Discrimination – how far? How long?

September 5, 2006 at 6:21 pm Leave a comment

– Ahiraj

Nepal is a multi lingual and multi cultural country. Geographically, it is divided in to three major regions the Himalayas, the Mountains and the flat region called Terai. Terai is also called Madhesh. Madhesh is fertile and provides sufficient favorable conditions to live.Therefore about 50% population of Nepal live in this area. This is a fact that Madheshis are living in this region for the generations. In fact they are living here far before the time when Nepal was united as a single nation. It means they are also the native Nepali people. After the unification of the many small countries of Himalayas, Mountains and Madhesh regions Madhesh was always used and exploited for the benefit of the very few people or the rulers. The state never realized that this region is also a part of Nepal. People at this region have been treated as second grade citizen and many are yet to get the citizenship. About four million people are stateless. The rulers always tried to pick some of the Madheshi leaders and use them to exploit their own people. This is a bitter fact that Madhesh never got any chance to represent their true leaders in the government or any other area who would directly or indirectly benefit the Madhesh and Madheshi people. The long time conspiracy and discrimination against Madheshi are still going on and none of the Government has shown genuine interest in these issues rather they have tried to ignore it. What state believes is they need Madhesh but not the Madheshi people. They need vote but not the Madheshi candidates. They need grains but not the Madheshi farmers. The Madhesh provides more than 80% of the total revenue but investment is still far less than what mountain and Himalayas receive.
The discrimination is still on .How far and how long?……………..

· It is very unfortunate to mention that out of one thousand employees in the palace there is not even a single Madheshi working there. Answer?
· Why does government always seek to share the lands only in the country?
· Why not the property of the people no matter whether there is land or any other properties? Answer?
· What is the position of Madheshis in the national security systems?
· How about beaurocracy and diplomats, political appointments? Answer?
· How many Madheshi leaders get chance to represent in the central committees of the national political parties?
· Why is there only one secretary out of 37 in the country?



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