Interview: Bijaya Kumar Gacchedar, MJF, Nepal

February 21, 2009 at 8:56 am 1 comment

Interview: Bijaya Kumar Gacchedar, MJF, NepalBijaya Kumar Gacchedar
Leader Madhesi Janaadhikar Forum

Agreement between the then government and United Madhesi Alliance

 Our party has clearly said that the agreements made in the past by the government should be implemented in a responsible manner. We have so far achieved a lot as per the Common Minimum Program-CMP- of the parties in government. Since the last five months in government, we have been pushing our agenda positively. The constitution drafting process has already begun. We have constituted more than 15 committees, made political appointments in between, we have also brought three ordinances—in all, those will address the social problems such as untouchably, discrimination and other prevailing societal evils. Thus we are happy to be in the government. However, we must also timely evaluate the performance of the government.

On MJF planning to quit the government:

No! But we think that the time has come to evaluate our performances. We need to see if we have been able to address the problems of Tarai-Madhesh and in all if have we been able to justify our presence in the government? By the way, for the moment we have no plans to quit the government.

On MJF inner strife:

Look, in a political party of the size of the MJF, it is natural to have differing opinions. Thus it is natural to have debates over several issues. However, we have already sorted out our differences if we had any—which has strengthened our party even more.

On Yadavs Vs Non-Yadavs/ Communists Vs Non Communists:

I do not want to make any comment on caste based politics. Personally speaking, I am a democrat. I believe in democratic and multiparty competitive politics. Thus I believe that the MJF must also follow democratic norms and principles. If any one wants to run the party adopting Communist ideology then I will oppose such a trend tooth and nail.

I do not believe in communalism. Yes! Some time the issue of Yadavs and non-Yadavs do crop up. But my politics is based on principles. Thus I do not want the party taking communal line. In a democratic setup it is possible that some time Yadavs come to power and some time non-Yadavs.

We have leaders who adopted various ideologies. Some were close to the Palace in the past, some came from Sadvawana party, some from the RPP and Nepali Congress. Thus MJF provides a common platform for all.

On MJF ideology:

Basically, the MJF was formed keeping in mind the need to institutionalize the rights of the citizens from Madhesh. Thus the MJF led several uprisings thereafter to institutionalize the rights of citizens of Madhesh. The Forum came into being to liberate the Madhesh Citizens who were facing hundreds of years of discrimination from the State. The MJF ideology is to liberate the Madhesis.

On Not a party of the Pahadi population?

I believe that our role is to make this party a forum for all citizens living in Madhesh. We must make them believe that the MJF is a party for all the citizens. If we make it a party strictly for the Madhesis then it would be wrong. I do accept that as yet we have not been able to make it a party for all.

On One Madhesh One Province

There remains no option for us than to adopt a federal model. The federal States must also be accorded right to sovereignty such as a Madhesh Sovereign State. The Constituent Assembly will decide this in consensus.

On Tarai or Madhesh?

Let us not here try to go deep into the words. There is no difference between Madhesh and Tarai. As I belong to the Tharu indigenous community, I am a Tarain and also a Madhesi. If people have reservation over the word Madhesh then what is the harm in keeping the word Tarai.

On Future of MJF

It all depends on the party president. If he wants to make the MJF for people from all groups and communities, then it has good future and the party’s future would be even more brighter if it adopts to democratic line.


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  • 1. Amar  |  February 25, 2009 at 4:31 pm

    Hi All,
    This Bijay Kumar Gachhedar, is a thief himself, I have an incident among various He got money from Government for Pitch road from Kaptanganj VDC to Inaruwa and Inaruwa to Duhabi in Sunsari District, but he eat all money and only built road connecting Inaruwa to Duhabi in Sunsari District.
    I have a proof if he wants, or contact the ministry when he was in Nepali Congress.

    Until we have this kind of leader, we Madheshi wonot get our justice in Nepal, First shoot out this kind of leader.

    He become Arabpati in his political life, his kids are in USA like other leader winning with the poors vote, what he did/ doing for other Madheshi ????

    Jai Madhesh !!!

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