Listen to Terai grievances!

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Listen to Terai grievances!

Our supposition has been that a society as such possesses a dynamic character and hence the said society must exhibit its enthusiasm through different modes which for some one might not be in a good taste. However, since the dynamism is there thus the members of the society whether one liked it or not, must remain prepared to watch the unfolding events, positive or negative.

Nevertheless, whenever the existing social order exhibits its so far latent vitality, such energy have got to be guided for better causes in order to calm down the change in a manner that takes care of the said culture. Talking on political terms, the society that is led by pulsating leaders seeking change, albeit a positive one, must act responsibly keeping in mind that the changes that they were seeking were not against the social order of the rest of the society inhabited by other sects of the citizens of the country.

In all, utmost care must be taken by the leaders going in for effecting such changes in their area or for that matter the society so that the transitional period during the change do in no way disturb the meticulously woven social amity and communal harmony that this nation has been enjoying since times immemorial.

The entire terai belt of this country is sweltering. The whole terai part of this beleaguered country is upset and thus the leaders handling the Terai affairs are agitated which to a greater extent is genuine that demands urgent redress by the powers-that-be in Kathmandu .

Let us admit the fact that Terai has some problems and pressing issues. Let’s also admit the hard reality that Terai has ever been abandoned by a section of the rulers in the past. Let’s also admit that it was the produce from the Terai belt that had been feeding the entire Nepalese people until some years ago. However, the ruling elites in Kathmandu did little to rectify the Terai grievances; some of them were sincere and serious as well, for unknown reasons. Now that the needed and the required political changes have come to us all it is only but natural that the inhabitants of the Terai should seek their share from the ruling elites who so far appear been ignoring the issues raised of late by the Teraians. It is altogether a different matter that some of the demands raised or say pushed by the leaders of the Terai are unacceptable as we presume those demands if met with then that would act like a catalyst for other sections of the society to go in for the same demands which would ultimately crumble the nation. Nevertheless, some of the demands contained therein by the leaders of the terai plains appear coherent and practical as well and thus the State is advised to satisfy the vast population residing in the Terai belt before it is too late.

A stitch in time saves nine, it is said.

If the state rejects even the sensible and most imperative demands of the Teraians this time around might bring unprecedented and unparalleled bedlam in the country whose negative ramifications would be hard to bring under control by the State.

But then yet, we appeal the Teraians to exhibit their patience and pliability as they have been exhibiting since long. Nevertheless, we also encourage them to advance their genuine demands as the time is ripe to get things implemented this time around. However, care must be taken that their activities as regards their genuine concerns do not in any way destabilize the nation and disturb the communal harmony that we have been enjoying in between and among various ethnic tribes and communities. Let’s not forget that first we are the Nepalese and then only Teraians and Pahadias. We have all along been living in a complete harmony practicing the same values and culture to the utter dismay of others, near and far. Care must be taken that while pushing genuine demands, the social fabric of the nation does not get a jerk which facilitates others to fish in our troubled waters. The State is thus encouraged to listen to the genuine and the urgent grievances of the people residing in the Terai and let them feel that without their participation in the governance of the state, the state will lose more than what the present day rulers might have in their minds. It would be an act of thorough wisdom on the part of the new rulers to take into proper account of the demands pushed by our brethrens from the Terai plains.

The significance and the importance of the message should be clear to all. This applies to the rulers seated in Kathmandu as well.



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