thakur

Why are we asked question for everything we do that naturally comes to us? I am really unable to find answer for this question for several years now. Right from my early childhood, I have been doing and seeing something happening at home which ultimately had a great effect on my tender mind and I grew up with those values and tradition.
I have grown up seeing my grandpa, my dad and other relatives and my villagers wearing dhoti so it is no way surprising for me to see people of my locality and country wearing dhoti. But our so called patriotic Nepalese brothers and sisters ask us if they see us in dhoti whether we are Indian? How relevant is this question I do not know but I know one thing this is not acceptable to the youth of Madhes by any means. The question asked about our clothing our language in that ill feted spirit is nothing but degradation of our culture and we will not tolerate any form of attack on our culture whatsoever comes under way.
As I most of the madhesi people believe in co-existence and mutual harmony, but definitely it will not be a predicament for us to accept that co-existence at cost of our distinct identity and our ethnic pride. We definitely do not support the violent means of struggle that has been adopted by some of the armed groups but we support the cause. I know the demands are genuine; the concerns raised by madhesi must be addressed to pit the gap and have the ever lasting peace.
The media in Nepal has also not done well to the deteriorating condition; they have been purely biased for unknown reasons. Media is supposed to be the fourth organ of democracy, I had great hope from the fourth organ although the rest three are faulty and incompetent but to my disappointment, this fourth Organ is also fractured and bleeding. They are only fuelling the already burning fire, if a madhesi is raising voice for his pitiful condition; these pseudo journalists brand him an Indian agent. I am warning one and all not to play this kind of dirty media game, I can challenge if anybody is there who is more patriotic than me who is more nationalist than me? But still I demand for our clear recognition and equal rights for all, for this if I am branded an Indian agent then it will not be easy for me to digest beacause I know how my heart has loved , how it loves and how it will be loving Nepal forever.



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  • 1. Sudip Kafle  |  November 7, 2008 at 3:30 pm

    I quite liked this blog.

    I invite you to share your urls at nepalese social bookmarking site – Nepal. You may enjoy a lot of stuffs on this site.

  • 2. non-Madhesi  |  November 10, 2008 at 10:37 pm

    Your love toward Nepal is respectable and as you might know, the situation in Nepal has changed a lot since past. I don’t think now the Madhesis are treated same as in the past. In contrast you might also know that now people from hilly-origin are very much discriminated in madhes. So its universal that minority are discriminated to some extent everywhere, and we all are discriminated to some extent. However, madhesis, who were discriminated more, are gaining more power now a days and we all can realize it.

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