Madhesh movement and possible solutions

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Madhesh movement and possible solutions

-By S.B.Shrestha  

The question at the moment is: Who is spearheading present movement in Terai? We don’t know whether there is anyone who, after calming down present movement, can convince common Madheshis that they are empowered. Because present movement is meant for empowerment of some upward section of Madhesh who have always enjoyed fruits of offices in the past. This creamy layer of Madhesh has been thriving at the cost of Dalits, Janjatis, Muslims and Tharus of Terai. But, if we look at modus operandi of some of these proponents, we can see that they have ulterior motives. They want to arm-twist the government and hoist dubious characters like Upendra Yadav.

Great deal of Nepalis has supported present movement, but some narrow-minded Madheshis are now trying to term every one Pahadiya. It is simply Madhesi Bahunbaad at its best and is well supported by Indian Bahunbaad. And, problems with our governments and 8 parties are that they have become victim of inefficiency of Nepali Bahunbaad.
As Gagan suggested, the question is to enter into Madhesh to hold talks. Thequestion is to meet the basic demands of oppressed Madhesis who need real empowerment. Girija Koirala can give another televised speech to the nation to address the Madhesh problem by focusing on following points.1. The spirit of Madhesh movement will be respected. Reservations will be made for real sons of Dalits, backwards and minorities of Madhesh.

2. All those who have died in the Madhesi Movement have to be declared martyrs and adequate compensation will be provided. Treatment and recuperation of the injured protestors will be at the cost of GON.

3. All eight parties have to commit to the principle of a federal republic, national debate should be started to find out modality of federal structure.

4. Mixed proportional elections should be adopted for CA. Proportional system is also fraught with danger. CA election should be conducted with a stringent code of conduct. Political parties must be restrained from whipping up Madheshi-Pahadi row during CA election. Separatist and casteist notions must be discouraged during CA election. Forces of Hindutva must be reined in during CA election.

As soon as these conditions are met, the proponents of Madhesi movement must call off the protest programs.

New organizations are coming up in Madhesh. These overnight organizations are likely to be funded by forces of Hindutva in India. Nepali leadership must be bold enough to tackle Indians on such issues. If BJP wants Nepal to turn into Hindu Kingdom, Nepali leadership must tell them to try that with India.

Lalu Yadav is the socialist leader fighting against BJP and must be used by Nepal Government against BJP.

At the mass level, leaders and cadres of all parties are participating, it is not just the Sadbhvana (Anandi). There is participation in every single village and town in the Madhesh. So, the government of Nepal must ensure who the most oppressed and deprived ones amongst these protestors.

More people have died in this Madhesi Movement than was the case during the April Revolution and still many Nepalis are confused about basic demands of this movement.

What are the basic demands of this movement?

(i) To help King Gyanendra to retain his monarchy so that the investors of the movement would be happy?

(ii) To create a federal republic with empowerment of people of oppressed and deprived sections of society?

(iii) To make Upendra Yadav, Jwala Singh and Jaya Krishna Goit Deputy prime-ministers and institutionalize criminalization of politics in Madhesh?

Girija Koirala, must know that this “is an appropriate time” to go into root cause of this problem. Girija and 8 parties need to show courage to declare republic before CA elections. Otherwise, the Madhesi Movement is at the verge of changing its course. With kidnapping and killings of ordinary Nepalis, it is turning into separatist movement. Separatist movement is different from the movement for federalism. If this movement continues while victimizing ordinary Nepalis, the cause of federalism will be pushed back for ever. At that time, entire Nepal will not forget everybody who whipped up the passion for this movement.



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