The most important thing regarding Madheshis

March 28, 2010 at 4:30 am 2 comments

The most important thing regarding Madheshis

-By Shankar Karna

The most important thing regarding Madheshis that anyone must remember is that Madhesh region of Nepal is not a sovereign and independent of itself. Let’s take a look. Physically it is a part of Nepal currently but ethnically it is a part of Mithilanchal and was physically too a part of Mithilanchal in past. Mithilanchal is a place where most of the people speak Maithili and infact is a mithila region that ranges from Terai parts of Nepal to northern parts of India, the capital of which is Janakpur which is located in Nepal where King Janak ruled and his palace locates here. So the aspirations of people of madhesh are more directed towards the people of mithilanchal where they have family ties and infact the motherland where people share same culture, customs and brotherhood. Like People born in Rukum have ties with people born in Dolpa culturally, politically and racially even if they don’t know each other but they understand people by culture and they take no time in recognizing each others. Obviously It is a natural phenomenon supported by science and similarly one who is the aborigine of Janakpur and one who is the aborigine of Darbhanga (a city in India in northern Bihar where the great poet Vidya pati was born and is a part of Mithilanchal) and both being the part of same anchal i.e. “Mithilanchal” no one can deny the fact that Mithilanchal is our home (both people living in Janakpur and Darbhanga) by birth like hilly region for pahadis. Its therefore common the internal migration taking place in Mithilanchal (eg. Some migrating from Darbhanga to Janakpur and some migrating from Janakpur to Darbhanga for their easiness and they see it migrating in their own home). Mithilanchal is a territory that occupies both the parts of India and Nepal. Infact Pahadi people want to be identified themselves by the name of Lord Sita and Gautam Buddha in the world but after recognizing they are the part of Terai and Mithilanchal they show their their outrage to madheshi people and infact become jealous at us. Its their judgement that the people of Terai are Indians and they say it because their only source of nationalism is anti-indianism . I don’t think there is any wrong in that because that is a truth because we had been Indians for so long and only before 238 years we physically became a part of Nepal. So there is no need to feel bad for Madheshis if somebody calls them Indian because it is Madheshis right to be called Indians. If people want to hear we calling Indians ourselves, we must tell them and clear them our identity and thus fight for that identity regarding the truth. And remember Truth always wins the battle whatever be the consequences and if not we will prove it so. We are mentally and physically prepared for that though we prefer to resolve the problem through table talk and common consensus rather than violence. But it has now been clear among all madheshis that they are not going to live under such inequality and injustice and with very negligible participation in state of affairs despite the madheshis accounting for half the population .Now we have already known that we are deciding our future and our way of living.
And the Pahadis are fool to think that we Madheshis have forget our motherland , our culture and our social structure and accommodated in theirs because of their feudalistic power and threats under a controlled territory. Pahadis can not tolerate the fact of ties that Madheshis have to Mithilanchal of India. Besides they are always afraid of the future if whole the people of Mithilanchal comes and conquer the power in Nepal and they remain with nothing at all. But they must evaluate the consequences if that really does happen. And till now they have been successful to keep us under control knowing our weaknesses and fooling us in the name of Hinduism. They know Madheshis enjoy simple ,innocent and hard-working life with mutual understanding and brotherhood and thus they take advantage of our innocence and remain in power and utilizing all the resources that madheshis have (75% of revenue generated from terai and madheshi people) for their benefits alone. The reason they praise our valued Deepawali, Holi and chhat festival because they are well aware of our simple ,happy and brotherly life. Infact some kind of jeolosy is always there in their mind and they are aware that once we madheshis are given opportunity in state affairs we always tend to march above them politically and culturally.
So the problem seems to be never ending for now. We must terminate the violence and look for a happy, peaceful and successful life individually. So the question arises on how we can solve the problem? Yes, there is a complete solution for this. I will tell you. There are only two ways. The first one is to fulfill the demand that the terai activists are currently demanding i.e. representation on the basis of population and declaring the Madhesh a separate state. This only ensures the Madheshis rights and their freedom and their right of self-esteem, self-actualization self-determination and self-rule because the history has shown that Madhesh never runs for the welfare of Madheshis if it it in the hand of Pahadis. This way Madheshis can make their life better and obtain a good standard of living because their resources will no longer benefit for others except for themselves and this can be obtained through peaceful revolution and table talk. We become a part of Nepal in this way not only physically but emotionally as well but with our unique identity, our own culture , our own understanding and our own way of life with self-esteem, self-determination and self-actualization. The second way follows the first way if the first way is not fulfilled. If the first way is not fulfilled, we madheshis compulsorily but not by our will have to go for revolution both armed and unarmed and we are determined for our identity and the truth. And we the people of Mithilanchal have always remained truthful and will remain truthful forever. And after complete freedom , its Madheshis who are going to do decide what they are going to do with their land and their motherland with a distinct identity that they are not having at present. So it’s not the madheshis who have to act or suffer now. The madheshis have for now only to look for the responses from Pahadis regarding the first way that the madheshis have sought. Its pahadis who have to act now and on the basis of their performance Madheshis are going to decide what measures they will take in future and they have already pre-decided about the action and reaction. So its better for the Pahadi government to decide on time the needs of Madheshis otherwise they have to repent in the future. Moreover, Pahadi people and Pahadi government have very few time to decide otherwise they will be the ones responsible for the mass destruction of lives and infrastructure.
We want peace but we don’t want peace where lies injustice and inequality, negligible participation in state affairs and lack of self-determination, self-esteem and self-actualization and avoidance from utilization from our own resources and don’t want Pahadis representation in Madheshi areas. Above mentioned paragraph is my independent thought without being pressurized from Pahadis thought of unity in diversity but I love diversity in unity and this is the “aawaaz” and the general feelings and aspirations of Madheshi people. Hope the first way works.

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  • 1. Pahadi  |  March 29, 2010 at 9:51 am

    The word Pahadi and Madeshi are used very offensively in this note. I completely disagree with this because it is not only Madeshi but also Pahadi people as well who suffers. The only reason is that Nepal is a poor country. That has nothing to do with Madeshi or Pahadi. This kind of note disturbs social harmony.
    Terai have almost all land very fertile but why Madeshi people can’t produce sufficient grains and food, because they prefer to do politics rather than hard work. There is injustice all over Nepal – not only in Madesh. Important fact is that – responsibility comes along with rights. Madeshi have equal responsibility in building the nation as rest of Nepali have. First be Nepali and then only be Madeshi. And please don’t use Pahadi or Madeshi word so offensively. WE ALL ARE NEPALI…..let’s build social harmony stronger.

  • 2. nepali  |  April 21, 2010 at 5:33 am

    So, articles like these is what is used to brainwash innocent uneducated fellow Madheshi brothers and sisters. We are all Nepalese. Yes, every ethnic groups has it own roots. It is wonderful that Madheshis are a part of Mithilanchal heritage but Madheshis are all Nepalese. I want to admit that my parents were originally from Gulmi so I guess that makes me a “pahade” as you use that term. I never thought of myself as a pahade and people from Terai as different groups. In fact, none of my friends or my family thought that way so I don’t know why a division between madheshi’s and pahade is trying to be created. Racial division does not benefit everyone. At a time when the entire world is learning about acceptance of all races why are we fueling a racial war? Is it part of a propaganda? Every single group is Nepal has been discriminated. It’s not only the madheshi’s that have been discriminated. That discrimination is not a result of is just a result of the way our society is. Strikes, clashes, and war is not going to change the culture. Time changes the culture…education changes the culture. Yes, Madheshi’s have right to fight for some injustice done upon them but it can be done by writing books or organizing meetings. Blood is not the answer to anything.
    So, lets work together instead of creating hatred. We are all Nepalese and we were all united by Prithivi Narayan Shah. Tomorrow, I might have to buy a land in Madhesh, and you might have to come to Kathmandu for job. We need to go hand in hand. Instead, lets work together for development of our country where there is peaceful harmony in Madhesh, pahad and Himal.

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