Terai Beyond Politics

Resource like
– Huge cheap Human resource ready for future outsourcing centre for US & EU.
– Huge piece of virgin land, waiting for best neXtGen infrastructure.
– Huge drinking water resource, the next gulf of world, exporting water @ Rs 20/ liter.
– Rare wild life (Tiger & one horn Rhinoceros) and jungle, to be next tourist adventure in world map.
– Massive Gas reserve & Minerals to be explored on sivalik and terai belt.
– Most productive agri land in Indian sub continent, ready to replicate punjab.
– Unique climate, suited for silk industry, suger industry, the next big opportunity for mass employement.
– World oldest archilogical site like (Raja Birat from Biratnagar, Janak & Janaki from janakpur, Raja Salesh from
Lahan, Sen king from Simra, sakya king from kapilbastu and a lot many more) waiting for intellectual discussion.

Framing Strategy
1. Education system Re-engineering for realisation of local talent pool.
2. Using Technology & Biotech into agriculture farming , and looking toward big markets in Indian Cities for Agri products like (Milk and its derivatives, fruits, flowers, less perisible vegitable, dry fruits, fish & meat)
3. Investment in Infrastructure connecting madhesh with nearest Indian Railway plateforms, withing 1-2 hours (200% feasible).
4. Promoting collaboration among different Medium size business houses of Madhesi for Industrialisation.
5. In energy sector, making Madhesi self dependent through ethanol (Sugercane),  Biodiseal (Jathropha) and Biomass.
6. Financial system establishment for supporting rapid regional growth.
7. Establishment of local security agency for ensuring freedom of expression.
8. Forming Social justics commission, to make sure all stake holder participation.

We are seeing new wave of people movement, at this historical junction, “Madhesi – United We Stand” request you all, for sending papers on any of the issues raised above, and other issues, for future direction of Whole Madhesi Community. Email:


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  • 1. sohaib shrestha  |  November 19, 2006 at 7:01 am

    I am a history student and have been greatly surpirsed by amount of maithali, pali (not nepali) and bengali influenece on Newari (Kathmandu valley) culture. It is through the madhes that buddhism and hinduism reached kathmandu and it was through madhes that newari got such a reach sanskit words. In fact, there are many old manuscripts in the valley with maithali. Actually, Nepali language is a late comer in the valley. Maithali has been in the valley more than 500 years before the nepali. I am really surprised that lots of school history books had completely ignored this fact.

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  • 3. Suresh Pandit  |  February 10, 2007 at 6:16 am

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  • 6. Anjan Rises Likethesun  |  November 3, 2011 at 3:22 pm

    The new book called ‘Madheshi Uprising: The resurgence of ethnicity’ by Mr Kalyan B. Mathema (2011) is a powerful document on the history of Mithila. A must for every Madheshi historian and political analyst. It links Mithila history with central Madhesh rebellion. I recommend it.

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