Nepal – Lessons from Gaur Incident

March 27, 2007 at 2:19 am 13 comments

Nepal: Lessons from Gaur Incident

By P B Khatri

The Gaur incident is truly a horrendous incident in the historical chronology of mass killings over the decade in Nepal. The barbaric mass killings by the Maoists in various occasions during their so called people’s war including Bandermudhe (Madhi), the Palace Massacre are yet other such killings which will be remembered as black days in the history of Nepal.

The Gaur incident is occurred when the Maoists has already joined the interim parliament and they are about to join the interim government. Those killed in the incidents are young cadres of the Maoist Young Communist League (YCL) which is formed by the Maoists as a tool to confront other parties during the constituent assembly election. It will be relevant to look back the formation and activities of YCL before we go in to the subject. The YCL is formed simultaneously with the management of Maoist combatants and arms. Most members of the YCL are either those combatants whom the Maoists didn’t want to confine in to the cantonments, or those child combatants who are not eligible to register as combatants. The Maoists also recruited large number of cadres during ceasefire period by giving assurances that they will ultimately be inducted in to the national army, which are also inducted as YCL member. They are claimed to be unarmed, however, they are given extensive training of unarmed combat, and large number of them with the background of militants can operate all kinds of small arms and improvised explosives. Most of the commanders carry unregistered small arms as well.

Over the last several months, these YCL cadres are employed to occupy the houses of various so called landlords and royalists who are blacklisted by the Maoists party, kidnapping the people, forcefully collecting the donations, extorting money, vandalizing the opponents and most importantly confronting with other political parties. Their main targets various Madhesi organizations that are raising their voice for Madheshi freedom. They are also involved in various social activities to give some positive gestures such as traffic control, cleaning cities and so on. The Maoists has also formed a front in Terai to wipe out various Madhesi organizations that are active in Terai. Most of the activities by the Maoists party in general and YCL in particular are above the rules of law and they are openly challenging the present government. The Maoists party and YCL are free to do anything due to kind courtesy of Home Minister. In many occasions Home Minister intervened while the security forces tried to control the wrong doing of Maoists.

The local administration in Gaur virtually couldn’t do anything to prevent the confrontation between Madhesi fprum and Maoists front and YCL. In fact the Madhesi Forum planned a mass meeting in Gaur long ago and their leader Upendra Yadav was supposed to address the meeting. With a view to disrupt the Forum’s program, the Maoists also planned mass meeting in same venue by openly challenging the Forum. The Maoists mobilized large number of YCL cadres from Makwanpur, Bara, Parsa and Rautahat to show the muscles. Confrontation was imminent as both parties gathered with all sorts of arms. The weak part of local administration was that they couldn’t visualize the consequences thereby couldn’t impose preventive measures. Since the Maoists are getting all sorts of privilege and leverage from Home Minister the local administration couldn’t dare to challenge Maoists for stopping their mass meeting in the same venue. They could have imposed restrictions or curfew which they didn’t do for some reason. The ultimate result was such which was much unexpected. Those who are victims of Gaur incidents are newly recruited cadres of YCL and member of various labour organizations but all of them are affiliated to Maoist party.

In essence, the Maoists party and their organization YCL and Maoist affiliated Front must take main responsibility of Gaur incident as they planned their mass meeting in Gaur to challenge and confront with the Forum. Had there been low turn out from Forum side the victims would have been other way round (in the Forum side). The second blame obviously goes to Forum as they killed and mutilated mass in inhumane manner which is certainly a crime against humanity. The local administration including police forces will also have to take some responsibility as they couldn’t take preventive actions to curve the violence. The present Home Minister and the Maoists leadership are the biggest culprits as their policy and action paved the way to happen incident like Gaur. The Home Minister is becoming so kind to Maoists party that he is acting like one of the aide to Maoist leader Prachanda and the Maoist Party is protecting him as their own cadre. The reason why terai uprising is escalating day by day is that the government has not been able to bring the Madhesi leaders on the table for dialogue. One of the preconditions of Madhesis are they demand some one to take responsibility of killing of about 40 people (almost double the number of those killed in Jana-Andolan II) in Terai uprising. Madhesi people think that it is the Home Minister who should take responsibility of all the losses of life and properties due to excessive use force and he should resign on moral ground. But, the Maoist leadership is blocking Home Minister to resign even when the leaders from Nepali Congress itself are also demanding his resignation. This has hampered to build an environment conducive to initiate dialogue; as a result terai problem is worsening day by day. As a matter of fact the first fuel poured in terai uprising was by the Maoist in Lahan when they shot dead one of the activists of Madhesi forum. In Gaur also eyewitness claims that first bullet was fired by the Maoists.

The attitude of Maoists is not favouring to establish peaceful environment to hold election in near future. The terror of Maoist weapons has not stopped even after they joined interim parliament. The incomplete arms and combatants management by UNMIN is yet another key factor which has created score of problems even inside the parliament. Manhandling of politicians, businessmen and ordinary people are key indicators how the Maoists have transformed themselves during transition period. The main motive behind the formation of organizations like YCL, Morcha etc is faulty that they will create problems rather than solving any problem.

First of all, it is high time that the Home Minister should resign which will pave the way to initiate dialogue with Madhis organizations. Second of all if the eight parties (SPAM) are not serious for all inclusive democracy to accommodate all (including madhesis, janajati, indigenous people, Dalit, minorities and even royalist) then more violence and bloodshed is inevitable and peace in Nepal will not be achievable, at least not in faceable future. They all are Nepalese and they all deserve space in inclusive democracy.




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  • 2. G  |  March 28, 2007 at 8:26 am

    Hi DHOTI,

    Don’t provoke Pahade people. Provoking them will have negative consequence to madhesi. Understood?

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  • 4. mike  |  February 18, 2008 at 11:12 pm

    oii dhoti timaru india bata ayera saley gadaha ho nepal lai tukrayuna khojchaas. dhoti sala haru ajhai bato ma hagcghaas ani desh chaiyo vanchaas. timarko dhoti ma ago lagaye pachi matra thikai auchaas dhoti gadha ho

  • 5. Arjun khate  |  March 4, 2008 at 9:02 pm

    oi sale,,,,pakhe haru muji randi bahadur….ani sale pahare pakhe…..muji madhesi ko bharma bachne muji… pahade ani tarai lai hepne…..randi ka bhan…pahariya chor….khate ..pakhe…sab tarai ma bhayeko pahade lai katnu parchh….
    yadi ..yo comment padhne …koi sale randi(khas) pahadiya ko ghar madhesh ma chh bhane aajai chhoderaa bhag….timro marne din chadai aaudai chh…..pakheharu!!!!!!!

  • 6. shekh mohd shahid amani  |  November 20, 2009 at 7:12 am

    Before Democracey in Kathmandu Evrey Pepole Call us Dohoti They can’t Belive we are Nepale Some Pepole tell us you make Duplicate citezen ship card you are indane not a nepali This diffrence is make Why That time where was the govt rulle whre Was the govt person but know everybody is think why make madhsi and pahdi difrence, this difrence is not make by we this is make by you before 10 yers ago (madasi zidabad) nepal zindabad (shekh mohd shahid amani from rauthat santhpour-do ward-4

  • 7. apurva jha  |  December 11, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    oi radi ko ban, maschikeni pahadia, tero bahini ko puti ma mero llado chusounchu, madesi le gadda desh chalcha, khana madhesh ko khanchas, ani madhesi lai gali garchas,
    madhesii ko lado chuschas,

  • 8. Madhesi hero  |  January 21, 2010 at 7:32 am

    Pahadi le madhesi lai nepal ko nagarik nai sochdai na.They think that we are second class citizen,they are wrong.They mf think that they are superior.Oh shit on them.They should better wash their face and face the reality that they are nothing.

  • 9. sameer  |  January 25, 2010 at 8:51 am

    wearing dhoti is better than wearing jeans buyed fom the money earned by yours bitch sister n mother of thamel any any other it

  • 10. sameer  |  January 25, 2010 at 9:01 am

    if madhesi dont provoke madhes than who?

  • 11. sanu maya kc  |  January 26, 2010 at 7:19 am

    भैरहवा, २०६६ माघ ११ –
    एक सभासदलाई के-के मोह होला ? अन्य सभासदलाई जे-जे मोह भए पनि रूपन्देही २ का ओमप्रकाश यादव ‘गुल्जारी’ लाई भने सलाम मोह निक्कै रहेछ । आफूलाई सलाम नगर्ने एक प्रहरी हवल्दारलाई लात हान्नसमेत उनी पछि परेनन् ।

    नचिनेर सलाम नगरेका मर्यादपुर प्रहरी चौकीका हवल्दार प्रकाश गुप्ता चौकीनजिकैको त्रिलोकपुरमा बुधबार सभासद गुल्जारीको आक्रमणमा परेका हुन् । गुप्ता मठमन्दिर र मस्जिदको विवरण बुझेर ल्याउन ड्युटीमा खटिएका थिए । घटनास्थल सभासद यादवकै घरनजिकै पर्छ ।

    जमघटसहित त्रिलोकपुरस्थित एक पसलमा चिया खाँदै गरेका यादवले हवल्दार गुप्तालाई बोलाएर आक्रमण गरेका हुन् । अपरिचित व्यक्तिले बिनाकारण हप्कीदप्की गरेपछि ‘तपाइर्ं को ? मेरो के गल्ती भो र गाली गनर्ुभो ?’ भनेर हवल्दारले सोध्दै गर्दा सभासदले ‘म तेरो बाउ हो, चिनिनस्’ भन्दै सभासदको लोगो टाँगिएको कोट हल्लाएर प्रहरी पोसाकमै रहेका गुप्तामाथि खनिएका थिए । ‘सुरुमा लात्ती हानिहाल्नुभो, हातले पनि थप्पड हान्दा पछाडि सरेर जोगिएँ,’ पीडित गुप्ताले भने, ‘सभासद भन्ने पहिल्यै चिनेको भए सम्मान र सलाम गर्ने थिएँ ।’

    हवल्दारमाथि सभासदले आक्रमण गरेपछि उपस्थित स्थानीय बासिन्दाले बेकसुरमाथि दुव्र्यवहार भन्दै विरोध गरेका थिए । त्यसपछि सभासद यादवले ‘अन्जानमा गल्ती भयो’ भन्दै माफी मागेका थिए । ‘अरूले मप्रति सहानुभूति देखाउन र उहाँको विरोध गर्न थालेपछि गल्ती भयो भन्दै मसँग हात मिलाएर मित्रवत व्यवहार गर्न थाल्नुभयो,’ गुप्ताले भने । सभासद गुल्जारीले भने आरोप झूटो भएको दाबी गरे ।

    ‘हवल्दारको गल्ती भएको भए कारबाही गर्ने पक्षमा थिएँ,’ प्रहरी उपरीक्षक छविलाल बन्जाडे जोशीले भने, ‘तर घटनाबारे बुझ्दा प्रहरीबाट गल्ती भएको देखिएन ।’

  • 12. sanu maya kc  |  January 26, 2010 at 7:24 am

    You see, how a Madhesi Neta loves another madhesi janta. the reality is this my madhesi Bhai haru. What you are seeing is just politics, but you are too naive to understand it. Bihari are ruled by Bihari , but why they are not developed? developement start from your and mine brain or say brain of that Shavasad of above comment, unless we change our attitude toward people nothing will change even if you divide Nepal in 100 small countries.

  • 13. rajnish kishore  |  November 1, 2010 at 9:28 am

    Sale padhi paya bhane apnano bau ko tha nam change garchas tara hami madhi dhoti lanu ma garva garchau
    Tero bau lai sodh puja path garda kina doti laucha

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