MJF should resign from CA – JP Gupta

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Nepali Congress is the Party of Satans

Jay Prakash Gupta Leader Madhesi Janadhikar Forum (Yadav Faction)

On the Nepali Congress

Twenty six years after serving the Nepali Congress Party I came to the conclusion that it is the party of Satans. Look the Nepali Congress is the second largest party in the Constituent Assembly and the MJF is the fourth largest party. However, after the Maoists quit the government, the NC preferred the UML that is the third largest party to lead the government. And, declared Bijaya Gacchedhar as the country’s deputy prime minister. In all, these events are just the beginning of the satanic behavior of the Nepali Congress. The NC’s satanic behavior could well be seen in the distribution of portfolio(s) in the cabinet. I am certain that within a month period, the UML too will have the full knowledge of Girija Prasad Koirala and NC’s satanic behavior. In a month period people will witness how Koirala will tighten his grip over Madhav Nepal and Madhav will have no option than to surrender to Girija. We are also aware that the UML is already on the verge of split over these issues.

On Bijaya Kumar Gacchedhar

Any way, a Tharu leader has been declared the deputy prime minister. I have not heard even a single Tharu organization so far welcoming his elevation to this prestigious post. Gacchedhar has no Madhesh agenda nor is he accepted by the Tharu community as their leader. He has become agenda less and thus all gates are open for him to re-join the Nepali Congress party. Gachedhar if joins the Nepali Congress, I am pretty worried over the fate of those dedicated NC leaders. However, I am pretty sure he will have a comfortable position in the NC. His old mates, Arjun Nar Singh K.C, Govinda Raj Joshi, Khum Bahadur Khadka are still serving the NC. I think he will rejoin the old camp and have a comfortable life there. Thus, Gacchedhar will be comfortably placed in the days ahead unlike the United Marxist Leninist Party.

On Gachhedhar’s joining the MJF

Immediately after the conclusion of the Second Madhesh Uprising, Bijaya Gacchedhar came to us and exhibited his earnest desire to join the MJF.

Ahead of that the NC did reject tickets for the CA election to his close friends, Sarat Singh Bhandari, Ram Janam Chaudhary. This NC decision had hit Gacchedhar very hard and he was to retaliate.

The CA election was ahead of us, the MJF was a new political outfit, and we thus accepted his proposal in haste. We sincerely believed that he will respect the Madhesi Mandate and remain committed to the party. But, from the next day he joined our Party, he began bargaining with us, he threatened to split the party from the very beginning. We accepted his demands one after another only to avert the split. However, the day we rejected his illicit demand, he divided the party. We are rather happy at the moment because the MJG is free of Gacchedhar.

On the Role of Tarai Madhesh Loktantrik Party, TMLP, and Sadvawana in MJF division

Yes! I totally agree that the TMLP and Sadvawna party played their due roles in the MJF division. The day was May 29, the country was celebrating its first Republic Day, Sushil Koirala, K.P. Oli and Mahanta Thakur and Rajendra Mahato headed towards Koteshwor at the private residence of Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal.  The Four parties took the decision right in Koteshwor to enjoy the support of Gachedhar to form the next cabinet. They also decided to include the MJF led by Gachedhar in the government. As far as Mahanta Thakur is concerned, a senior leader, I do not want to criticize him. Yet, Thakur made the decision to join the government through the Central Committee as did Rajendra Mahato in the Sadvawana. However, they strictly favor Gacchedhar led MJF team in the government.

The UML and NC felt that dividing the MJF will give them another opportunity to recapture their lost power in Madhesh. Similarly, the TMLP and Sadvawana felt that they could extend and expand their lost base in Madhesh.

On MJF Division will benefit NC and UML?

The agenda MJF raised of Madhesh were never taken positively by the NC and the UML. There was not enough strength of pro-Madhesi parities in the Constituent Assembly and now with the MJF divided, it is unlikely that the Madhesi parties have become weak in the CA body.

The TMLP said earlier that they will not join the government, but sooner than later they decided in favor of joining the government led by the UML. The Sadvawna is always in the government and the MJF has already been cornered. There is no significance for the pro-Madhesi parties to remain in the consistent assembly. I strongly feel that the MJF should, after some time, resign from the Constituent Assembly summarily and opt for yet another struggle. As far as addressing the Madhesi issues are concerned, the CA holds no significance. All pro-Madhesi parties should begin mulling the issue of resigning from the CA.

Our party cadres and the Madhesi voters should all prepare themselves for the struggle that lay ahead of us all.

I do not feel that the UML, NC and the Maoists are capable of addressing the extremism in politics. Yet the MJF was the only party capable of addressing the extremist politics being played in Madhesh. No other parties are capable of doing that. With the conspiracy to split the MJF, no other pro-Madhesi parties are capable of addressing the Madhesi concerns, thus I see the greater threat of Madhesi Youths opting for extremism and taking weapons to guarantee their rights.



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