Pahade-Madhese Discrimination in Ministry of Home Affairs

November 15, 2008 at 11:30 pm Leave a comment

Pahade-Madhese Discrimination in Ministry of Home Affairs

– Ramswarup Mandal (a victim), Sirha

The Ministry of Home Affairs is one of the most traditional institutions where Madhes employees are highly discriminated by so-called Bahun and Chhetri pahades mafias. There are very limited Madhesi people are  working in Home Ministry, however, they are being highly exploited and subjugated by Pahadis officers in many ways e.g. transfer, posting, promotion, opportunity sharing etc. According to a report, the numbers of Madhes staffs are very negligible in officer as well as in non-officer level. Although’, the Pahadis leadership always tries strategically to kick them from the Ministry. The Madhes cadres of this Ministry are often punished by various bureaucratic tools. They are not being transferred or posted as per their quality, interest, need or priority or accordance with the provision of civil service acts and regulation.  The Madhes cadre has to work always in imposed environment and geographical places.

Sadly, the Madhes employees are not allowed to have direct talk with their senior officers in Ministry relating to the issues of any professional grievances. The senior officers use to treat them as second-class citizen or stupid servant, and frequently have to face misbehaviors inside the ministry. Actually, no one is serious about the grievances of madhesis staffs. You see most of the so-called charming places of the Ministry and its wings are captured by Pahadis agents who can collect illegal commissions and pass to their higher officials and political leaders. Specially, due to the corruption reason madhesis staffs are always being segregated by pahade leaders.

The discrimination level is too high between Pahade and Madhesi employee. Therefore, immediate action and reform are essential otherwise; the Madhesi employees will force to help and integrate respectively with the revolutionary powers of Madhes for the sack of identity, respect and dignity. Specially, the so-called Madhes centric political parties should also concentrate their mind to learn the status of Madhes employees inside the Home Ministry to fulfill the promises of Madhesis inclusion and representation throughout the state mechanism.

Specially, I request to Pushkar jee (moderator), please forward our pain and grievances to the concerned Minister, secretaries and political leaders who are responsible for the worst situation. I hope you will cooperate to highlight the issue.


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