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Telegraphnepal Analyst
Kathmandu: It appears that the country’s politics has slipped from the grips of the politicians or better say from the hands of the incumbent ruling elites seated in Kathmandu who are at the moment seen busy in quarrelling for bagging what they call “lucrative” ministries.

While the leaders are busy in a cat-dog sort of fighting for the ministries, the Terai is boiling; the Janjatis are also on the streets and many more similar trends are coming to the fore outside Kathmandu valley. To be fair, even the Newars residing in the Kathmandu valley have become restive and have recently threatened the State to provide the community what was their due in terms of identity and recognition of their contributions made to the state in the past.

This means that not even Kathmandu is safe from upcoming political blizzard if the state denied them their due and genuine and lawful demands.

To come to the point, the Gaur carnage that was first ever of its kind in the modern history of this country if not handled in a lawful manner and with a sense of gravity considering the communal harmony that stands disturbed at the moment, might aggravate the entire politics of the country to an undesirable extent. If it does happen, unfortunately, then what is for sure is that the current lame-duck establishment will not be able to arrest the situation thus facilitating the application of the last resort, Nepal Army, to contain the situation.

But what will happen if the Army itself failed?

The emerging situation then would be an unpredictable one, take it for granted.

The manner the Maoists and the MJF cadres have clashed with each other and which in the process took many a precious lives does hint that Nepal is now slowly heading towards a political line of consideration wherein the parties will become not a matter of pride and prestige but instead would be replaced by a different voting pattern.

Analysts see that the Terai incidents that have taken place so far if not settled amicably then it might facilitate the country to toe the communal lines at times of elections.

In that case what is also for sure is that the Madheshis will cease instantly to be the voters of the NC and the UML which by all means could be stated that the said parties are dominated by the Brahmins and the Chettris. But instead they will surely vote for their Madhesi candidates thus ignoring the past brotherly relations that subsisted in between the Pahades and the Madhesis since long time back.

Similarly, if that trend continues then the Pahades will surely change their attitudes and prefer more often than not to secure the victory of their own Pahade candidates.

If this does happen, that would be the most unfortunate day for this country. If politics goes that way, the nation-state will automatically head for a sort of bifurcation. That would be indeed an unfortunate happening for this already beleaguered nation-state.

For example, analysts see meager chances for the UML general Secretary, Madhav Kumar Nepal, to secure his private seat in Gaur-the place where the recent bloodbath took place unfortunately.

Likewise, even Prime Minister Koirala, his daughter, Sushil Koirala, Bharat Mohan Adhikary and many more would have to face the same fate.

This trend will engulf the entire country whose next step would be the demand from certain quarters that they want for themselves a separate country like what the LTTE has been demanding in Sri Lanka.

It appears that the country’s current leadership has no time in looking at such matters, analysts presume. It would be an act of wisdom if the current politicians who are haggling for portfolios in the ministries concentrated their efforts aimed at reversing the invisible but perceivable trend that is all set to take a formal shape.

Earlier the better, analysts conclude.(28th March, 07)



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  • 1. Son of Tirhut  |  March 30, 2007 at 5:39 am

    The articles seems to be quite impressive. If the same same kind of politics remains in Madhes then definitely we the “Madhesi” will be invited become just like LTTE in Srilanka, i think we have to be carful now, let’s identify the disguised people who are trying to betray the demand of declaring the Autonomous Madhes.

    Jai Mades!!!!!

  • 2. yuyen,bahrain  |  September 1, 2009 at 7:02 pm

    who the hell are those people takin’ & still aknown abt terai-still saying it ‘madhesh’-ridiculous!!!!!. don’t even think for so called “autonomous madhes”-do u know to whom u call madhes is the land of tharus,dhimal,rajbansi and other aborogines people. their population is more than u all there-so just shut up, do’t ever dream it even-say long live terai-fight for only rights not for ‘madhes’-got my point?????

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