Memorandom for Nepalese Ethnic Conflict

February 1, 2007 at 8:58 pm 8 comments

Memorandom for Nepalese Ethnic Conflict

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Pushkar Pushkar


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The Secretary-General of the United Nations,

The Secretary-General of the Council of the European Union


Rt. Honorable Angela Merkel

(German Chancellor)

Federal Republic of Germany


Memorandum for the Worsening Ethnic Conflict Situation in Madhesh/Tarai Region of Nepal


I would like to draw your sincere attention about the emerged on going serious ethnic conflict in Nepal.  At present, the Madhesh part of Nepal is in a chaotic situation. The prevailing unrest has begun since December 26 2006. Now the situation is turned into a kind of Ethnic Arm Conflict. I would be very sad to inform you that the major part of Madhesh is like a battlefield. The whole region is shutdown, terrified, bandh, incident of murders and killing, vandalism, arson attacks, street battles, counter attack, arrests, curfews, offices and all business are on halt, and beyond the law and order.

The major movement leading groups belong from Madhesi community who represent from multiparty, multiethnic, multireligions multi-casts, multilingual, multi-geographical and so on. They all demand on equal treatment regarding issues such as caste, religion, or any others social, political, economic values.

The Madhesh governs more than 20 districts of Nepal where approximately 14 millions (apx 50% of Nepalese population) live in this region. Except the Madhesi ethnic groups, other scheduled and deprived group have been also supporting and expressing their solidarity on this the movement and asking government to fulfill the similar demands. These demonstrating groups have been claiming that they are extremely discriminated, far away from national mainstreaming, dishonored, excluded and ignored in state affairs and treated as 2nd class citizen even they have apx 50% total population and major charming land and national ornaments of Nepal.

Within the 3 weeks massive demonstration and protest, people killed; hijacked, factories and markets closed, plenty people badly wounded, few hundreds arrested and few billions dollars of properties destroyed and millions of financial losses attempted in few weeks only. The situation is going to be exclusively worsening and turning into arm violent, which is more than terrible. Peoples lives are in catastrophe and nation are about to ready to hubbub ethnic, and political explosion. There is no proper existence of human rights, press, law and order and social harmony. Therefore, the lives of Terrain are in disaster and burning here and there.

The major demands of the ongoing demonstrations can be concluded as follows which seems very rational and legitimate too. The all political parties, Government and leaders have been expressing personally and political positive attitude and use to give their public speech in favor of the ongoing movement�s demands. However, in practice, state and political parties unfortunately have not been able to address it properly. For this reason, demonstrators and its allied are not convinced, and they doubted on state and political party�s statement and their intentions.

 The major of goals of the ongoing movement are to have immediate provision and legal arrangement through constitution

For their natural rights to self-determination, proportional representation in the constituent assembly, restructuring the constituencies based on population, federal system with regional autonomy, legitimate positive discrimination in state mechanism and elimination of all forms of discrimination practiced by the State mechanism. They people also argued that the state mechanism and its rulers have secluded them since last 238 years and their value, as dignified citizen has been shattered.

Therefore, I humbly request to all concerned international community to take immediate action through appropriate diplomatic approaches and effective channel for peaceful settlement of the all-booming ethnic conflict in my beloved country Nepal. I hope your kind help and consideration. Thank you.

CC To,

I humbly request you to all, kindly take a suitable serous action to resolve the problem that will help to prevent the booming destructive ethnic conflict.

  • Rt. Honorable:  Head of the States/ Governments: All UN Member States:

  • Honorable: All Embassies and Diplomatic Missions  in Kathmandu, Nepal

  • Honorable; All Concerned International Organizations and Communities

Sincerely yours�

Krishna Hari Pushkar                                                       

Suga: 4, Mahottari, Nepal

1 February 2007

Now: Magdeburg, Germany



Entry filed under: Articles.

The Interim Constitution; the Madhesi Turmoil Nepal: Time for Talks as Violence Continues

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  • 1. Sanjiv Kumar Jha  |  February 2, 2007 at 11:13 am





  • 2. LoveNepal  |  February 2, 2007 at 3:25 pm

    i am not a madhesi but i am with the madhesis on the case of culture and survible. Indians do hat madhese for being bhaiya and kill in assam and j and k. In nepal they are called madhise. Where do the madheses belong? They are brave and should fight and get theire holiland from india and nepal and should wage a war against india and nepal. most of the pahadis are with you brave fighters.

  • 3. Dev  |  March 19, 2007 at 3:54 am

    Oh Shivaji
    It seems your have hatrade with DHAKA TOPI.Oh dear Your identity is Dahaka Topi once you r out of Nepal to show that you are Nepali.You comments have shown that you are against Pahade.Once Pahade will Get in to violence You will be chased back to India.
    Becareful brother not enemy

  • 4. Diwaker Jha  |  August 8, 2007 at 3:29 am

    Dear Mitra Dev,

    Why dont you give it a try? actually you are not doing it now, rather doing since always, the way you commented above is the way u are violent, and this is enough from your side adding a threatening fragment added how constricted your thoughts still are after this huge bloodshed.

    “A man who can put himself in the way of bullets has no obstacles”

    Dint you learned anything from Prachanda? He started building his army in Rolpa.
    so, Should I inform you the Population density of Rolpa comparative to Madhesh?
    Should I inform you the accessibility to peoples there?
    Should I infrom you how much u are bothered of this devil Prachanda now?
    Should I inform you, primiere Corruption leader being Girija?
    Should I inform you, who the King who you oppose belongs to?
    Should I inform you, Who are the People in YCL?
    Should I inform you, the constitution of Bureocrats?
    Should I Inform you, How constitution of Police?
    Shoul I inform you, Who are Nepali Gorkhalis?

    who are all they? and who were all they? who were all u complained and who are and had bugged this country much? are they Indian immigrants, Madhesi, or………..?

    and as u talked about India:

    Should I inform you How our but more close to you Gorkhas are more likely to work for Indian regiment than of Nepal?

    Well, I am from Janakpur, you mean if we came from India then where you came from and how is Our Part of Land where we live since King Janak and Goddess Sita a part of Nepal, which came in existence just 240 yrs ago?

    Should I teach you History?

    – people of Madhesh make 65% of contribution in the entire agriculture, if all our brothers of hill eat dhido.
    -Gross Development (GDP) made by the Madhesees is 65%.
    -they contribute 72% to industrial inputs.
    -They run about 49% of industries.(most of the majors by us only)
    -they contribute 76% to the revenue.
    -All the major dry ports and transit points lie in plains on the Nepal-India borders.
    -Hill people are flowing to Madhes (and call it with an english (persian word but given by english) name Terai (to feel dignified)
    -You are internally colonialising, if u are deeply in love with your place Should I inform you How much of u came to Madhesh?

    Should I ask People like you, what u have given us even satisfactory? and please dont sound like Kid or Prachand!

    Underestimating anyone cold or powerless is the greatest failure of human predictions. actually if as prachanda the real ruler (at least, visible)of Nepal nowadays as said; well if we are to take action they can finish all these peaceful and non peaceful factions in just days. I accept he is true in saying this. he can finish, its the truth. but what after that? and yes, Mr. Dev as even you produce not much phasic diffrence with the Devil Killer Prachanda, I would even ask this to you. WHAT AFTER THAT ? If one thinks that this is end than its nothing else than a MISCONCEPTION. If a Prachanda like character can create his army there in Rolpa (47th district respect to population), Madhesh holds maximum. well i am not talking of I will get to any game involving arms but there are many, who are well fostering their group.
    and Civil war had never been a solution, no where. the man who fights keep on fighting. attacks and counter attacks to eternity.

    “May be so i see no, other options”. may be not today. may be not in just days but may within 10 years we will have federal state. if they take peaceful and inclusive way, otherwise it would be elongated but will be.

    Diwaker Jha

  • […] than two dozens of armed insurgent groups and around a dozen of civil insurgents fighting for “liberty”. A hard core and most fierce Madheshi insurgent group, JTMM (Jwala Singh) has already declared […]

  • 6. deepak jha  |  December 19, 2007 at 10:19 am

    hello sir Faguwa (Holi) Celebration

  • 7. Parvej Siddiqui, Nepalgunj  |  June 13, 2008 at 10:26 pm

    Who Am I ?
    Nepalese of Indian origin, or Indian of Nepalese origin or Bihari ??

    Who is asking the question ? This becomes very important because this is also very important question. If a person asking this question is next to my house then the question can be very interesting. But the person asking is from far land then I can only say in one word “Nepalese of Audhi origin”.

    If the person is my neighbour then I would like to re-frame this question and wants to challenge them, if you have fire in the belly and you have guts then, search and prove it. I opening declaring “I am Nepalese of Audhi Origin”.

  • 8. Vivek  |  September 9, 2008 at 6:51 am

    Madheshis are not Indians and not Nepali. They are Muslims trying to create new Pakistan by spliting Hindu Nepal. They are all Muslims. Jwala Sing’s real name is not Nagendra Paswan it is Nadeem Yusuf Ansari.

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